Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 228

Chapter 228


I told Yurina-san that we were going to build a cafe at the vacant lot next door and she was very thrilled about it. It seemed she had not only just been dreaming of having a general store but also having a cute restaurant. 

Yurina-san went to tell the onee-sama at the Butterfly’s Cradle Pub and the onee-sama said something along the lines like…

“A cafe with an adorable concept like that general store? Hire me too~”

Yurina-san had been greatly indebted with the onee-sama at the pub so I couldn’t just flat out refuse them. In any case, I needed to hire more water in addition to a cook. And so, I asked the onee-sama to work part time in our restaurant for 1 silver coin per hour.

The onee-sama who could captivate a man’s heart and put them in a daze was very beautiful. Of course she was more than capable of serving as a sales promotion girl for our restaurant. Yurina-san was also thinking of making the waitress’s uniform herself so I asked her to not make the uniform look too sexy.

After all, we were aiming for a restaurant with a cute and wholesome concept that could attract both children and women alike.

And then Yurina-san was like…

“Then what about Ash?”

“Ash is definitely the sexiest!”

I answered with a fire burning in my eyes.

“You really have a soft spot for Ash.”

Yurina-san said while laughing.

I would definitely visit a restaurant with Ash as the waiter. Though technically speaking, Ash was a wolf. .

Right, right. We had prepared Wakimizu-kun β and Pokapoka-kun α as a gift for the people at the pub for our general store’s grand opening party. However, a certain someone had bought them and in the end, I couldn’t give the people at the pub Wakimizu-kun β and Pokapoka-kun α. 

However, Chatra was finally able to make Wakimizu-kun β and Pokapoka-kun α. We finally could give the onee-sama at the pub our new products. 

It seemed the onee-sama were using it even during their working hours. We received a very positive response from them. They were also recommending our product to the patron of their pub so it seemed like our sales were going to increase even higher.

I knew it. The decision to increase the employee working in the workshop is not wrong at all.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle in our business venture, Volga-san arrived with 2 new potential employees for us along with Taylor-san in tow.


T/N: So Keigo is capable of hiring people other than the one from the commercial guild. He should hire more onee-sama from the pub as waitress since their work at the pub only starts at night after all. Unless Keigo’s restaurant is open until night… Well, that’s why Keigo hired them as part-timers, not full-timers. 

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