Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 54

Chapter 54


When I went to the river to get water for my bath, I saw a merman fighting against a giant snake, about 10 meters long. The giant snake raised its head, it looked like it was accumulating something inside its mouth before the snake spit the content of its mouth out. Maybe it was some sort of poisonous breath or something. The merman, receiving the hit directly, melted immediately. It was an instant death. 


Without missing a single beat, I turned my wagon around and returned to my house as fast as I could. I locked the door shut and hid in the futon while hugging Ash. My body wouldn’t stop trembling. Trying to comfort me, Ash let out a series of weak whines. 

Impossible. That thing is definitely impossible. 

But… What about my bath…

For the time being, I had no other choice but to wait for the giant snake to somehow go away somewhere. 


I’m starving….

For now, I’ve calmed down enough. I ate an egg and nibbled on a piece of bread. 

What should I do..

It was then I suddenly remembered. The adventurers’ guild existed for a situation like this. Only the hero in RPG games could defeat any monster that came in their way. 

I immediately started preparing to go out and turned my wagon to the adventurers’ guild.



I was sitting on a table in the adventurers’ guild while having a heated discussion with Dan. On my magic board, I drew the town, the forest and the river. I circled the river area and drew a picture of a giant snake. I drew a picture of a merman fighting against the giant snake and drew a cross mark on top of the merman’s drawing while alternately stabbing the merman’s scale I had with my finger.

Somehow Dan was able to understand what I was trying to say. He made a gesture for money. He must be asking what we should do about the subjugation reward. I handed 5 gold coins to Dan. 

Then Dan wrote a new subjugation request for the giant snake on paper and plastered the form onto the bulletin board. The strong looking adventurers were looking at the newly plastered paper curiously. 

I’m sorry for pushing this burden to another person but please, I hope someone can defeat it……….


T/N: Wow. I think this is the first time I actually read an MC requesting monster subjugation to the adventurers’ guild instead of the other way around. Good, good. There’s no need for MC to risk his life for the sake of a bath when he can safely use his money to carve the way for him. 


  1. Erica Millar has spoken 1 year ago

    I want to keep reading I really really do… But…. This mc is so sad and pathetic I just can’t find a reason to like him. I doubt I will be able to reach the latest chapter like this 🙁 I’m not asking for a hero, but come on author-san make him less useless, this boy-man gets scared easier than a 5 year old, I mean a transfered person goes to another world to act this pitifully…. Sigh… But I’ll do my best to catch up…. Maybe I’ll pull it off?

    • Chokopakalock has spoken 3 months ago

      everyone is confident to defeat a dog… until it come changing right at you LMAO

    • Bleur has spoken 1 year ago

      This pathetically ? He ain’t a brave warrior but any normal person would be reasonably scared of a 10 meter snake that could melt a humanoid instantaneously

      • Deadmilkmen1 has spoken 11 months ago

        Lol, yeah. I’m pretty sure most of us would be saying nope to that situation, including the person you replied to. Acting like they’d be some superhero if they got isekaid, uh huh.

  2. Exfernal has spoken 2 years ago

    Using that 5 gold coins to pay someone for digging a well is an option too. A hand pump is not something difficult to make if you know how, and it’s probably less tiring and dangerous than bringing water from a river.


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