Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child
Shrank to a 3-Years-Old Child Chapter 150

Chapter 123: Qingqing’s Scandal

Wang Shuzhi is filming with the crew.

His agent stood next to him with an anxious expression on his face.

Noticing his cousin’s expression, he hurriedly finished the scene in front of him, then walked up to his cousin and asked, “What happened?”

Every time this person has this expression, it must be because he has another accident, either he is hacked or has rumors, or he is in trouble.

“Take a look for yourself.” He stuffed the phone into Wang Shuzhi’s hand, and the agent didn’t want to think about it too much.

“You tell me the truth, between you and that lady…”

Wang Shuzhi lowered his head, and saw that the first place in the hot search was awesomely written, ‘When the popular actor Wang Shuzhi meets the wealthy ladies in private’.

Raising his eyebrows, slender fingers clicked into the title, and a bunch of photos taken by paparazzi burst out.

There are photos of him and Gu Lan going out for a late-night snack in the middle of the night, but the angle of the shooting is very subtle. Gu Lan and Ou Qing, who are obviously closer to Gu Qingqing, are blurred into passers-by, while he and Gu Qingqing appear very intimate. .

At a glance, it looks like a little couple.

There are also photos of them eating in the hotel restaurant. The angle is to take pictures from the outside through the glass to the inside.

Because he and Gu Qingqing were both sitting by the window, and the glass reflected light, so that Gu Lan and Ou Qing next to them were blocked, it seemed that he and Gu Qingqing were eating face-to-face together.

Next, they will go to the food street together, take a tourist light tour bus, and pedal the mountains to worship the ancient temples.……

Almost every photo ignores the other two people who are also present, deliberately making him and Qingqing ambiguous.

Many fans have already exploded, and have left passionate messages underneath, including a large number of bad comments mixed in. The comment area can be called a flurry of demons and chaos.

However, there are still a small number of rational fans who are trying their best to control the field. They can’t control the others, but the fans of their own male gods have to unite, at least until the truth comes out, they must guard the reputation of their idols.

“If it weren’t for me who’s the protagonist, I would almost believe in this evil.” Wang Shuzhi complained speechlessly.

At this moment, the agent’s phone was ringing, and opposite was a media company that knew them well, to ask about the truth.

The agent didn’t know the true relationship between Wang Shuzhi and Mrs. Fu, and even if he tried to deny it, he stammered.

Because he suddenly remembered that it seemed that two or three years ago, his cousin suddenly got a lot of resources from the Fu family and became the spokesperson for Fu’s brand.

It would be too far-fetched to say that there is nothing tricky in it.

Noticing his cousin’s suspicious eyes, Wang Shuzhi blushed and grabbed his mobile phone directly and said, “Reporter Chen, right? There is no ambiguous relationship between Gu Qingqing and me. The clarification statement will be released later. Don’t believe what other people say.”

The last sentence was obviously for his cousin, because his eyes kept staring at him angrily.

The agent shrank his neck a little aggrieved, “You don’t tell me anything, how do I know what the relationship is between you and Mrs. Fu is. And you inexplicably got so many resources from the Fu family before…”

Afraid of being heard by others, he spoke very quietly, but the dispute between the two had attracted the curious eyes of the crew.

Others pretended to approach as if nothing had happened, just to see if they could eavesdrop.

Wang Shuzhi straightened up, glanced at the people around him, and deliberately said loudly, “I won’t tell you what, Gu Lan and I are good brothers, you don’t know, and Fu Heng is also my friend. His eldest son started an entertainment company before, and he specifically asked me to help take care of the children. I am too kind, so I agreed softly. Who knew Fu Heng was so polite and gave me so many gifts!”

The last two words bite the accent.

Wang Shuzhi suddenly got a few good resources from the Fu Group a few years ago, and many people in the circle knew it. At that time, everyone was muttering in private, and now this kind of explosive scandal broke out on the Internet.

Before and after the contact, many people suddenly thought that this was the truth.

As a result, Wang Shuzhi almost pierced their little thoughts in person with a torn face, and everyone couldn’t help but smile embarrassedly.

Don’t ask why he is obviously talking to his agent, but they think he is indirectly talking to them.

At any rate, no one is a fool to mix in this chaotic big dyeing tank. How can it be impossible to see that people seem to be explaining, but in fact they are threatening.

He is not only a big bowl in the circle, but also knows Chairman Gu and Chairman Fu. There are two mountains standing behind him. Anyone who wants to provoke has to see if he can afford it.

Wang Shuzhi’s team has strong public relations capabilities.

Even before the agent notified him, the public relations department was already in operation, and a clarification statement was issued the moment the scandal appeared.

There is no denial of traveling together. After all, with the evidence, a complete denial will only be ridiculed by the group.

But the public relations department still has its own killer, they released Wang Shuzhi’s high school graduation photo.

In several high-definition photos, in addition to a class group photo, there are also three dormitory photos, one of which shows a gorgeous and beautifully dressed woman.

It was when Gu Qingqing was young.

She is well maintained, her appearance is not much different from the past and the present, and one can’t even see a trace of the years on her. As long as they are not a person with problems in their eyes, they will never misidentify the identities of the two of them.

Seeing these photos, fans were full of confusion.

[ Baa baa: What does this mean? Does it mean that my father-in-law and Mrs. Fu have known each other a long time ago? Childhood sweetheart? Brother-in-law love? ]

[ Brother Wang’s question: What’s wrong, how did you see these strange things, upstairs? Obviously, people are saying that the male god and Mrs. Fu’s younger brother are good brothers and the two are still roommates in high school. ]

[ Discover the truth: Since you are the sister of a good brother, it is normal for everyone to go out and play together. ]

[ The male god looks at me: Sure enough, the male god of my family will never go to the rich woman and hook up with a married woman. ]


[ Wang Dog get out of the entertainment industry: Hehe, are you fans blind? What do a few photos tell you? ]

[ …: Wang Shuzhi’s character is corrupt and he is not worthy of being a public figure. Why hasn’t anyone blocked him yet? ]

[ Hehe: It’s annoying to see Wang Dog jumping on the screen all day long. ]

[ Wang Gou is black all his life: Why don’t you die yet? ]

[ Passing by: I wish Wang Dog’s family a violent death. ]


The polarized comments naturally caused a fight. No matter how good-tempered fans were, they couldn’t help being angry when they saw the passerby’s baseless verbal abuse. How could they swallow it?

Wang Shuzhi made his debut as a child star, from childhood to adulthood.

Moreover, his acting and singing skills are excellent, and playing variety shows is also very good at driving the atmosphere. I don’t even know how many awards he has won. His name has long been popular abroad, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is an international superstar.

Therefore, his fan base is very large, ranging from 80-year-old grannies to teenage girls, as well as a lot of male fans.

The combat effectiveness of this group of fans is not weak. As soon as they launched, those black fans were almost scolded and retreated, unable to form an army.

Taking this opportunity, Wang Shuzhi released a bunch of photos one after another.

This time the caption is very simple: Unexpected holidays, traveling with friends is the happiest.

Below are some selected travel photos taken by Wang Shuzhi at the time.

In addition to Gu’s siblings, there is another man who looks cold. Sharp-eyed fans immediately recognize him. This is another roommate of his own male god.

[ That’s it: So in fact, this is just a simple dormitory party plus travel? ]

[ The nth day I want to marry a male god: Let me just say, my male god has been single for more than 30 years and is still a lonely dog. How could he have someone so quickly? ]

[ Fuck Xinmafan: If there is, no matter who the other party is, I have to open a bottle of champagne for my cub to celebrate. ]


The wind direction of the comment is crooked from here.

The majority of netizens began to sigh about the question of whether Wang Shuzhi was still a single dog. In comparison, even the scandal of his rich wife was a bit trivial.

There are even fans who think that it’s not bad for the male god to be close to a rich woman. At least the rich woman is beautiful and rich. It’s a pity that the heroine of the scandal has a family and has two children, otherwise it would be perfect to match them with the male god.

Seeing that the wind direction was wrong, he was unwilling to stop there. The people behind the scenes broke the news again, saying that the place where Wang Shuzhi was traveling was in G City, where the earthquake had just occurred a month ago.

As a result, he fled G City immediately after the accident. Afterwards, when all the stars donated, he didn’t say anything at all. He really had no conscience and didn’t deserve to be a flower-growing family member.

This news is punishing.

Everyone still remembers the G City earthquake a month ago, and some people even lost family and friends to it. Just one month is not enough to calm their grief.

As soon as this news came out, many people who lost their minds under impulse immediately ran to Wang Shuzhi’s social account to vent their emotions frantically.

The scolding was worse than when the scandal spread before.

Of course, among them, there must be the figure of the water army and the black powder.

In fact, most of the negative wind direction is also guided by them. Even if most people are angry about it, they won’t say anything too much, at least they haven’t been able to rise to the level of verbal abuse and personal attacks.

Seeing this scene, the one behind-the-scenes sneered again and again, thinking that even if Wang Shuzhi was not killed this time, he could be pulled down from the high altar and let him taste the taste of falling into the clouds.

In this ocean of black powder carnival, no one noticed that a faint message was topped up.

[ Meng Xiaotu: Well, if you are talking about the earthquake in G City, I was actually there at the time. When I was traveling, I encountered an earthquake in the ancient temple. I was crushed under a collapsed stone. I was very desperate at the time. Fortunately, I was rescued later and suffered a very serious knee injury. At that time, the benefactor who saved me was Wang Shuzhi, and he bandaged my wound. With pictures, with pictures. ]

Both pictures are candid photos of Meng Xiaotu. One is a picture of her sitting on the ground in pain and being bandaged. She was taken care of by Wang Shuzhi with his head half down and concentrating on bandaging her.

Even if he wears a mask, you can still see the speechless gentleness and seriousness in his movements.

And shooting at close range, the scars on his hands were clearly photographed.

The second one is the appearance of Wang Shuzhi digging stones with his bare hands in the ruins with others. The distance is a bit far, but his figure can be more clearly revealed.

The figures of Gu Lan, Gu Qingqing and Ou Qing even appeared next to him.

Just two photos and one paragraph perfectly tell a fact.

Wang Shuzhi didn’t run at all during the earthquake, he was even one of the victims!

At this moment, the true love fans were completely blown up.

Their male gods suffered so much hardship, and he even had to be hacked to save people afterwards. This is absolutely intolerable!

Leaving a message like a well, they suppressed all the previous bad comments in an instant.

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