Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 147

Chapter 120: Warm Scarf

The aftershock came equally violently. Almost after another violent vibration, the huge ancient temple collapsed into another heap and other places that had already collapsed became a complete ruin.

When the host and the other monks saw this scene, they just closed their eyes silently, as if they couldn’t bear to look again, they could only put their hands together and recite the scriptures in a low voice.

Adding a bit of solemnity to this already bleak scene.

The peaceful Buddhist scriptures washed the hearts of people who had just passed through the disaster, and many people gradually calmed down from fear and restlessness, but after that they couldn’t help crying.

Everyone hugged each other, wives hugged their husbands, parents hugged their children, children hugged the elderly, and friends encouraged each other to celebrate.

Full of gratitude, just because they all survived.

Ou Qing walked around with his mobile phone in his hand, looking for traces of the signal.

Fortunately, the earthquake did not destroy the signal tower, and a weak signal could be felt close to the cliff.

He was immediately ecstatic and quickly dialed all the fire brigade, police, and emergency calls.

But the scope of the earthquake wave is not only the ancient temple, but the entire city of G, and possibly even places outside of City G, have all been devastated by a natural disaster.

Although it took no more than an hour before the incident, the state must have been in a mess a long time ago.

They may not have time to take care of themselves, or they may have rushed out to rescue the victims, and no one has the intention to answer this call for help.

Just when Ou Qing was disappointed and wanted to give up, the fire phone that had been dialing was connected, and there was a panting voice inside. The background was very noisy. It was not difficult to guess that the other party was hurriedly picking up the call on the way to save people.

The other party didn’t have any greetings, only a crisp command, “Hey, tell me your specific address, how many people are around, and are there any injuries? Don’t talk nonsense, report it all to me carefully!”

At this time, if you delay for one more second, you may miss a life that should have been saved.

Ou Qing was very cooperative, clearly organized and extremely calm to tell the other the situation on their side.

“We were in the open space in front of Boshan Ancient Temple. There were a total of 354 trapped people, of which 90 were slightly injured, 26 were seriously injured, and no one died. We requested rescue.”

“So many people?” The firefighter on the other side of the phone was so shocked that he exclaimed, and then instinctively breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s great.””

The next moment he became serious again, “The aftershock is not over yet. The mountain road is dangerous. Don’t go down the mountain without authorization. Please wait with peace of mind. We will definitely send rescuers to rescue you.”

“Good…” The word could not be sent out because the weak signal was interrupted.

Putting away the phone, Ou Qing turned his head and, unsurprisingly, saw many people around him.

The moment they found out that he had connected to the phone, many people immediately surrounded him, hoping to listen to the response of the rescuers on the opposite side.

When they heard that the other party said that they would come to save them, everyone’s tight faces instantly relaxed, followed by uncontrollable joy.

“Great dad, we will be able to go home in a while.”

“Mommy, hold on, you will go to the hospital soon!”

“I must take a good bath after I go back. It’s so uncomfortable to have dust all over my body.”

“Hiss, don’t touch my hand, I was injured when I was digging a stone just now.”


Everyone chatted and talked, and with hope, the originally depressed atmosphere became much easier.

The most obvious change is that the snacks around Qingqing are piled up even more.

No one is a fool. Of course, they know that they can stay here safely, and none of them have died because they all rely on Qingqing and others.

The men were too imposing, and one of them looked at them coldly and was not easy to provoke. Many people didn’t have the courage to approach to thank them, so they simply shifted their goals and gave all the “thank you gifts” to Qingqing, who seemed to be the best talker.

Some people thanked verbally, some people gave snacks and drinks, some people gave valuable jewelry, and some people even picked up their mobile phones and wanted to transfer money directly to Qingqing.

All of these people were rejected by Qingqing, and only verbal thanks and a small number of snacks were accepted by her.

Saving people is an obligation and you shouldn’t ask for anything in return.

If it weren’t for Qingqing who was hungry and didn’t want to eat the hard compressed biscuits that Wang Shuzhi brought, she wouldn’t take people’s snacks to eat.

“Huh, so tired!” Finally, all the wounded were bandaged, and Wang Shuzhi sat beside Qingqing sweating profusely, too tired to straighten his waist.

“Here you are.” Qingqing gave Wang Shuzhi a pack of spicy strips.

“Thank you sister.” Wang Shuzhi was suddenly moved. Unexpectedly, Qingqing knew that he loved spicy noodles less than two days after they met.

In fact, she doesn’t know anything at all, it’s just that the blind cat ran into a dead rat[1]It is a metaphor for having great luck by chance, “…”

The two sat together and shared snacks, being blown by a small wind on the mountain, not caring about their gray cheeks and messy hair.

“It’s a bit cold.” Rubbing his hands, Wang Shuzhi shivered.

There was only one beige sweater left on him, and the light and warm down jacket was donated. It was close to the end of the year, even if City G was in the south, the temperature was still cold.

“I’m cold too.”

Gu Lan, who was apparently sitting on the other side of Qingqing, stretched out his palm that was a little stiff from freezing.

A pair of warm little hands stretched out and held Gu Lan’s big cold hand.

Gu Lan twisted his eyebrows and wanted to break free from these little hands, “My hands are freezing, they will make yours cold.”

“It’s okay, Qingqing will cover her brother’s hand.”

Qingqing blew at Gu Lan’s big hand, and used the posture of drilling wood to make fire. After a while, Gu Lan’s big hand was indeed rubbed hot.

“All right.” Holding Qingqing’s hand, Gu Lan withdrew his own, subconsciously glanced down, and then his pupils shrank slightly.

He grabbed Qingqing’s hands abruptly, and saw that there was dust and blood all over it, and none of her ten fingers were good.

This is the scar left when she just dug a stone to save people. Not only Qingqing, but also Gu Lan and Ou Qing were also injured, but Qingqing’s hands were fairer and more delicate, making these injuries more shocking.

It makes people feel irritable when they look at it.

“Are there any mineral water and disinfectants?”

“There is still a little left.”

Wang Shuzhi also saw Qingqing’s hand. While he was annoyed by his carelessness just now, he quickly pulled out a bottle of unopened mineral water and a few packs of alcohol cotton wipes from his bag.

These cotton wipes were originally used by Wang Shuzhi to wipe his earrings, but now they come in handy.

He didn’t bring much, and some other people brought some standing medicines with disinfectant effects, so he didn’t put out these packets.

It’s just for Qingqing now.

“Can this be used by others?”

“Yes, they are all medicinal alcohol, and they are not harmful to the skin.”

Take two clean sheets, pour water, and then clean up Qingqing’s hands a little bit. They are the wounds. Never leave a little bit of sand, otherwise it will be easy to get infected.

“It hurts” Qingqing is not a person who can bear the pain.

Before, her hands were numb and didn’t feel much pain, but now that the wound was touched even if Gu Lan was already very careful and gentle, Qingqing was still teary-eyed with pain.

Especially after that, you have to disinfect with alcohol cotton pads, which irritates it directly and makes Qingqing cry in pain.

She cried out, struggling to get her hand back, but it was clasped tightly and she couldn’t get it back. In the end, she could only survive sobbing until a band-aid was put on it.

“Stop crying.” Gu Lan reluctantly took the remaining clean paper towels to wipe her tears.

“I…hic, I want uncle.” It seems that when she was three years old again, Qingqing, who had been greatly wronged, only wanted to find Fu Heng.

It’s best to throw herself in his arms for comfort.

Want to kiss and only by hugging and holding his thigh can she stop crying.

But she was wronged.

Rubbing Qingqing’s head and making her long scattered hair even more messy, Gu Lan looked at the road leading to the bottom of the mountain in a daze, and whispered in a voice that only he could hear, “I don’t know if we can meet again.”

As long as they are not transferred to an absolutely safe place, danger will always exist.

He was afraid that they would be too unlucky and would not be able to go home alive.

As soon as his neck warmed, Gu Lan turned his head subconsciously, and saw that there were still tears in Qingqing’s eyes, the tip of her nose was red, and her tightly bandaged hands were still awkwardly wrapping herself in a scarf.

Wang Shuzhi pulled Ou Qing from behind Qingqing and poked his head out, and he could see a circle of pink plush scarves around their necks.

At first glance, Gu Lan knows it is the same one.

Now after the scarf was wrapped around three people, the remaining end also fell on his neck.

Only Qingqing was the only one of them who wore a long scarf. Qingqing didn’t want to wear it originally, but mainly because Gu Lan was worried that she would be cold, so she just put it on.

Now this scarf has actually become a warm connection between them, and even Gu Lan has to sigh at the magic of this fate.

He didn’t refuse Qingqing’s kindness, and he was worried that the scarf was not long enough.

Gu Lan tilted his upper body, getting closer to Qingqing, and lowered his head so that he could surround her.

The fluffy scarf is very warm, and it also carries the temperature of Qingqing’s body, mixed with a light scent of flowers and fruits, which is Qingqing’s favorite shower gel.

It smells good and comfortable, and people’s tight emotions can’t help but calm down.

Time passed minute by minute, and the sky, which was bright, gradually darkened.

The cold wind at night was so cold that everyone trembled uncontrollably, low and deep sobs sounded slightly, and some people couldn’t help crying.

It won’t work in this way.

Gu Lan knew this well. He stood up, moved his stiff hands and feet, and walked to the host.

“We have to go to the temple to get some supplies out. Even if we don’t take the others, we have to hold some cold-proof items such as quilts or curtains, otherwise everyone won’t be able to survive.”

“But the aftermath hasn’t passed yet.”

Before the host could speak, a little monk sitting next to him spoke weakly.

He looked very young and hadn’t experienced much. As a result, he was severely frightened by the earthquake and had already broken his courage.

Even if his hands and feet were paralyzed by freezing, he refused to step into the temple again.

Aftershocks will last for several days. If there is another wave of aftershocks after entering the temple, the building will collapse.……

With a pale face, the little monk trembled all over, and he didn’t know if it was because of fear or cold.


1 It is a metaphor for having great luck by chance

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