Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 57

Chapter 57


As usual, I woke up to Ash fidgeting around me. Today, I was thinking of having a hot bath. After finishing my morning training and breakfast, I went to the river. The weather was looking fine today so I decided to dry my straw mattress and blue wolf’s quilt out in the sun. 


When I arrived at the river, I encountered another merman. The merman shot out its water ball attack and I immediately put up my shield and activated ‘fortress’. 


I took less damage compared to the last time I fought against the merman. While still keeping ‘fortress’ on, I drank dual potion (medium) to recover from the damage I had taken. 

I quickly approached the merma. While repelling the merman’s claw attack, I found the opportunity to unleash ‘foot sword kick’ attack at the merman. My attack hit the merman’s head, bringing the merman down. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 12. 

HP: 25→26

MP: 14→16


Strength: 24→25

Intelligence: 75→76

Dexterity: 28→29

Speed: 24→25

Acquired Physical Resistance level 3, Fortress level 5, Foot Sword Kick level 3.』

If it was against a merman, I already could put up a decent fight.

After that, I filled my bathtub with water, put the merman’s carcass into the wagon and went to my house to drop the bathtub before I set out to town.


I left the guild after submitting the proof of defeat for the merman. I got 24 guild points and 7 silver coins as the reward for subjugating the merman this time. 

In addition, I was able to acquire the most important materials for me now. Which was the merman’s scale, a material I needed to grant water attribute. As for the other part, there was the merman’s flesh. I tried to appraise it. 

【Merman’s Meat: Quite delicious.】

Since that was the result of the appraisal, I decided to bring some portions with me, enough for me to eat at home later. I took a small bite out of it just to try it out and it tasted like white flesh fish. 


I got several daggers made from inferior iron from Margo so I went to the blacksmith workshop in my house to try giving water attribute to one of the daggers. I mixed the crushed femto stone and merman’s scale together and added the combined mixture as I sharpened the dagger with a whetstone. 


The dagger then glowed in pale blue light. 

【Water Dagger: Made from inferior iron. A dagger with water attribute. Drops of water will trickle down from the dagger.】

Apparently I could grant water attribute to weapons. When I added water attribute to armor, the armor became fire resistant but when I added it to weapons, the weapon could be used as a household item to save water. 

To test it out, I hung up the water dagger with a string and placed a bucket underneath it to store the drop of water. After about two hours, the bucket was filled with water from the water dagger. I took a sip out of that water and it seemed the water was drinkable and there wasn’t any problem with the quality of the water. 

I was thinking of selling the water dagger by thrusting it into a flask and selling it as a water bottle with the slogan ‘for your adventuring essential!’ or something. 

I continued to add water attribute to the rest of the daggers before I called it a day. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda 

Dexterity: 29→30

Has changed.』


I sauteed the merman’s meat in a frying pan and ate it. After that, I boiled the water for my bath and jumped into the bath together with Ash. In addition, I also used a toothbrush to brush Ash’s teeth. 

After having a little drink, I snuggled into my bed. The futon smelt of the sun because I had dried it in the sun before. Just when I thought Ash was being quiet, it turned out Ash had comfortably fallen asleep near my feet. 

As I laid on my bed, I was thinking of trivial things like should I sell the water dagger to Margo since it was a weapon or should I sell it to Sarasa as a household essential. 

As I did so, I fell asleep before I realized it.


T/N: I mean at this point, the fire daggers are also sold as a lighter instead of a weapon too. 

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  1. Airzpool has spoken 2 years ago

    Why did the MC make a sword that only can make drop of water? Why not making other design if he want a water only….


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