Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 21

Chapter 21



I unexpectedly managed to create a fire dagger today. I wonder how much I could sell this fire dagger for? Also, I needed more dagger to create a fire dagger. I needed threads to make the alarm sound too. 

With that being said, I decided to go to the town while the sky was still bright. I locked the shed and headed into town. I brought two types of poisonous plants with me, gadol and badol poisonous plants, in case there was a request for them in the adventurers’ guild. 

I didn’t have any plan on buying a lot of stuff this time so I only had my carrier with me. On my way to the town, I encountered two slimes and I used bash to defeat them. I also collected the mucus and the monster core.

When I arrived at town, I immediately headed to Margo’s store. 

“Good day.”

I greeted Margo. Since we were in the Lancaster region, I decided to call this language the Lancaster language. 

Without any delay, I put the fire dagger with its sheath on the table for Margo with an audible thud. I then wrote on my magic board, ‘fire dagger, made from inferior iron’ in Lancaster language.

Margo’s eyes widened in surprise, he muttered something that sounded something like ‘for real?’. 

Margo then conveyed his intention to borrow this dagger for a moment in hand gesture. I replied ‘okay’ in Lancaster language. 

Margo went outside and stabbed the fire dagger into a piece of wood. After a while, the wood began to catch fire. Margo observed the fire dagger, nodding multiple times to himself. 


I said to Margo and then I told Margo that I had made it myself using gestures. Margo looked obviously surprised. Margo then told me this dagger’s selling price was 30 gold coins. 


I said once again.

After that, I looked around the store and found a dagger made from inferior iron with a metal sheath. There was a lot of that kind of dagger stored in a wooden box. I took out 5 of those daggers and said.


He probably could guess I needed it to make fire daggers.

“4 silver coins.”

Margo said with a nod. 


I said once again in return. 

After that, since I often get my hands injured when using my bow, I bought a leather glove that cost 1 gold coin. 

Margo wanted to know how I made that fire dagger but I said it was a secret using hand gestures. Margo nodded, understanding that it was to be expected that I wouldn’t tell him my trade secret.

After leaving Margo’s store, I went to Sarasa’s store. I raised my hand, greeting her and asked her if she had any threads for me with a hand gesture.

Sarasa said ‘wait a minute’ with a hand gesture. She then came back with enough thread for me to cover a whole house. I looked around the store and ended up buying a new pot and small bottles. I was thinking of making a poison to coat my arrow with by boiling gadol and badol poisonous plants down. 

Threads, pot, small bottles, firewood and some food. The total came to 1 gold coin and 7 silver coins. The slime’s monster core I had bought was already deducted from the total.

“Thank you. Goodbye.”

I said in Lancaster language after I finished paying. Then I left her store and went to the adventurers’ guild to submit the request for gathering badol and gadol poisonous plants and for defeating a giant bat. 

The point in my ID card went from 14 points to 24 points. 


T/N: One fire dagger can go for 30 gold coins?! Σ(゚Д゚|||) I guess it won’t take long for our MC to be able to buy a horse! 

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      The fire elemental dagger sold for 30 gold and the glove cost 1 gold.

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