A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 24

Chapter 24



When I returned to my shed, I saw Margo, the owner of the weapon and armor store, sitting on top of the chair made from a tree stump. He was yawning, looking bored from waiting. 

I asked what was the matter for him to come today with body gestures. In response, Margo pointed at the fire dagger that was lined up in front of the shed. I placed the 3 fire daggers on top of the table with a thump. 

Margo tested the dagger by thrusting it into a piece of wood. He nodded, confirming that there was no problem with the dagger. He then did the same with the remaining fire daggers. Margo conveyed his intention to buy 3 fire daggers for 90 gold coins in which I said ‘yes’ and the deal was sealed. 

After that, Margo took out a helmet made from pig iron from his cart and placed it on top of the table with a clank. He said something in Lancaster language. I couldn’t really understand it but I somehow could tell he was recommending this item to me. After trying out the helmet and appraising it, I gratefully bought the item.

Margo then made another gesture, asking if I wanted to live in town. I refused his offer with a ‘no’ gesture. 

Margo looked worried but unfortunately, I was really, really bad at keeping a ‘connection’ with another human being. 

I then gestured to him that I wanted to try making a sword or a dagger myself. Margo looked a bit surprised but then he slapped his chest, making a gesture that said ‘leave it to me’. 

I asked how much it would cost. Margo thought about it for a moment before he answered that it’d cost me 60 gold coins. I paid all 60 gold coins on the spot. 

Blacksmithing wasn’t only limited to making weapons or armors only. For example, I could use a blacksmithing technique to make cooking utensils made from metal with it.

While we were at it, Sarasa also came to my shed in a wagon. It seemed she was coming here alone today. How dangerous… I reminded her that the next time she wanted to come here, she needed to be accompanied by someone else. 

Sarasa bought 3 water bottles worth of irene herb HP potion for 45 gold coins. I asked her to return the water bottles to me later. I also sold the skin from the kobold fighter for 1 gold coin and herb chicken eggs for 6 silver coins. 

I checked the goods she had brought with her in the wagon and bought all the wood she had. 

According to Sarasa, the trip that would take me one and half hour by foot, would only take 30 minutes with a horse. In other words, I could get to the town 3 times faster than usual. I really wanted a horse. I remembered Sarasa had told me before that it’d cost me 100 gold coins. 

Since I already had saved enough money, I asked her about it and she said I could buy a horse-drawn carriage without any problem. 

I paid 50 gold coins to Sarasa and conveyed in gestures that I’d pay the rest after I received the carriage. 

After that, Sarasa and Margo returned together to town.


T/N: I mean, so far our MC only saw slime on the way to the town. I don’t think Sarasa is that helpless if it’s only slime~ ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一

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