Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 214

Chapter 214


I showed myself in the adventurers’ guild with a box of ‘recovery cookies’ they had ordered. At the reception counter, I saw that Dan was in the middle of attending to the adventurers while Han-sensei was examining a pile of monster materials brought by the adventurers. 

Upon noticing my arrival, Han-sensei, the one who had ordered recovery cookies, made a gesture with his finger for me to follow him. These recovery cookies not only could recover your HP but it could also recover your vitality and MP. So these cookies were very useful in teaching adventurers new skills or magic. 

I followed Han-sensei into his office. This room really exuded the vibe of a magician. The room was dimly lit, with only candles the only source of light and there were some sort of tools for magic scattered here and there. The room was also filled with a pungent smell that really stung my nose. 

Han-sensei pointed his finger at a vacant place, gesturing for me to put the box there and with that, the delivery was complete. But before I left, I had some quick chat about magic with Han-sensei first (although our chat was done through writing).

Han-sensei told me that dark attribute was very convenient and he wanted to show me a magic spell called ‘domination’. He took a red rat out of its case, placed it on a table and then, there was some sort of black haze coming out from Han-sensei’s hand, coming toward the rat. The red rat, which had been so aggressive and ready to pounce at us at any given moment, suddenly looked drowsy. Its body was swaying from side to side. 

Han-sensei moved his fingers like a conductor and the rat started to dance, just like a puppet with strings attached to its body. Then, once Han-sensei stopped his magic, the rat also stopped moving and then died, as if its string had been cut off. 

Han-sensei told me that if I didn’t have enough guild points, I could pay him with money instead but still, while a magic that could allow you to manipulate someone would certainly come in handy, somehow… I really didn’t like the notion of it…. Maybe it was just my personal ethic as a Japanese person kicking in but that magic was basically a mind control spell, right? 

And so in the end I firmly declined his kind offer by giving him a safe excuse like “I don’t have money” because I didn’t want to acquire such an unsettling magic.

Han=sensei grimaced and looked a bit disappointed while saying,”If you change your mind, feel free to contact me any time you want.” with a combination of gestures and verbal communication to me.

After saying goodbye to Han-sensei, I left the adventurers’ guild.


T/N: MC don’t join the dark side!!! Don’t!!!

  1. Selrac has spoken 2 months ago

    thanks for the chapter

  2. Lisz Arezo has spoken 8 months ago

    Perfect skill to haggling…but seriously this is prefect skill for pacyfist, because stun enemy without damage.

    • luukia has spoken 8 months ago

      But the rat died after the spell lifted up!

      • Lisz Arezo has spoken 8 months ago

        He probably intentionaly kill him.

        He coudn’t said this is “handy” skill if you kill every time.

        • luukia has spoken 8 months ago

          I sure hope so. Since this story is from MC’s POV, we don’t really know for sure what’s the side effect of that magic.


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