A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82.1


The next morning, contrary to how they usually were, the three of them woke up full of spirits. After I saw them off as they returned to Resta in a wagon, it finally dawned on me that I had various things to think about. 

First, my guild points had reached 215 points due to the recent dungeon capture. Next, I needed to think on how to spend the 700 gold coins I received as a reward for participating in the said dungeon capture. 

I didn’t want to stand out so I decided to think about the money first. Even if I increased the number of livestocks I had, I wouldn’t be able to take care of them. In the first place, I was already planning on living on my own so the current amount of livestock I had was plenty enough for me. 

As for using the money to buy expensive equipment, I felt like making my own equipment myself would suit me better. If there was a weapon I couldn’t make, it was highly likely that Margo already had those in stocks. 

Maybe I could ask Sarasa to make some cute clothes for Ash. Beside from depositing the money to the guild for monster subjugation reward, I couldn’t think of any other usage for the money. 

In the first place, I already had a pretty stable income due to my business relationship with Sarasa and Margo. I didn’t feel like I was in need of anything even after I received a large sum of money now. 

Then next, I should think about what to do with the guild points. Since I had more than 200 guild points, that meant I could acquire the basic magic skill which cost 150 guild points. 

I had been gearing toward martial arts skill build so normally at this point I should’ve continued to expand my skill by focusing on martial arts related skills but… Magic, huh…

That strong magician who defeated the serpent with tornado magic. Most probably, she was using wind magic. That wind magic was the main attack power of our recent dungeon capture too. I felt hesitant. 

In the end I decided that I should start practicing magic early on. Adding magic to my martial arts skill build could be beneficial for me in the distant future. 

I decided to acquire wind magic. 


I arrived at the adventurers’ guild together with Ash. 

First, I gave 30 gold coins to Dan for a subjugation reward. I told Dan specifically the subjugation target would be the serpent or any other strong monsters in the forest or the dungeon that I couldn’t defeat myself. 

Then, I asked Dan about acquiring wind magic. I showed him my guild card and asked him to draw the point cost from it.

Dan told me to wait and after waiting for a while, I was finally guided to the same usual dojo. However the one waiting for me there was an old gentleman with white hair and straight, taut back. Though that old man had a cane and a missing left foot. 

The old man’s name was Han so I called him Han-sensei. Han-sensei had lost one of his legs during a fight and so he retired from his family’s business, which was being an adventurer. Thus, he worked in the guild as a magic instructor. 

We immediately started to get into the process of learning magic. 

First, Han-sensei held his right hand out, that was holding onto nothing, toward the wooden target as he recited a short phrase. 


After that, a strong wind appeared, blowing the wooden target off. 

Amazing… Just the power of wind alone is able to do that.

Han-sensei gestured to me to give it a try. 

I imitated him and chanted the same phrase. 


But nothing happened. 

Han-sensei gestured for me to concentrate and so I concentrated on my right hand. I repeated the same thing over and over again. 



A gentle breeze about 10m/h appeared, flowing toward the wooden target. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Magic:Wind level 1.』。


Instead of clapping, Han-sensei tapped his cane on the ground multiple times as he congratulated me. 

“Thank you.”

I thanked Han-sensei before I left the dojo. 


I had spent quite a long time learning magic. But, what could I use this magic for? Maybe I could use this to flip someone’s skirt. 


I thought to myself as I headed toward Sarasa’s shop together with Ash. There, I saw Sarasa. Coincidentally, she was wearing a skirt. 

Why is she wearing a skirt out of all days today? 

I felt a little guilty even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. 

I gestured to Sarasa to ask her to make clothes for Ash and handed her 5 gold coins. 5 gold coins was too much so Sarasa returned 2 gold coins to me. Because she was an honest person like this that I could trust her. 

But really, I couldn’t think of any good usage for this large sum of money. I should ask Sarasa and the other two about this and discuss it together with them. 

Since I was already here, I bought vegetables, drinks, bread and other foods including other daily necessities like firewood from Sarasa before I headed back home. 

On my way home, I immediately practiced wind magic while driving the wagon. However, not long after, I could feel my magic depleted. Suddenly the fatigue came rushing in and I almost fainted. 

I quickly drank dual potion to prevent myself from fainting. For the time being, I would need some more time to know how to pace myself when using magic. 


T/N: MC, even Rocinante has his own house. You deserve to have a house where you don’t need to share your living quarters with the chickens!


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