Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 56.4

Chapter 56.4 : (Margo’s POV) A Widower Blacksmith


My name is Margo. I run a small weapon and armor shop in the town of Resta. My wife, Isabelle, died when she was still young. I’ve been a widower for quite a long time. I don’t have any children either. 

Recently, I befriended an interesting man. In a way, he’s different from Sarasa and Juno, whom I have a business relationship with. That guy is called Keigo. He can’t speak our language but he can write in our language. He’s a really strange man. 

When we defeated that cockatrice monster together with Juno and him, I could feel my blood boiling and my flesh dancing. 

For some reason, Keigo hates the thought of living in town. I guess that guy has his own belief so I won’t say anything against it. 

Keigo has a knack for blacksmithing. After all, not only can he make weapons and armor, he can also add fire or water attributes to them. His sword also has an attribute and it’s a rare lightning attribute that I don’t even have in my store. I’d like it if he would teach me how to do it since that’s a feat even I can’t do but I doubt he’d share such an important trade secret with me. 

It is a basic courtesy, even if we are friends. I won’t force him to share his trade secret with me. 

That guy, I’m getting the fire daggers he made and then I sell it at my store for cheap. I’m able to make profit too so I won’t pry any further. It’s a beneficial give and take relationship. 

If the noble in the town of Resta realized Keigo can make fire daggers, Keigo is at risk of getting in big trouble in regards to tax collection. That’s why I just keep on pretending the fire dagger that I sell in my store is made by me since I’m working as a blacksmith too. 

Keigo has a bath in his house. Having a drink after taking a bath at his house feels so exceptional. The ‘marinated egg’ he makes tastes nothing but exquisite too. 

The other day, I was recruited by the noble in the town of Resta and I ended up causing a lot of trouble to Keigo. He protected me and Juno from the monster’s fire attack when we were escaping from the hellhounds.

He’s a really reliable guy. 

That guy, he has a gray puppy. His puppy is very friendly and adorable. The puppy is so cute that I can’t stop wanting to pet him but I have to restrain myself. After all, I’m afraid the puppy will be creeped out if such a rigid old man like me were to do that. 

I’m really a stiff and rigid old man. Even now, I still don’t have any intention of getting a new wife. But still, being a widower sure is hard. I do want to have a child but on the other hand, I don’t think I’m capable of raising a child. 

Lately, I’ve been able to distract myself from this feeling of loneliness thanks to Keigo. I’m really grateful for him.


T/N: Ah… Margo and MC are really similar… Lucky for Margo though, he has Sarasa. I hope Sarasa can break Margo’s tough skin. Somehow I can imagine Margo feeling reluctant to accept Sarasa’s feelings because Sarasa is still young and beautiful. Like Margo is going to tell Sarasa that a young and vigorous man will suit her better than him. 

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    We finally got to “meet” his friends! They’re good people.


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