Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 138

Chapter 111: The Truth about Turning into a Child

“Have you heard of Alzheimer’s disease?”

“What…do you mean?” Fu Sishen and An Rán froze together, both of them were frightened by Meng Zhe’s words.

Seeing them like this, Meng Zhe also knew that they had misunderstood, and quickly said, “I’m sorry, I’m just giving an example. Gu Qingqing didn’t get this disease.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

They simultaneously said with a relieved voice full of joy.

“Now you can listen to my explanation carefully, right?”

Meng Zhe smiled helplessly, but his attitude was gentle from beginning to end, like a reliable elder.

He will show his nature without hesitation in front of Bai Qiyu, who’s like a brother, but he has always hung a mask of affinity in front of others, so the outside world’s evaluation of Dr. Meng Zhe is very good.

With good medical skills, handsome looks, a successful career, and a kind and gentle personality, this kind of warm man is now very popular in the market.

No one knows why he is still single, it’s unfair.

With a sigh in his heart, Meng Zhe, who was still holding a serious set on the surface, patiently explained to the two young people who had been frightened and were now extremely well-behaved.

“Alzheimer’s disease is also known as dementia. Patients with this disease will gradually forget everything in the past over time, degenerate from mature and wise adults to children in their infancy little by little, and finally die in ignorance.”

“Gu Qingqing’s current appearance is like a flipped version of Alzheimer’s Disease. Over time, she will gradually regain her memory and her age will increase. When she truly regains all her memories that match her physical age, it will be the day of her true recovery.”

“So you mean, my mother is healing herself?”

The surprise came too suddenly, and Fu Sishen said he had to slow down.

“That’s right.” Meng Zhe’s must have given the two of them a powerful blow.

They fell into ecstasy in an instant, and they couldn’t help but hug each other in front of others.

“Great, one day, Aunt Qing will recover!”

“Yes, I must listen to my mother obediently when the time comes, and go home to spend more time with her when I have time.” Fu Sishen is already imagining the days after Qingqing recovers.

Seeing them so happy, Meng Zhe did not disturb them and left consciously. When he returned, he easily informed Bai Qiyu of the good news.

After thinking about it,  he also notified Fu Heng and Gu Lan together.

All three of them left contact information with him, fearing that they would not be notified in time if there was something wrong with Qingqing.

This has not happened once or twice, between the three men. They lost trust in each other, so they thought about asking for another person who was related to the three of them and would not deliberately conceal Qingqing’s condition.

Meng Zhe is gloriously qualified for this task.

The three people who received the news had mixed reactions.

Gu Lan was surprised to finally see a ray of hope. After a short period of excitement, he immediately left everything behind and drove straight to the hospital. On the way, he didn’t forget to call the Grandmother Guǎn jiā and other elders who cared about Qingqing to report the good news.

He has to share the good news with everyone as much as possible.

Bai Qiyu was busy and did not receive the good news for the time being.

Fu Heng……

He waved back the secretary who came in to make the itinerary report, sat alone in the huge office, staring at the photo frame on the desktop in a daze.

In the small square photo frame, there is a young man and woman holding hands with serious expressions.

No, he is the only one with a serious expression, while the wife next to him has a smile on her brows, looking very shy and happy.

This photo is the only couple photo they took when they went out on their honeymoon after they got married.

It was not that Fu Heng did not cooperate with the photo, but that the trip was only halfway through, and it was terminated unexpectedly because Qingqing was found to be pregnant.

He hadn’t felt anything before, but in retrospect, Fu Heng suddenly felt a little regretful.

After Qingqing fully recovers, they will go on a trip together.

This time there are no children, just him and his wife.

There is not only one photo in the photo frame, but another relatively small photo is posted in the lower left corner.

It was a group photo of Fu Heng holding the little Qingqing. The faces of the two were still covered with white cream, but they both laughed happily and looked funny and warm.

This one was accidentally captured by Gu Lan on Qingqing’s birthday.

Gu Lan originally wanted to take it to laugh at Fu Heng, but he didn’t expect Fu Heng to like it very much. He also printed it out and placed it in a photo frame to enjoy it from time to time.

The adult Qingqing and little Qingqing may be different in the eyes of others, but they have always been the same in Fu Heng’s heart.

Because he understood from beginning to end that they were one person, just Qingqing at different stages of time.

Suddenly he felt a little expectant.

Fu Heng thought, if Qingqing’s memory recovered a little bit, he didn’t know what it would look like when she would remember the two of them when they fell in love in college.

It’s been a long time since he saw his wife who looked shy and fond of him.

Unknowingly, the car was parked in the parking lot of the hospital. Looking at the familiar environment around him, Fu Heng couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Welcome back, my lady.”


“Go to bed!”

“I don’t want to!”

Gu Lan and Qingqing stared at each other stubbornly.

“Look at what time it is now? At half past ten, looking at the kindergarten, there are no children who go to bed so late like you!”

Gu Lan tried to reason with Qingqing bitterly, which was typical, but unfortunately, the children who thought they had grown up didn’t buy it.

“I am an older child and I am free to decide my own sleep time.”

She almost mad Gu Lan choked with anger with her reply, “You have to go to kindergarten when you are five years old, so you sleep obediently for me!”

This child learned this bad thing when she grew up.

How good you were a few hours earlier, now you have learned to be rebellious.

In fact, it was not a rebellion. The main reason for the matter was Fu Sishen. Who told him to let Qingqing get in touch with the fun of mobile phones in advance.

Children don’t have self-control, so they just indulge in it. They just want to play and don’t want to sleep anymore.

Gu Lan, who had driven here with interest when he heard the news of his sister’s improvement, was very tired now. This bear child is actually his sister’s nature, right?

But no matter what, she is not allowed to stay up late when it’s time to go to bed. Gu Lan doesn’t want to condone the bad habit of children.

Under his strength, Qingqing’s mobile phone was gone again, and she was forcibly pushed back to the hospital bed to sleep.

He originally thought it would be difficult to coax her to sleep, but Qingqing just lied down for a moment, and after a while, he heard a steady breath.

Fell asleep.

With a click, the ward door opened and Fu Heng walked in from the outside.

“Why are you here now?” Gu Lan looked resentful, quite like a resentful woman who was alone with her baby and had been looking forward to her husband’s return for a long time.

“Busy at work.” Fu Heng didn’t eat Gu Lan’s set. He opened the cabinet on his own, took out a set of changing clothes, and prepared to take a bath first.

The posture is naturally the same as at home.

“My sister is regaining her memory a little bit, do you know?”

Seeing his calm appearance, Gu Lan suspected that he was ignorant to appear so calm.

“Know.” It’s a pity that Fu Heng gave a different answer, “Dr. Meng told me.””

“Then why are you…” so calm.

Once upon a time, as soon as his sister had something wrong, wasn’t it his brother-in-law who was obviously the most nervous?

This time it’s like this, it doesn’t give people a sense of familiarity at all.

“I thought you had thought of this result a long time ago.”

Turning sideways, Fu Heng looked directly into Gu Lan’s eyes: “I have always believed that Qingqing is not such a fragile person. Even if she evades emotions for a while, she will definitely cheer herself up. I believe in her strength.”

There are so many investigations, in fact, Fu Heng and others have long roughly understood the ins and outs of Qingqing becoming smaller.

The main cause is a legendary dream bird, Zhu Mengniao.

Legend has it that it is a magical bird that can fulfill any wish of a person.

They don’t know when Qingqing met Zhu Mengniao, but it is certain that the other party fulfilled Qingqing’s wish at the time——Always be a carefree child.

So she became smaller overnight, and didn’t grow up much. She really became an ‘eternal child’.

But then a series of things happened, especially when she and Fu Sijin were both kidnapped.

Fu Heng and others had already learned from Fu Sijin how serious his injuries were at the beginning, and it was almost inevitable that he would die.

It may be that this stimulated the awakening of Qingqing’s maternal love hidden in her soul, so she briefly broke through the power of the Zhu Mengniao, restored her memory and adult body, and rushed to save her child.

In order to save Fu Sijin, Qingqing must have paid some price in exchange for it to Zhu Mengniao.

The most likely result is that her original wish has lapsed.

With the recovery of Zhu Mengniao, Qingqing will inevitably return to the way she was before she made her wish.

Therefore, after learning that her memory began to recover, Fu Heng was not surprised at all and felt that it was to be expected.

Now that he has prepared for it, it is normal to behave calmly when reality comes.

Being speechless by Fu Heng’s words, Gu Lan finally had to admit it until now.

In fact, the person who knows his sister best is his brother-in-law.

“Sishen just told me that Qingqing was looking for someone named Lan Lan.” When Fu Heng came out after taking a shower, Gu Lan said suddenly.

“I know, it’s Han Weilan.”

Han Weilan is five years younger than Qingqing. When Qingqing was five years old, wasn’t it when she was just born?

That’s why she would say that the neighbor’s house was glowing blue and red, and it was ugly, and none of the newborns looked good.

“When will she think of me?”

When it comes to this topic, Gu Lan is depressed, blaming the huge age difference between him and his sister, and the sibling even falls behind her best friend for the time they have known each other.

“It depends on when you were born.”

Gu Lan, “……”

No wonder he doesn’t like talking to his brother-in-law, he is irritating.

Gu Lan left angrily, but when he was at the door, he subconsciously eased his strength, for fear that the sound of closing the door would be too loud to wake Qingqing.

His sister will be discharged from the hospital in two days, and it seems that his abduction plan can be put on the agenda again.

If Fu Heng doesn’t come to beg him at that time, he will never let his sister see him!

Suddenly he felt like the dragon that broke up the prince and princess, but Gu Lan didn’t care.

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