Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 84

Chapter 84


Today’s weather was very sunny. Not a single cloud could be seen in the sky. It was a really refreshing day. Yesterday, I had been listening to Juno while we were going to buy a return gift for Sarasa’s bracelet. 

He had a really painful look on his face. Like he’d burst into tears at any given moment. I just listened to him quietly. I could sense he was talking to me not because he wanted my advice. 

I also had a tight-lipped friend who would listentened to me in silence when I was having a rough time. When I told him I was tired of the business-like relationship and the fiercely competitive environment and that I wanted to retire to a farming village in the outskirts of Hokkaido, he only said. 

“Ah, I see. I knew it.”

And laughed. 

Though it differs on each person, I think if the problem could be easily solved with just an advice, they wouldn’t be discussing it with other people in the first place. In my mind, I already knew what the answer was. I only wanted to have someone to hear me and affirmed that I wasn’t making the wrong choice. 

That was why I could sense Juno was the same as me. Even though I couldn’t understand his words, I could feel his pain and sadness. And that was enough. 

But still, when we parted ways, he gave me a beaming smile and said. 

“Thank you. See you.”

In Lancaster language. Even though I didn’t say anything, I guess just that was already enough as an answer for him. 

I looked up at the blue sky. 

There’s really no rain that won’t stop.

I thought to myself and while I did so, the chickens and Rocinante (my horse), began crying for me to feed them. Ash was also circling around me, begging me to feed him soon. 

Well then, I guess today will be another day where I spend the day at my own pace. 


T/N: True. Juno already knows the answer. He just needs someone to talk to since obviously, he can’t talk about it with Sarasa or Margo. ( ˊᵕˋ ; )

  1. Gautam has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter! Our MC really was paying attention to what matters. I’m glad.

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago

      I really like our MC action on this part. No unecessary intervention or stupid plot that actually ruins things. This feels more realistic, you know? Cuz love doesn’t always comes to fruition and we know it.


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