A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 48.2

Chapter 48.2 : (Bavarian POV) I Am Bavarian! Hey You, Lowly Ones! Bow Down Before Me!


My name is Resta von Bavarian. I am a nobleman of a prestigious lineage hailing from the town of Resta. There is no single person in this town who does not know my glorious name.

And the other day… I had experienced a devastating experience.

The monsters had been very active recently and I had predicted that soon, the monsters that were born in the dungeon would soon overflow outside. It is my duty as a nobleman to handle this problem and so, I set out to conquer the dungeon but…

Those useless blockheads… To run away at the sight of a mere cockatrice was very unbecoming of an adventurer. They kept on apologizing, making pitiful excuses and so, I punished them with an iron fist! FUHAHAHAHA!

If I tossed them into a jail for a week, they will surely thoroughly reflect on their faults. But… Only that eccentric who’s living in the outskirts of the town was different. He was so humble, he even offered me gold coins as an apology. 

So he knew what I meant! FUHAHAHAHA! He made me so happy that I forgave him along with the two other adventurers that were with him. 

They better be grateful that my heart is bigger than the sea itself! FUAHAHHAHAA!

If only the other adventurers had done the same, they wouldn’t have to receive the punishment from me, you know?

Mind your manner, you foolish plebeian! You better bow down on the floor and beg for mercy!! I will definitely conquer the dungeon and make all the people in Lancaster know me as the great hero! 

Becoming the grand duke won’t become a fleeting dream for me anymore!! FUHAHAHAHAHA!!

Just you wait, you monsters!! I will make you become the stepping stone for my success!! 


T/N: When I read his POV… Now I don’t feel this noble is that bad. Like… He’s a little confused stupid but he got the spirit. He’s just comically stupid that I can’t hate him (TヮT)

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