A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 85.1

Chapter 85.1

T/N: Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was sick… Well I still am. I’m better now but not fully recovered yet. I’m going to head back to bed after I post this chapter…


I was thinking about my exchange with Juno yesterday when there were angry choruses coming from all directions, asking me to feed them.

It’s already morning so why don’t you hurry up and feed us!

They really couldn’t be helped….

After feeding Rocinante (my horse), Ash and the chickens, I went to do my daily training. Although I could use wind magic, it was still not at the level where I could utilize it. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Wind level 2.』

It seemed magic skill required longer training compared to ordinary martial arts skill to level up. I practiced ‘foot sword kick’, ‘bash’, ‘fortress’, ‘charge arrow’ and ‘sharpshoot’ before I decided to finish practicing. 


I wiped my sweat with a wet towel before I started preparing breakfast. Today’s breakfast consisted of stir fry vegetables and dried meat, bread and herbal tea made from marble leaves.

Ash was being a good boy, waiting for me while sitting up. I held a piece of dried meat near the tip of his nose and ordered him to wait. His tail was wagging so fast that I thought his tail would get torn off. 

Now then, let’s brew some potions today since I’ve used up a lot of it. 


I placed the pot for brewing the potions over the fire and started boiling down the medicinal herbs. The paruna antidote potion really helped me a lot. If we didn’t have that antidote with us, Margo might’ve lost his life in battle the other day. The same could be said about the other adventurers too. 

I boiled berzin magic herb and mylene detoxification herb together and stirred the pot until the solution became an extract. Just like that, the paruna antidote was finished. The concentration of the liquid was essential when making a potion. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Alchemy level 6.』

Maybe by increasing the level of the alchemy skill, I could expand the range of the things I could make? In the end, I needed to try experimenting with various things so I could know what kind of things I could make. Unless I could have an instructor for alchemy, just like I had with martial arts skill. 

Next up, making dual potions (medium). This potion had also saved a lot of lifes. Juno was one of those who’d be in danger without this potion. I washed the pot once and then I put irene herbs, berzin magic herbs and delune fruit into the pot and began stirring even after the mixture started simmering.

I couldn’t stop working once I started the job so for lunch, I had dried meat and water from the water dagger flask. Ash was sniffing around noisily so I gave him a water buffalo bone and he finally quieted down.


I finally took a break from making potions.


My shoulder felt stiff. Maybe I should heat the water for a bath. 

I went to the river in a wagon to get water for my bath. If there was a water buffalo or a merman, I would’ve hunted them but I didn’t see any of them today. 


The crackling sound of the firewood burning could be heard. The water temperature would be just right in a minute. 



Hot bath really worked wonders for a stiff shoulder. I placed a towel on top of my head and looked up to the sky. 

The whole sky was filled with stars. I could hear the rustling sound of the trees, the sound of birds chirping and the sound of insects singing. It all sounded like music to my ear. 

For a moment, I just soaked in the bath in a daze.

Just as I was starting to feel dizzy from soaking in the hot bath for too long, Ash, who had been swimming doggy style in the tub, got out first. I also got out of the bath and wiped my body and Ash’s body with a towel. 

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. WIND!


…….. Ash’s hair dried up not long after I used wind magic on him. It was at this moment that I finally realized the way to utilize the wind magic. 


I had dinner on a table that I made myself. I didn’t catch anything today so I only had stir-fry vegetables with dried deer meat and smoked marinated egg. As for the alcohol, I had ale to accompany my meal. As I thought, after working for a whole day, taking a hot bath and then drinking alcohol after that was the best. 


I started to yawn. I guess I must’ve been drinking a bit too much today. The stars and the blue moon were just so beautiful today that I ended up drinking too much. Because there was no artificial light around, the moon and the stars looked so beautiful as they were. 

Since I was drinking alone, I didn’t bother making any soup. I munched on mylene detoxification herb to sober myself up before I went to sleep together with Ash.


T/N: The 150 guild points magic skill can be used as…. A HAIR DRYER! The tornado seems so far away……… 


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