Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 53

Chapter 53


The next morning, I woke up with Ash tapping on my face with his foot. It turned out, Ash’s water bowl was already empty. 

Apparently Ash was trying to say,”Give me water~”. And so, I played with Ash for a while. Recently, I have taken a liking to playing ‘Beethoven’ with Ash. 

I put Ash on my back and let him hug me from behind then I pretended to be a conductor. When I sang the note for ‘Symphony No. 5’ by Beethoven, Ash howled together with me. How adorable. 

Now then, it’s about time for me to start my morning practice. 

I feed Rocinante (my horse) and the chickens. Then I moved to the training area I had built outside. I doubt Ash would get caught in the ankle snare trap or the pitfall trap but I still took him  with me by holding him in my arms just to be safe. 

Today, I have added martial art training to my regimen. While pretending as if I was in an actual battle, I practiced the ‘foot sword kick’ technique while equipping the foot protector equipment I had enhanced yesterday. 

The wooden target broke nicely. It was pretty powerful. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Leg Sword Kick level 2.』

Now that I had worked up a sweat, it was time to eat breakfast. For breakfast, I had raw herb chicken egg, bread, dried meat and irene herb tea. As I expected, the fresh raw egg tasted really delicious. After that, I also made steamed potatoes from the potatoes I had planted and harvested myself. Potatoes were the kind of plant that you could store for a long time at room temperature.


Today, I decided to make smoked egg and smoked meat. I had enough spare time to smoke food so I decided to do it while sipping on liquor occasionally. Well, to be honest this was the kind of life I yearned for when I decided to retire into the countryside.

After I was done with the smoking, I ate some of the meat. I rinsed and sun dried the rest then I placed it in some kind of a jute bag. Rather than for preserving food, I was doing this to make a gift for Margo more.


I loaded the smoked meat, 2 herb chickens and some of the potatoes  I had harvested into the wagon. After everything was set, I started heading into the town. Of course, Ash was coming with me too. 


I had bought some liquor on my way to Margo’s store. 

I handed over the three inferior iron fire daggers I had made to Margo. Apparently the fire dagger had become popular as an easy and convenient item to start fire, rather than as a weapon. I received several more daggers made from inferior iron from Margo for me to enhance them into fire daggers..

We concluded our business transactions in a haste, Margo’s eyes kept on getting stuck at the liquor, herb chicken and the smoked meat I brought with me. 

I heard the herb chickens I had raised, along with the eggs, had become one of the most popular items in this town. I guess I must be the only person who mixed medicinal herbs into their chicken’s food. 

Margo started closing his store for today, since he said there’d be no visitor coming anymore anyway. I really couldn’t speak anything about his capricious behavior since I’m a hopeless adult too. 

Coincidentally, Juno was coming to Margo’s store to have his sword sharpened so I invited him to join us. Since there were already 3 of us, I decided to invite Sarasa as well. While Juno was out to get Sarasa, I borrowed the whetstone and the polishing stone from Margo’s blacksmith and started sharpening Juno’s sword. On the other hand, Margo was starting the preparation for the grilled chicken. My head was already completely in the drinking mood. 

Sarasa brought garlic and other vegetables that would go well with grilled chicken. After that, the four of us were drinking liquor together while grilling chicken using the fire from Margo’s blacksmith.

Ash did the ‘hand’ command and Margo gave him grilled chicken as a reward. We all had a great time at this grilled chicken party.


I stayed at Margo’s place for far too long. The four of us cleaned up after our grilled chicken party and called it a night. The leftovers were split between all four of us to bring home. It was a beautiful night with the blue moon and the crystal clear sky filled with stars. 


I finally arrived at home. It was about the time when I usually went to sleep. Ash had already fallen asleep on the way home. The sound of his sleeping could be heard. My stomach was full and I was feeling sleepy too.

I carried the sleeping Ash to the futon. After wiping my body with a wet towel, I also slipped into the bed. 

Good night.


T/N: You know, for a slow-life isekai story, the MC rarely gets to have an actual slow-life like today. Usually he needs to defend his home from monster invasion or saw scary monsters while foraging. 

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