Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 229

Chapter 229


Volga-san brought 2 new potential employees. The first one was Bokuzen, an apprentice cook with short black hair. He looked like he would look good in a kappougi, a traditional Japanese cooking apron.

The next one was Bridget, a young craftsman apprentice with dazzling tanned skin. His silver hair was tied behind his back.

“”Hello. Nice to meet you.””

Both of them bowed their backs in 90 degrees.

Since they were following the way I greeted other people, they must’ve heard a lot of things about me from Volga-san .Like the fact that I couldn’t understand Lancaster language well or that I spoke in Japanese to say the least.

“Nice to meet you.”

I shook both of their hands in turn.

“Taylor-san too, welcome. Let’s not stand around talking, come on in.”

I led the four of them to the reception area to hear what they had to say. Maya then came to serve marble herbal tea and recovery cookies as refreshments for our guests.

“Okay, first thing first. You’re both hired. I’m looking forward to seeing your current skills, as well as your future growth. Welcome aboard.”


Both of them were recommended by Volga-san so I already deemed them as capable. Even after having a brief conversation with them, I didn’t have any negative impression of them either. Overall, they seemed decent enough.

When I tried using appraisal on them, I found out that Bokuzen had ‘Cooking Level 3’ while Bridget already had ‘Blacksmithing Level 1’ and ‘Alchemy Level 1’. Although I hadn’t truly seen them in action, but the result of the appraisal served as enough evidence for their competence.


Seeing Taylor-san was about to spread out the design for the restaurant on the table, I swiftly moved the tea to the edge of the table.

“Ooh! So cute! It looks good~”


Yurina-san let out an expression of joy upon seeing the colorful and cute design. She had heard from Maya that Taylor-san and the others were here. The design of our general store was really adorable but in terms of fanciness, rather than a restaurant, the level of fanciness in Taylor-san’s design was more suitable for an aesthetic concept cafe. The design for our restaurant definitely didn’t pale in comparison with our general store.

It still imbued the cute wolf cub in its theme and it also had items necessary for a restaurant.The brickwork looked antique and yet still looking fashionable for the current trend fad. The design for the chairs and tables showcased Taylor-san’s meticulous attention to detail. I instantly fell in love with the design at first glance.

“Let’s go with this!”

I exclaimed enthusiastically and Taylor-san slapped her fist to her chest, making a gesture that said ,”Leave it to me!”

Feeling ecstatic, I decided to only open for half a day today and held a party in the afternoon. This party would serve as a new employee welcome party and celebration for our future restaurant.


T/N: Imagine a cute restaurant with delicious food?? Sign me up!! I want to eat there too! Usually the cute place here is only good for the insta. The food is mid. I want a cute place with good food!! 

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