A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 62

Chapter 62



After finally being relieved of my state of panic from running away from the serpent, I made Rocinante (my horse) run to the adventurers’ guild. I piled up 20 gold coins in front of Dan.

“River, serpent!”

Then using both the combination of gestures and drawing on the whiteboard, I asked for a request to subjugate the serpent in the river. 

Most probably, just like merman, serpent was the type of monster that inhabited the river. 

Dan made a gesture that I translated as a ‘leave it to me!’. Without missing a beat, he started writing the subjugation request form for the serpent and plastered it onto the bulletin board. The adventurers swarmed around the bulletin boards, they seemed to be talking about something with their arms folded together in front of their chest. 

Please, I beg you.

I also bought some extra ankle snare traps just to be safe.

After submitting the proof of subjugation for the merman I had brought on the back of my wagon, my guild points became 53 points. 


I added more ankle snare traps in my house in the direction of the river. I also coated the traps with gleene anesthetic, hoping this trap could be effective against the serpent if the serpent were to come attacking me…


That’s right!

Suddenly a great idea came to mind. I took out donur poison and paruna antidote then I went to the blacksmith workshop. I sat cross legged on the floor.


Ash whined worriedly at me. 

The amount was 1,5 times compared to the last time I did this. 

It’s alright. I can still do it.

I gave it a lick and then…..

My head felt like I was being struck directly with lightning. My body was trembling, my consciousness started to become hazy but despite that, I somehow was still able to grab the paruna antidote with my right hand and drink it up before I ended up collapsing on the spot. 


I woke up to the sight of Ash licking my face. My ears were still buzzing and my head still hurt. I drank up the rest of the paruna antidote and somehow, I was able to regain my consciousness back. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Poison Resistance level 5.』

Great. With this, my countermeasure against the serpent is complete. 

But… Maybe because of the vertigo I had experienced due to the poison, I had no appetite. For the time being, I forced myself to eat the smoked meat and bread. I washed it all down with tea I made using irene herbs and decided to call it a day. 


T/N: On one hand I understand why MC needs to build up resistance because the serpent is not an ordinary opponent but…! I feel bad for Ash! He’s so worried about MC! Imagine Ash licking MC’s face for AN HOUR and how worried he was! (╥_╥)

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