A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 33

Chapter 33



I checked all the things I got from defeating the cockatrice. First, donut poison, the very thing that I risked my life to create. Then, cockatrice’s eyes. It seemed I could use this to grant the petrification attribute. For the time being, I should dry the eyes and grind them into fine powder after that.

In the meantime, while I was waiting, I decided to practice marksmanship for 30 minutes. 


The arrows coated with donur poison have dried. I put them all into the quiver. As for the cockatrice’s eyes, it seemed they still needed time to be completely dry. After that, I stored the collected plants on a shelf in the shed. 

This time, I had collected 2 irene herbs, 1 mylene herb and 1 berzin herb. The leaves were important. After planting them in the garden, I needed to prune the leaves to some extent and then stored them in the shed according to their type. Especially the poisonous item, I needed to make sure to store them in a safe place so the chicken wouldn’t be able to accidentally touch them.


Since I had eaten something while I was doing my stuff, I was not hungry yet even though it was already dinner time. And so, I decided to do some blacksmithing instead. 

I pulverized femto stone and flame stone into small pieces and mixed them together to create flame abrasive material. I also spared ordinary abrasive material and stored them all separately. 

Next, I repaired the firesword that had been overused due to my fight with the cockatrice. I polished it with abrasive material and whetstone.


I was getting pretty hungry so I decided to have a meal. I made something that resembled bacon and egg with herb chicken egg and dried meat. Then, I stir-fry some vegetables with a frying pan. I ate them all for late dinner together with bargo fruit wine, which resembled white wine.

While I was eating dinner, I was thinking about my goals. Currently, I needed to save 150 guild points so I could learn basic magic skill level 1. After that, about my life quality. I wanted a bath. Maybe I could go to the blacksmith guild and buy the cheapest metal I could find to make a bathtub.

But if I made it with metal, then I’d need to put a wooden board on the bottom side to make something resembling ‘goemonburo’. 

My fatigue had accumulated quite a lot so I really wanted to have a bath by all means. 

I wonder, does this other world have the culture of soaking in a bath?

Either way, since I didn’t have any plan on living in town, it had nothing to do with me even if they didn’t. 

Feeling good and sleepy, I brushed my teeth and then I went to sleep.


T/N: Making a bath is also a staple in japanese isekai novel (´꒳`)

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