Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 74

Chapter 74


The next morning, I decided to work in the blacksmith workshop when I woke up. I decided what I wanted to do today right on that day. That was the kind of lifestyle I yearned for that drove me to live on my own in the rural farming village in Hokkaido that was rich in nature. Most probably, I was already living my dream lifestyle as of now. 

There was no monster in Hokkaido though. Although there was an animal called ‘brown bear’ in Hokkaido. Though most probably the me right now could win a match against a brown bear. 

I could use a poison arrow and other things after all. 

While thinking about those mundane things, I went on about my daily routine. After working up a sweat from my morning training, I wiped my body down with a wet towel. 

I had a light breakfast and brewed a herb tea made from marble leaves while I took a small break. 


I gave Ash a dried bull bone that I had hunted yesterday. He looked so happy as he gnawed on the bone. 


Now then, should I start to light up the fire in the furnace?

I put the coal and raised the temperature in the furnace. The quality of the coal that I had bought from Margo in bulk was surprisingly good. 

Before I went to live on my own in the countryside, I had been working as a trading company employee for one of the largest industrial business groups, the one with four edge logo, and traveled around the world for work. 

While I was working, I was conducting business with Switzerland’s natural resources company, Glencore, Chinese’s coal company giant, Yanchou Coal Mining Company and the coal mining in Hunter Valley in Australia. I was in charge of doing the wholesale high-grade charcoal to coal-fired power plants or to large steel companies. 

I was also involved in the transportation logistic development through the Barito River in Indonesia coal mines. I was in charge of handling the business of selling high-quality charcoal to thermal power plants. For that reason, I was actually pretty finicky with the quality of the coal I used. 

These coals in front of me were good quality cooking coals. It was suitable for steel manufacturing. As expected from Margo. 

I folded my arms together, thinking of what I should make while looking at the shelves filled with inferior iron ingots, pig iron ingots and various materials. 

I had a hellfire’s fire pouch so maybe I could use it to make blazing flame powder and add fire attribute to my foot equipment and then…

Hellfire Foot Sword Kick! ….. Or something.

Nah, rejected. If I use that kind of equipment in the forest, I could cause a forest fire if I wasn’t careful enough. 


I ended up making arrowheads using pig iron ingots in the end. Then I decided to add a fire attribute to the arrowhead by using blazing flame powder. 

【Hellfire Arrow: A medium level fire attribute arrow.】

The iron part had sparks of fire coming out of it so I also added a water attribute to the quiver. I put the hellfire arrows inside the quiver that was covered with water. For the time being, I wouldn’t need to worry about the fire from the hellfire arrow.


My stomach started growling after I finished making the hellfire arrows. 

I guess it’s time for me to have a meal. 

I made steak with the battle bull meat I got yesterday while sipping on Milan fruit wine. 


Now then, what should I make next? Hmm….

Using the inferior iron ingots, I made a plate and matched the size so it could fit into the bottom of a bucket and added a water attribute into it using merman’s scale. 

【Water Board: A board with water attribute. Made from inferior iron. Water is gushing forward from it.】

So in other words, anything could be used, not only a dagger. I didn’t have any plan on commercializing it because I didn’t want to stand out though. I installed the water board onto the bottom of the bucket and decided to keep that as a water source. 

Though well… Judging from the speed of the water it produced, it’d be hard to manage if I stopped going to the river to get the water for my bath. 


I made enough water board to put in the buckets. I was starting to run out of stock for merman’s scale and femto powder. I needed to replenish my stock soon. 

Well now, I guess it’s time for me to have dinner. 

For dinner, I made offal stew by using the battle bull’s offal that I had cleaned and salted after I had dismantled it yesterday. I used fruit wine and herbs as seasoning and I also lit up the firewood to heat the leftover water from yesterday. 


While I was working on my dinner and my bath, Margo came.

What great timing. He really has a keen nose. 

After getting into the bath, while the offal stew was simmering,  we sat together by the bonfire on top of the chair made from tree stump and ate the offal stew together. We also had a drink to accompany our meal. 

Yeah. The liver sashimi from yesterday was good but this offal was really the best. Margo’s eyes suddenly widened, he was saying something but I couldn’t care less. I waved my hand and made a gesture for him to eat some more. 

It was a beautiful night with the blue moon illuminating the sky with its pale, fleeting light. 


T/N: What’s Margo trying to say here? Sounds sus…. ಠ_ಠ

  1. Danos2099 has spoken 1 month ago

    It was cute for a while but not being able to have a conversation or know what people are saying is wearing a little thin. There’s almost always translation magic in isekai stories.

  2. Bleur has spoken 1 year ago

    Just when will the mc learn the language ! You’re constantly communicating with them and listening to them even if you don’t intend to you’d pick up the language


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