A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 75

Chapter 75

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I woke up early in the morning and went to the blacksmith  to check up on Margo. I saw he was still laying down, he looked terribly hungover. I offered a glass of water to him. Margo gulped down the water and went laying down again, groaning like a cow. His face was still pale. 

Being the ‘my own pace’ kind of guy, I went to do my daily routine. I tended to the chickens and the horse and then I went to do my morning practice before I started preparing breakfast. I checked on my traps and saw a deer was caught in the ankle snare trap so I killed it. 


In the end, Margo still hadn’t recovered even until noon. 

This guy… Is his shop going to be okay? I’m getting worried…

I served him bread with vegetable soup made from beef bone stock since it seemed that kind of food was easy to digest. Somehow, he looked a bit better. 

Margo then went back to town on his wagon even though he was still looking pale. 

Good grief…

After seeing Margo off, I went on to disassemble the deer. Today I’d be having deer sashimi and steak. I’d also make some smoked meat. 

While I was working, Sarasa came in a wagon with Juno as her escort. Juno was… How should I say it… He looked happy. 

The wagon was mostly filled with food and other goods from Sarasa’s store. I was really helped because I was running out of vegetables and garlic. 

From my side, I gave Sarasa herb chicken’s eggs, battle bull’s dried meat and the skin and meat from the deer I had just disassembled. I got the goods I needed from her in exchange for those items I gave. 

I received alcohol from Sarasa free of charge. During the party the other day, they had drunk a lot of my alcohol but to be honest, half of the alcohol I was getting right now would end up being drunk by these guys anyway.

I handed them a cup of herbal tea that I made from marble leaves as we sat on the table set that I had made myself. I decided to take a break and had a nice chat with them.


As I expected, they were going to go home for today. Of course they couldn’t afford to have a drinking party everyday. 

After seeing them off, I continued to work on making dried meat and smoked meat using deer meat. I had more cheese in stock so I also smoked them too. 

Of course while I was doing all that, I was snacking on a fresh deer meat sashimi that I had sprinkled with salt and sipping alcohol occasionally. 

Ash was also looking up at me as I ate the deer sashimi. The sound of him sniffing could be heard. I commanded him to sit and wait before I shared the deer sashimi with him. 


I finally finished processing the deer meat and was about to start preparing dinner. Just in time, I had received some vegetables from Sarasa so I made stir fried vegetables with deer meat on a frying pan using the fire from the bonfire. 

I lined up the smoked deer meat, deer sashimi and smoked cheese on the table and ate them together with a glass of fruit wine.

…..Yeah. It’s good. 

Especially the deer sashimi since I could only eat it while it was still fresh. I wholeheartedly savored  the taste as I ate it. 

Ash made another disgruntled voice as he was sitting near my feet so I shared some smoked cheese with him too. 


The sky was getting a bit cloudy. The sky was usually filled with stars but today I couldn’t see any stars. It seemed a heavy rain was about to come…

I wiped my body clean and Ash too with a towel and brushed my teeth before I went to my house. 

Let’s go to bed early once in a while. 

I carried Ash in my arms to the bed and turned off the light from the lantern. 


T/N: Another peaceful day with Ash ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡

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