Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 81

Chapter 81


I’m so tired… Or rather, just remembering about that incident is already enough to make me seething in anger….

Me, Margo and Juno dragged our feet that felt like a stick and we finally arrived at my house where Sarasa had been waiting for us. Ash was the first one to jump at me. 

Yeah, papa is home. You must’ve been missing me. Yeah, papa also missed you!

Finally reuniting with Ash, I felt happy and healed. Then, it was Sarasa who came to greet us. It seemed she had been cooking for us. I looked at my watch and saw it was already 19:00…. 

Of course I’d feel tired after walking and fighting for a whole day. As soon as Sarasa saw how tattered we were, she took us to the blacksmith workshop and tended to us. After eating the food that Sarasa had made for us, we all slept like a log. 


The next day came. I slept all day until noon. It was a solid proof of how tired I was. Sarasa had been awake since early in the morning and took care of the animals. 

I thanked Sarasa for her help. 

Margo and Juno were still sleeping while snoring magnificently. I decided to let them sleep some more.

While I was eating the late breakfast that Sarasa had prepared for me, the guild master of the adventurers’ guild, Shrike-san, came in a wagon.

I gestured at him to convey how grateful I was to him yesterday. He then carried a big bag from his wagon and dropped it on the ground with a thud. 

700 gold coins. He said the payment for the large amount of potions I had to use yesterday was also included in that bag. The gold coins were counted one by one. Ash was itching to dive right into that pile of gold so I had Sarasa to hold him in her arms. 

After that, Shrike-san dropped another two bags on the table, saying it was Margo and Juno’s portion. These two bags had 60 gold coins each. I also counted those gold coins properly.

I gestured for Shrike-san to sit at the table and served him herbal tea made from marble leaves. He must be feeling tired too but he still had to go all over the place. It must be hard. I hoped he could relax for a little bit here. 


He then drank the herbal tea and then went back to the town in his wagon again. He must be really busy. 

I decided to boil the water for a bath today. Taking a bath was the best cure for exhaustion. I went to the river to fill the tub with water and then I started a fire for the firewood using a fire dagger. 

The sound of the wood crackling in fire reverberated in this quiet space. I just continued to gaze at the fire absentmindedly. Somehow, doing this calmed me down. 


Margo and Juno finally woke up. Sarasa served them a meal that looked easy on the stomach. 


The three of us jumped into the bath with a splash to relieve our body from fatigue. After that, we decided to have a drink by the bonfire like usual. It was a bit like a celebratory party for our hard work. 

I gulped down a glass of alcohol while enjoying the magically beautiful moon.  

Yeah, it’s delicious. Having a drink after taking a bath is the best. 

The side dish to accompany our drinking party tonight was a deer meat based dish from the deer that had gotten caught in the ankle snare trap. The deer was paralyzed by the drug I had coated in the trap so it was safe to eat. 

Fresh deer sashimi was especially delicious. I loved to eat it together with grated garlic. The fresh meat was practically melting in my mouth. Mixed with the rich taste of the garlic that was spreading from within. 

Margo took a mouthful of deer sashimi that was topped with grated garlic. His eyes widened as he groaned something out loud. His voice sounded like a cow to me. With my hands, I gestured to him that it was alright so just keep on eating and eating. 

Juno and Sarasa also had a similar reaction. I guess it was delicious enough to make their eyes widened in shock. Surprisingly, the people’s reaction to delicious food was the same no matter where.

The party by the bonfire continued on until late at night. 

Really, what a bunch of heavy drinkers they are. 

Of course, it went without saying that after learning from experience, I also made them my self-proclaimed hangover soup, the ‘closure soup’ that I made from mylene herb.


T/N: The peaceful day returns! Also since our MC got 700 gold coins… That amount of money should be enough to make a very simple house for him, right? Nothing big, just something small so our MC won’t have to sleep with the chickens everyday


  1. Evra has spoken 1 year ago

    why MC not just put that fire dagger inside bathtub. you know like a water heater

  2. freekratos has spoken 1 year ago

    Phew, at least he didn’t lose money, let’s see how he spends it.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Hopefully MC will build a house for himself… He’s still living in the chicken’s house right now.

  3. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the chapter! I wish the guy would improve his living with this money a little.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      The fact that our MC doesn’t feel his living quality needs an improvement is very questionable…. He’s either too frugal or very good at adapting….

  4. Paul has spoken 1 year ago

    You now just have to wonder just how long those 700 gold coins will last with that noble still alive. Yeah, the MC doesn’t really need them, considering how he earns his money, but everyone may as well consider it as an indicator of how many times that noble will keep bothering him and needing it for bribes now.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      No amount of money is worth risking your life for…. Hopefully that stupid noble can learn his lesson somehow… He’s stupid but… Let’s hope for the best for our MC…

  5. Plew has spoken 1 year ago

    I understand what you mean but chickens are cute and comfy, sleeping in their feathers heals the soul… If you don’t mind the smell

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      I very mind the smell especially in such a close quarter. WHY MC NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE SMELL IS MY QUESTION THO

      • Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 1 year ago

        Chickens poop everywhere & the place where they live stinks from far away even when cleaned often. (& yes I knew someone who kept chickens a long time ago) Has the author ever raised chickens, I wonder…

  6. Tednihon has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the chapter.

    After this chapter where MC gets a big sack of coins, I wonder why he can’t buy skills from the guild.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Ah that’s because for the skill, he needs to use guild points to buy it. He can’t use gold to buy the skill.


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