A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 52

Chapter 52



I asked Dan from the guild if I could learn some type of martial art with 50 guild points. 

Then Dan made a gesture and a kick pose. Apparently it was some sort of foot skill. 

If it was foot skill, that means I could have a new way of attacking. If it was fist skill like straight thrust, it’d be a little complicated for me to use because that means I needed to throw away my weapon first. But if it was foot skill, I could still use it while still holding onto my sword and shield. 

Therefore, I decided to spend 50 guild points to have Kai teach me martial art skill. 

What Kai did was something akin to a ‘side kick’. He shortened the distance between him and the target by crossing his left and right leg alternately then he did a side kick as if his toe was the point of a blade and the wooden target was destroyed with  a “DOKA!” sound. 

I took off my greaves and tried to imitate him but all I could produce was a soft “bam” sound. As I thought, it was a matter of the difference between our proficiency.

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Leg Sword Kick level 1.』

Apparently, I had successfully acquired the skill. I said ‘thank you’ to Kai and left the dojo. 

After that, I stopped by Margo’s store to buy precious iron and hellhound pelts. My intention was to make suitable foot equipment for ‘leg sword kick’. 


After finishing dinner in a haste, I holed myself up inside the blacksmith workshop to make the foot equipment. The food equipment I currently had was focused on defense so it was not suitable for ‘leg sword kick’. 

In order to achieve this, I customized the original one  by reinforcing the front part that would touch the enemy when I used ‘leg sword kick’ with precious iron. 


After several adjustments, the foot protective gear that I had reinforced with precious iron and hellhound pelts was completed. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Blacksmith level 5.』

My blacksmith level had also increased. I quickly put on my new equipment and tried to do a ‘leg sword kick’. 

Yeah, not bad. 

I planned on adding ‘leg sword kick’ practice into my daily regimen tomorrow. 

After wiping the sweat and dirt from my blacksmithing job with a wet towel, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep together with Ash.


T/N: Those equipments must be heavy now since our MC reinforced it with iron 


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