Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 34

Chapter 34


Morning came. As usual, I took care of the chicken then I went to practice marksmanship. I then wiped my body with a wet towel before I started preparing breakfast. I had bacon and eggs along with bread and water. 

The cockatrice’s eyes had properly dried and so, I grinded it into fine powder before I appraised it. 

【Petrification Powder: Powder with the magical power of petrification.】

While wearing a glove, I carefully put the powder into a plastic bag. I then stored it in the material storage area I had in my blacksmith workshop. 

Now then. Today I planned on exploring toward the opposite direction of the forest. I locked the shed, donned on my equipment and just in case I was able to catch a big prey, I wouldn’t be able to carry it back with a mere carrier so I went with my horse-drawn carriage. 

After going through the plain for 30 minutes, I could see a body of water and a group of something flocking nearby. Upon closer inspection, they looked like a group of water buffalo and when I used appraisal, I only got ‘buffalo’ in return. 

I stopped my wagon there and cautiously approached them with my bow ready. Since my prey didn’t seem like a powerful monster, I wouldn’t be using poisoned arrows. Since I wouldn’t be able to eat the meat if I used poisoned arrows. 


The arrow pierced the water buffalo’s hind leg, making the buffalo fall onto the ground. Sensing the danger, the other buffalo ran away toward the opposite direction from me. I approached the fallen buffalo and stabbed the head with my sword. 

Upon closer look, I realized this buffalo was pretty big. About 2 meters. I used appraisal again.

【Battle Bull: A bull type monster that inhabits the water holes in Lancaster region.】

So it said.

I guess technically this buffalo was a monster? Certainly this buffalo had a pair of horns, just like a bullfighter and compared to a normal buffalo, this one was more muscular.

I only drained the blood from the battle bull. Somehow or another, I was able to put the battle bull onto the wagon.

In town, they had a shop specializing in dismantling monsters or animals. This dismantling shop was a joint establishment with the adventurers’ guild. If I dismantled it myself, I most probably would damage the quality of the material. This battle bull looked obviously delicious to the boot so I planned to go to a dismantling shop to get fresh battle bull meat. 

I steered the wagon directly into the direction of the town.


T/N: 2 meters bull! Our MC is going to have a feast! Too bad they don’t have a fridge in this world. The leftover meat has to be pickled with salt otherwise the meat will rot… (´・ω・`)

  1. Exfernal has spoken 1 year ago

    So he managed to lift a carcass weighing close to a tonne by himself? A fantasy setting all right.

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the chapter! 

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Thank you for reading and commenting too! (o´∀`o)


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