Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 73

Chapter 73


Early in the morning, I saw the hangover and pale faced Margo, Juno and Sarasa off. They went back to town in the same wagon they had come with. After that, I continued to do my daily routine. 

After working up a sweat by practicing bow, sword and martial arts, I went to prepare breakfast for myself.


I had collected a few plants from the forest and planted them in the field so now I wanted to try to test them out. With one single leaf in one hand and paruna detoxifying potion, I went into the blacksmith workshop and sat cross-legged. 

The appraisal only gave out the description ‘grass’ without any additional information so really, I had no other choice but to eat it myself. 

It’s alright. I’ll be alright. 

Ash was sitting in front of me too. He was whining worriedly at me. 

Hap. Munch munch… 

Huh? That’s weird? I don’t get the usual pain as if my head is being beaten vigorously by a hammer. In fact, I feel refreshed instead. This grass tastes kind of minty even. 

 ―― Hey you, don’t look a little bit disappointed like that. I can see the dissatisfaction on your face. 

【Marble Leaf : An edible herb. Can be used to make herb tea when it’s dry.】

I immediately took out some of the marble leaves and let them dry in the sun. 


After having dried meat and bread for lunch, I decided to go fetch water in the river. In addition to cooking and washing, I also needed to take care of the field and the animals. I really couldn’t have enough water with all those activities combined. 

I’d feel anxious if I couldn’t save some water for a reservation. Which was why, when I needed the water for luxurious things like taking a bath, I went to the river to get the water. Although the water daggers could help me in producing water, the amount wouldn’t be enough if I used it to have a hot bath with. 


When I arrived at the river, I encountered a battle bull. I quietly readied my bow and fired a quick ‘sharpshoot’ at the bull. 


The paralyzing arrow pierced the battle bull deep in its stomach, bringing it down. When I was at the dismantling shop, I received the basic instructions on how to dismantle battle bulls and other monsters. I’d be only draining the blood in here and do the actual dismantling at my house later. 

After filling the bathtub full with water, I went back to my home. 


I dismantled the battle bull. Freshness was the prime key of the liver. I did have salt but I wished I could have sesame oil too. I gave the fresh liver a taste. 

Yeah. Delicious. 

I gave Ash a bone with some meat still sticking onto it. He looked pleased with the bone. 


After I finished with the dismantling, I went to heat the water for my bath.

I planned on having beef steak for dinner. Of course I wouldn’t be able to finish the rest of the meat by myself so I went on to make dried meat while I was at it. 


I jumped into the bath with a splash. I could feel my stiff muscles become relaxed. 


Ash was also enjoying his time in the bath while swimming doggy style. 


After I finished taking a bath, I could feel the blood rushing into my head for a bit. I then started the dinner preparation. I grilled the beef, seasoning it with garlic and salt. Then I added smoked cheese and marble herb. I also prepared beef liver sashimi. As for drink, I had milan fruit wine. I arranged all the food and drinks on the stump table and ate them all. 

Yeah. Delicious. 

I had more meat than I could eat so I grilled some meat for Ash too. Ash was chomping down onto his meat excitedly. 

After dinner, I made tea using the dried marble leaves to relax myself. 


Feeling relaxed and sleepy, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep together with Ash.


T/N: Ash must be feeling so happy whenever our MC hunt a battle bull 


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