Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 230

Chapter 230


With the arrival of our new employees, I could leave the majority of the shop’s responsibilities to them. Hence why I thought this timing was perfect for me to focus on the children under Wolf Cub’s Village. The children had recently started recovering their strength after being malnourished for so long so I wanted to do something that could bring smiles to their faces.

Something that could make children happy during snowtime period like this, of course a Christmas party was the first thing in my mind. Everyone would be merrily decorating the place, enjoying delicious food while singing a song and then exchanging presents.

Those kinds of things were common throughout Japan but of course, in a place like this where everyone was struggling to survive, having a Christmas party like that was a luxury that not anyone could have.

I believed it was our responsibility as an adult to show the children that although there might be a lot of unpleasant things in this world, but this world wasn’t exactly without any hope. There were still some good things in this world. I wanted to make the children see the good in this world, despite the shortcomings.

Of course the people of this world didn’t know about Jesus Christ. However, I had the full liberty of calling this event whatever I liked. Similar to Halloween, which became an annual tradition after a certain point in time. The modern people on Earth mostly didn’t know about the true meaning behind Halloween either.

Hence why I told everyone.

“We’re going to have a Christmas party. Let’s start preparing for it.”

At first the children were confused at the word ‘Christmas’, but once I explained the concept to them, their eyes practically sparkled.

“A party? Everyone will buy a present and exchange it with each other?! Yay!!!”

They were so excited.

With a silver coin held tightly in their hands, the children set off to the town.

However, speaking of the venue, the building that we had requested from Taylor-san for the village hadn’t finished yet. I was thinking of renting Elsa’s inn as the venue of our Christmas party but I decided otherwise. Because, we would require several days to prepare for the party and those days would potentially affect Elsa’s business negatively.

Therefore, I decided to borrow a big tent meant for military encampment from Resta’s soldier group. We would set the tent in an open space in the village. We would set a bonfire and then hold our Christmas party there. If we installed the wood stove designed for a covered wagon inside the tent, the inside should be warm enough for us.

Apart from the children, the preparation for the party also involved the helper from the guild, Johnny &co., along with me and Yurina-san. Donny-san’s subordinates helped us in setting up the giant tent. Our employees, along with Sarasa and the others also helped us in between their work.

As the preparations progressed, the venue was lined with a lot of snowmen made by the children. Each snowman was adorned with a red knitted hat and scarf. The one who taught the children how to knit was Yurina-san. The children then went on to make the muffler and the hat themselves.


It’s starting to look like Christmas.

And so, the long awaited Christmas party for the children had finally arrived.


T/N: At this point Keigo has introduced so many ‘parties’. The dwellers of this world don’t even bother with the name anymore. As long as it’s a party, they’re down with it. 

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    He is strange eccentric for them. Eveny if he do or say somethink weird, they will simly think this is normal for him.


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