A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 60

Chapter 60


Even the leftover water from the bath could be useful. I could use it to wash clothes or to water the plants. As about the drinking water for Rocinante (my horse) and the chickens, of course I’d be using either rain water or the water from the water dagger. 

I also bought some paper, quill pen, ink and binding string to make an illustration book. To be specific, I wanted to write down the description and the characteristics of the monster along with a drawing of the monster and the result of appraisal and the things I could do with the materials I got from that monster. I also wanted to write down the description of the plants and stones I had gathered along with their illustration. Furthermore, there was also the utility of the skills I had learned, recipes for potions and poisons. I also wanted to write the result of the appraisal in the Lancaster language in that book. 

It’d be convenient to carry this ‘illustration book’ when I go to town. 


When the fire pouch from the hellhound had completely dried up, I tried to mix it together with fire stone, then I appraised the end result. 

【Blazing Flame Powder: Powder with strong fire attribute magic. 】

Then I appraised the hellhound’s claws. 

【Hellhound’s Claw: Can be used in metal refining to strengthen the metal.】

Immediately, I shut myself in the blacksmith workshop. I melted the pig iron ingot to make a sword and added the hellhound’s claw. 

【Hellhound Sword: A sword reinforced by a hellhound’s claw to make the metal stronger. Made from pig iron.】

I polished the hellhound sword with a mixture of blazing flame powder and femto stone. The sword was glowing in a stronger red light compared to the one I polished with fire stone. 

【Hellfire Sword: A fire attribute sword with medium level magic. 】

Additionally, the small shield I had been using was already tattered from being overused. It seemed just doing the usual maintenance for this small shield wouldn’t do either so I planned on making a new buckler. I used pig iron and combined it with a hellhound’s claw to make this buckler and I also added fire resistance by using a merman’s scale. 

【Hellhound Buckler: A buckler reinforced by a hellhound’s claw to make the metal stronger. Made from pig iron. Fire resistance+.】

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda

Dexterity 30→31

Has changed.

Acquired Blacksmith level 6. 』

I left the blacksmith workshop and went to the training area to test the new hellhound sword. When I swung it, the blade was covered in fire and a pretty strong blaze was sprayed from the blade. The wooden target was instantly carbonized. 

I thought that leaving this sword bare as it was would be dangerous so I decided to make a scabbard with the remaining pig iron ingots. I also added merman’s scale to grant water attribute to the scabbard. This fire resistant scabbard would be used for the hellfire sword. 


T/N: You know… At this point, does our MC even need to master magic? Technically he already has fire, water and lightning magic with all these enhancements…. 

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