Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 23

Chapter 23


The next morning, I dismantled the goblins after I had finished taking care of the chickens. For breakfast I had rye bread, herb chicken egg and some greens. After that, I continued on with my daily bow practice. 

I wanted to make another fire dagger by using the loot I got from the goblin but then, I realized I had run out of flame abrasive material. So I went out to collect more femto stones and flame stones.

On my way to the forest where I had got the stones before I encountered and defeated 3 slimes. I gathered the stones until the carrier I had put in the cart was full with materials. I left my cart there and decided to venture even closer to the forest. 

After walking for a while, I encountered a bipedal monster. When I tried to appraise it, all I got was a plain ‘monster’ as its description. 

The monster was about 100 meters away from me and so, I readied my bow. Observing my opponent, I saw the monster was equipped with a scimitar and a shield. The monster looked pretty muscular, about 2 meters tall and had the head of a dog. It had sharp claws and emerald green hair. Its body was covered in fur all over. 

The monster looked pretty strong. Cold sweat started to drip from the temple of my head. 


I calmed my heart, aimed at the center of the monster’s body and shot out my poisonous arrow. But… My opponent blocked the arrow with its shield. 


Not giving up, I fired another two arrows in rapid succession.  As soon as the second shot grazed the monster’s leg, the monster started to wobble before falling on its knees. I readied my sword and slashed the monster but was somehow able to pick itself up. The monster blocked my attack with its shield. I kept on attacking the monster with my sword but the monster kept on blocking my attack with its shield. The monster was breathing heavily, it seemed the gebal poison was still affecting it. 

I made a feint, pretending to slash the monster from its side but instead, I used ‘bash’ as soon as I saw an opening. 


My sword penetrated the monster’s belly. It was a clean hit. The monster was losing its footing and so, I thrusted a fire dagger right into its heart. 

I’ve successfully brought my enemy down. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda went from level 5 to level 6. 

HP: 11→13

MP: 5→6

Vitality: 7→9

Strength: 12→14

Intelligence: 70→71

Dexterity: 14→16

Speed: 13→15

Bash went from level 2 to level 3. 』

I used appraisal once again. 

【Kobold Fighter: A bipedal monster that inhabits the forest of the Lancaster region.】

I finally realized the forest was most probably filled with dangerous monsters. I then dismantled the kobold with a dagger. I collected the scimitar that was made with inferior iron and the shield as part of my loot. I dismantled the skin, meat, foot’s claw.

I appraised the kobold’s meat. 

【Kobold Fighter’s Meat: Pretty delicious. Status, poisoned.】

It was poisoned and so, I threw the meat away. 

As I put the materials I got from dismantling into my cart, suddenly, I felt weak on my knees. 

Once again, I realized just how dangerous it was when you took a life away, even if it was a monster’s life. 


T/N: I’m 160cm so I definitely can’t imagine fighting a muscular looking monster towering 2 meters tall. If I were MC I’d back off quietly while the kobold hadn’t noticed my presence yet. (>_<)

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