A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 58

Chapter 58


The next morning, after finishing my usual duties and having a light breakfast, I went to visit Margo’s store. My purpose today was to have him check the water dagger I had made yesterday. 

I put the 4 water daggers into a relatively big bucket in order to prevent the water from leaking out and set out to town with my wagon. 

Margo looked at the water dagger and the explanation of the water dagger in Lancaster language that I had copied onto the magic board based on the result of the appraisal with his eyes wide in shock. After that, he tried to drink the water from the water dagger and gestured 30 gold coins to me. 

I gestured back that maybe I should give 2 daggers to Margo and 2 daggers to Sarasa but Margo vehemently insisted that he should take all 4. 

He made a gesture like he was riding on a horse while puffing out his chest, trying to tell me ‘nobleman, dangerous’. Somehow I understand what he meant. I did agree that it was not a good idea to distribute my goods to many places and ended up gathering unnecessary attention. So, I exchanged 4 water daggers in that bucket for 120 gold coins. 

Coincidentally, Sarasa was stopping by to give Margo his lunch box. 

As soon as she saw the explanation of the water dagger on the magic board, suddenly Sarasa changed into her merchant mode. It seemed she was arguing about something with Margo but I had no idea what they were talking about. 

I could somehow guess they were arguing about the rights to sell the water dagger. 

Eventually, although she looked reluctant, Sarasa backed down. My Ash, the cutest thing in the world, also helped in mediating the argument. 

Good job, Ash. 


Since I had more money to spare, I decided to deposit another 15 gold coins to Dan in the adventurers’ guild as a reward for subjugating the monsters in the forest. The target for subjugations were cockatrice and hellhound. As for the giant snake I had encountered before that could spit out deadly poisonous breath, apparently that monster was called ‘serpent’. I also deposited a subjugation reward for the serpent just to be safe. 


I bought some food before I headed home. 


I immediately immersed myself in the blacksmith workshop since I had an idea to make another convenient item. I was thinking of making a water bottle for my personal use by making a scabbard for the water dagger. Just by putting the dagger into the scabbard and voila! You could drink delicious water by taking the dagger out first. 

I used the cheapest metal, which was inferior iron. As of now, I had no intention of selling this scabbard. This was solely for my personal use. I kept one scabbard water bottle inside the pocket of my mantle so I could drink water from it anytime I wanted. It was a convenient item. 


T/N: Other MC is out there making soy sauce or mayonnaise… Meanwhile our MC just successfully made A WATER BOTTLE (ಥ◡ಥ) Also… Won’t the scabbard get rusty if you use it as a water bottle…? Metal that you use for water can’t have iron in it otherwise it will get rusty, right?

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