Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 213

Chapter 213


The main concept of our general store, the Wolf Cub’s Apron, was a fancy general store with a cute vibe and design. We paid extra attention to the details of our product, so it was only natural we didn’t overlook the costume for our staff as well. The moss green apron designed by Yurina-san was especially popular because of its cuteness. Ash, the mascot of our shop, was very popular with the ladies. Yurina-san, who was wearing an elegant uniform resembling a traditional maid outfit, was on the receiving end of envious gaze from both men and women alike.

As for me, I’m half proud and half worried about my wife. Just a little bit though. 

I told Yurina-san that if some strange  guys were trying to attack her, she should attack them with a paralyzing bullet without any hesitation. 

A week since the opening of our shop, the sale was going on well, especially for products with attributes on them. In addition to water bottles with various attributes, leather shoes and bags with wind and earth attributes(to make them light and sturdy) were also surprisingly popular. Even though we set the price around 30-40 gold coins to test the water out, people were still willing to buy it. 

We bought the shoes and bags from Sarasa for less than 10 gold coins each. So even after deducting the material cost for granting attributes, we still made a decent profit. At our current rate, I would be able to sell leather armor that was both light and sturdy after granting attributes to them too. I could purchase the armor from Margo and then, it could be a win-win situation for my merchant friends.

In addition to non-food items, we also sell ‘recovery cookies’. We made it by mixing dried irene herbs and delune fruits into the dough and flavored it with marble leaf. Recovery cookie was very popular between mothers since it served as a delicious and nutritious food to help the children’s recovery. 


“We’re a little short-handed….”

Yurina-san was the one who attended the shop while I went around buying materials, making merchandise, arranging them in the shop and went on delivering Bavarian-sama and the commercial guild’s orders… And just like that, a week passed in the twinkling of an eye. 

“Come to think of it, I’ve never taken a day off yet since the opening…”

We are working without a break as if we’re in a black company that exploits its workers. We really need to address this situation promptly!

While I was thinking about it, Yurina-san came knocking into the workshop. 


She said as she pushed a wooden box containing some recovery cookies ordered by the adventurers’ guild. Then, she hurriedly returned to the shop, looking very busy and flustered. Yurina-san was under a lot of pressure too, just like me. 

We really need to do something or else…

“After I’m done delivering this, maybe I can stop by the commercial guild and ask them if they can help me with finding an employee.”

At the very least, I need 1 free day where I can relax together with Yurina-san. 

I put on my winter clothes , went outside and loaded the box into the wagon before I finally headed out to the adventurers’ guild.


T/N: This is the other side of having your own business. You get no days off. Especially when you’re still building your business. 

  1. Lisz Arezo has spoken 1 year ago

    They create enhant shop.

    Aren’t they dry demand at some moment?

    All their items are for long use.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Not if they keep on inventing new product! And also, pretty sure some people gonna resell it so the demand will be endless


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