Sir, I Like You
Sir, I Like You Chapter 11 part 2

Chapter 11 part 2

“Is Yun Yun okay?” Zhou Yunqiu knew that Cheng Yun had been bullied and felt distressed, so she called her son to ask about the situation.

Yi Zhenghua leaned on the railing of the balcony and looked at Cheng Yun, who was eating fruit while watching TV in the living room and would occasionally laugh a few times. His(YZ) voice was much lower when he replied: “He’s alright, he’s watching TV in the living room.”

Zhou Yunqiu was relieved and she suggested: ” Zhenghua, you should take Yun Yun out for a walk sometimes. To take a break.”

“Mom[1]She’s referring to herself, Zhou Yunqiu thinks you are busy with work, and Yun Yun would also be busy with his studies in the future. So, take advantage of Yun Yun’s first week of high school. You two go out and have some fun.” Zhou Yunqiu spent one day in the old house wondering how to make her son cultivate feelings with Yun Yun. After all, her son and Yun Yun had no feelings before, and they were directly certified to live together[2]I don’t know how to phrase that, but that means ‘Marriage’. Fortunately, she still knew her son better and knew his temperament. He’s responsible and does not mess around.

Yi Zhenghua thought about it for a while and felt that what his mother said was quite reasonable. Now that it was announced that the two people have been married, the outside world was talking about this matter. The school must be discussing this matter too. Although the reason they gave to the outsiders was that Cheng Yun was still young so the wedding ceremony would be done later, but if the two go out together and have fun, they will not only feel relaxed, it will also help in avoiding the people at the kid’s school. The child won’t have to directly face other students’ discussions. When they come back from having fun, it[3]The rumors will also cool down for a while, the influence of this matter will also decrease, and the pressure on the child will be less.

“Yeah.” Yi Zhenghua replied. He and the child can go out and play, “I’ll ask the kid if he wants to.”

Zhou Yunqiu laughed, “Yun Yun will agree, he will want to go out and play.”

After hanging up the phone, Yi Zhenghua went to ask Cheng Yun’s opinion. The child looked at Mr. Yi with light in their eyes, and asked very happily: “It’s okay to go out and play.”

Cheng Yun had not been out for a long time, and going out with Mr. Yi was exciting to think about.

Yi Zhenghua didn’t expect the child would be so excited, so he directly said to the child: “Then I will go and ask your class teacher for a leave and let’s go out and play.”

“Okay!” Cheng Yun replied very positively. That afternoon, he took an exam. During the final exam at the beginning of school, he was a little depressed when doing the questions and he usually did those simple ones but did not even look at the difficult ones. This afternoon, thinking that Mr. Yi was very interested in his study, he thought about looking at other questions, but he didn’t think it would work at all.

Now that he has heard that he can go out and play, his depression has disappeared, and only the excitement is left.

Yi Zhenghua went to ask for leave from the head teacher and went to explain his work on the way. He always wanted to go to a place and had no time to go. This time, he just went and relaxed for a few days.

Cheng Yun thought to himself: I, Cheng Yun, finally had a trip on the go.


1 She’s referring to herself, Zhou Yunqiu
2 I don’t know how to phrase that, but that means ‘Marriage’
3 The rumors
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