Small Medicine Packet
Small Medicine Packet Chapter 18.1

When Yan Luji returned home, he reorganised the order of the health test questions on the App and started filling it out again from the beginning.

Twenty minutes later.

“Hello, your total score is 28 points. Please promptly check yourself into the hospital, please promptly check yourself into the hospital.”

He refused to believe it!

Other than insomnia, Director Yan believed himself to be perfectly healthy since his body was clearly strong enough to withstand the heavy workload of his job. Although his appetite is not as good as before, and neither is his physical strength, and he has also caught the flu a few times, that couldn’t possibly warrant a hospitalisation right?

Director Yan once again reorganised the questions and diligently filled up the form.

“You have long been running wildly on this road towards death, please wake up to this reality as soon as possible.”

After the test’s third warning, a sharp alarm blared. Director Yan never imagined that the first victim of his poisonous tongue turned out to be himself[1]In chapter 16, after someone in the department fainted, Director Yan berated his subordinates for not taking care of their health with his ‘poisonous tongue’.. Indeed, one can escape and counter heaven’s trials and tribulations, but one cannot escape what one inflicts upon the self[2]Refers to how Director Yan made his bed (he didn’t take care of his body) and now, he has to lie in it (suffer the consequences).. At that moment, Director Yan inexplicably had many complex feelings.


In the silent night, the medicine packet comrade slept on sweetly and soundly with a smile hanging on her face while Director Yan found himself struck with the pain of insomnia.

As the medicine packet recreated the scene from the daytime in her dream, the Duke of Zhou also kindly helped her make up for her regret then[3]梦见周公 or to meet the Duke of Zhou in your dreams means to go to sleep. In this case, Lin Yao was sleeping and met the Duke of Zhou in her dreams (who then figuratively helped her with her … Continue reading.

In her dream, Director Yan was stunned by the medicine packet when she walked into the office and exclaimed, “Dr. Lin, you are so beautiful today.”

“Thank you.” The medicine packet hinted shyly, “Someone intentionally dressed up for you.”

“For me?” Director Yan’s eyes were so gentle that they were about to drip water, “Dr. Lin, you …”

“Well …” The medicine packet’s face was flushed, “I… I…”

“Dr. Lin,” Director Yan held Lin Yao’s hands and gazed deeply into her eyes while warmly remarking, “your foundation today is really thick!”

“Ah ah ah ahhhhhhh!!!!!” Lin Yao woke herself up with her own screams. She angrily swiped everything off her bed, “What the hell? I couldn’t even succeed in my dream!“

Lin Yao reached for her phone and saw that it was only 2:30am.

Dispiritedly, she switched on the lights in the living room, moped her way into the kitchen for a glass of water before taking her laptop to the sofa. She wouldn’t be able to continue sleeping anyway, might as well go manage her Taobao store. It sure is hard chasing a rich boyfriend.

Just as she uploaded the listing for the rheumatism medicine that has been passed down in her family, she received a ‘WangWang’[4]旺旺 is the chat platform on Taobao. notification.

Self-discipline[5]Yan Luji’s Taobao username is 严于律己, which crudely translates to self-discipline.: Shopkeeper is up so late?

Lin Yao: You are also up?

Self-discipline: I struggle with sleeping.

Lin Yao: It seems like you’re always up buying things in the middle of the night. Doing this often is not good for your health.

Self-discipline: Insomnia … are there a lot of health risks to it?

Lin Yao: Of course. 

Lin Yao thought of this person as a regular customer of hers and they even previously praised her for being a lovely girl, so she was meticulous in her replies.

Lin Yao: Insomnia can lead to a weakened immune system, and long-term insomnia can accelerate ageing and shorten your lifespan. At the same time, many organs will slowly lose their functions, such as the organs in your digestive and cardiovascular system, liver and kidney etc.

The App’s warnings turned out to be true. Yan Luji subconsciously furrowed his brows at the thought of it.

Lin Yao: People who suffer from long-term insomnia are inevitably more stressed, which results in memory loss, daytime fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Long-term insomnia is also one of the major causes of depression.

Yan Luji couldn’t help but recall that some time ago, Xiao Dong said that his tongue was getting more and more poisonous. Could this have something to do with his insomnia? When he loses his temper during the workday, was that because his subordinates did something wrong? Or was it really because his sleep quality was bad, which contributed to his irritability?

Yan Luji logged onto the company’s toS system on his laptop and looked through the complaint posts in the Employee Community. Unsurprisingly, he was mentioned but what was unexpected was that the post about him was at the top of the first page of the forum.

Upon checking when it was created, Yan Luji’s eyebrows jumped when he found out it was actually created six months ago.

For a post from six months ago to still remain on the front page meant that many people engaged with it and complained about him. Might as well take a look at what they say.

Landowner[6]楼主 directly translates to landowner, but refers the original poster or topic creator.: Today, this landowner went to submit a report to Devil King Yan. The project plan was done perfectly, but the tragedy is that this landowner misspelled a word in the title of the project plan with another homophone. In the end, Devil King Yan glanced coldly at me and asked: “You can even manage to misspell words; which kindergarten did you graduate from?” That’s really too much, is it not just a misspelled word? But this landowner here did not dare to say anything …

Who is this person? Director Yan scolded someone almost everyday, he really couldn’t seem to recall anything.

1st poster: This means nothing. There was once I was late for work and coincidentally bumped into Devil King Yan. Devil King Yan immediately said, the computer slows down when there is low RAM; does this mean that your cognitive capacity is lacking? That’s simply a personal attack. I work overtime everyday till midnight, so what if I’m a little late?

Who is this person? Why does it seem like the entire R&D department has been scolded by himself in such a manner?

20th poster: At the very least, you all are Devil King Yan’s subordinates, but I’m not ah! I’m from another (undisclosed) department. One day, I was queuing up for lunch at noon. They sold 2 dishes I love that day — sweet and sour pork, and braised pork. Getting both felt too extravagant, but getting only 1 dish led me to the dilemma of deciding which dish. I didn’t even notice Devil King Yan behind me while I was deliberating, but he gave me a side-eye and said: “Is the salary at Teng Feng not enough for you to have two dishes?” What does that mean, what does that mean??? So what if his salary is high, does that mean I’m not allowed to be frugal?

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal. But what’s wrong is when many are trying to buy their food at noon and you’re standing at the front of the line taking up other people’s time.

36th poster: This means nothing. Devil King Yan also has a terrible attitude towards Moe girls. Previously, an especially pretty girl entered our department and fell for Devil King Yan at first glance (Devil King Yan’s face is still passable). Moe girl brought a cup of coffee to Devil King Yan. He took a sip and asked, “Why is it so sweet?” The girl immediately panicked and apologized, “Sorry, sorry! I usually love drinking sweet drinks so I accidentally added more sugar.” The girl has a face that evokes tender feelings and looking at her makes me softhearted. Normal people would immediately want to hold the girl’s hand to comfort her, treat her to a sweet cup of coffee after work, and then succeed in making this a much-told story in the office. Yet at the end, Devil King Yan followed up with: “If you want to cry, go home and cry.” Ah, this was how my first love was told off by Devil King Yan on her first day of work.

What first love? If Yan Luji knew at the time that she was this poster’s first love, he would also give this poster a scolding.

Yan Luji pondered for a while and sent another message to the Taobao shopkeeper: What should I do if I have long-term insomnia?

Shopkeeper: In the case of long-term insomnia, I suggest that you go to the hospital to see a specialist. There are many causes of insomnia, and there is a need for a consultation to better understand your situation. I recommend finding a Chinese doctor, don’t just keep taking sleeping pills willy-nilly.

Yan Luji: Alright, thank you Shopkeeper. 

Yan Luji has tried seeing some doctors before, but did so intermittently without much results.

Shopkeeper: You’re welcome. Sleep early.

Yan Luji thought for a moment and asked again: Why is Shopkeeper also up so late today? Do you also have insomnia?

Shopkeeper: Yes. *distressed emoji*

Yan Luji: Is there something bothering you?

Shopkeeper: I made a fool of myself in front of the person I like. *crying emoji*

Yan Luji: It’s alright. Isn’t there a saying that goes, your best and worst sides should only be seen by the one you love most?

Shopkeeper: Hearing you say that, I suddenly feel that it was a little romantic.

Yan Luji: It’s already a romantic thing to like someone.

Shopkeeper: But he doesn’t even know that I like him.

Yan Luji was puzzled and asked: You didn’t confess?

Shopkeeper: I’m afraid of rejection, so I want to amplify my existence around him before confessing, yet I’m afraid that he wouldn’t know I like him if I don’t confess. 

The medicine packet thought over again and followed up with: Would you rather that a girl directly confesses to you or first drops some subtle hints?

Yan Luji pondered about it and replied: For me, if the other party doesn’t say anything, I wouldn’t know that they liked me.

Shopkeeper: Are you suggesting that I confess directly?

Yan Luji: I’m just thinking about it from a male’s perspective. After all, most men think very one-dimensionally and straightforwardly.

Shopkeeper: Okay, I’ll go confess after existing more visibly around him for a few days.

When Yan Luji saw this, he was stunned by the shopkeeper’s blunt response, then he shook his head and smiled. The shopkeeper seems like a cute little sister.

Yan Luji: Then I wish you success.

Shopkeeper: I’ll treat you to some wedding candies if I’m successful.

Yan Luji questioned: Aren’t wedding candies only issued when you get married? 

Shopkeeper: Aiya, you thought even further than I did. I’ll send you some wedding candies again when we get married.

Yan Luji: Then I’ll be waiting, good night.

After chatting with the shopkeeper, it was as though he was infected by the other party’s joy, and Yan Luji’s mood also improved.

Shopkeeper: Good night.

 At two ends of a park, in two housing estates, on the other side of two windows, two lights went out at the same time.


From the day she decided to pursue Yan Luji, Lin Yao looked forward to the morning of every working day. It was as if every new day seemed to bring her one step closer to love.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Lin Yao gave herself a once-over.

High-heeled shoes — makes her look tall and elegant, seems to strengthen her aura. Not bad.

Hair — yes, fluffy and slightly curly, looks super cute.

Clothes — looks comfortable and decent, this choice simply presented no faults.

More importantly, she did not apply any foundation today.

Thinking about last night’s chat with China’s best customer, Self-discipline, Lin Yao thought long and hard and decisively felt that a direct confession was more in line with her temperament. Wouldn’t it be a complete waste of time and energy if one desperately ingratiated with Yan Luji yet he didn’t even know that she was pursuing him?

But before this, Lin Yao decided to first amplify her presence by getting him accustomed to seeing her face. Otherwise, the confession will be even more awkward.

Lin Yao waited in her office till 11am with much difficulty, and decided that this was the best time to find Yan Luji. 11am seemed neither too early nor too rushed; most urgent work should have already been handled, and if the chat goes well, they can also grab lunch together.

She has even thought of a reason to approach him. Since Yan Luji has insomnia, she will take the opportunity to ask him if he has filled out the health test form, then she would spend some time telling him about the treatment plan. It would be best if he has to report to the clinic everyday, hehehe …

Though Lin Yao planned this out so beautifully, she never expected that Director Yan wouldn’t come to work today. Isn’t this fellow a work manic?

“Where’s Director Yan?” Lin Yao was at a loss.

“The director is on a business trip to Beijing for two days. Dr. Lin, what can I help you with?” Assistant Zhang asked.

“It’s nothing much. Wasn’t the health test file loaded onto the app yesterday? I just wanted to check on those who have poorer physical health.” Lin Yao said.

“The director briefed me on this, and I even thought to send it to you this afternoon after I finished tabulating the results. I did not expect that Dr. Lin would be so responsible to come over personally.”

“As I ought to, as I ought to. Looking at all of you working so hard, I feel even more responsible.”

“Then I will rush them and send you the data as soon as possible.” Assistant Zhang said.

“Okay, okay.” Lin Yao forced a smile as she left the twelfth floor, her expression collapsing as soon as she entered the elevator.

The male god is not here, and her pursuit of love has also been delayed for two days. She was terribly upset.

“Why the long face so early in the morning?” Xiao Dong couldn’t help but ask when he saw Lin Yao trudge in with such low spirits.

“Brother Xiao.” Lin Yao weakly greeted Xiao Dong.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Dong asked as he walked over.

“Director Yan is on a business trip.” The momentum she built up from this morning abruptly dissipated, and Lin Yao slumped onto her chair.

“Old Yan? I think he went to Beijing today for a project meeting.” Xiao Dong said, “Isn’t it just two days, do you have to be like this?”

Lin Yao’s eyes resentfully flicked over to Xiao Dong.

“But I really like him so much.”

Lin Yao said feebly: “I was planning to make an effort to amplify my presence around him the next few days, then confess my love to him.”

“Confess?” Xiao Dong was stunned, “Isn’t that too soon?”

“But if I don’t, he wouldn’t know that I like him ah! Then what’s the point in doing so much if he doesn’t know.”

“That makes sense.” Xiao Dong thought about Yan Luji’s overly virtuous and square ways. He indeed might not comprehend euphemistic tactics of courtship. What a difficult guy to pursue.

Xiao Dong observed the medicine packet’s sluggish posture. He secretly thought that it was already difficult for a man to confess, let alone a woman. He should most definitely think of a way to maintain her spirits.

“Got it! I’ve thought of an idea. This weekend, Lao Yan is going to an orphanage in the outskirts of the city to teach the children there. That’s an opportunity for a chance encounter! ” Xiao Dong suggested.

“Orphanage?” Lin Yao questioned.

“Auntie Yan is a long-term volunteer at the orphanage, so Yan Luiji would often go over to help.” Xiao Dong said.

“Which orphanage? Give me the address.” Lin Yao immediately grasped Xiao Dong’s arm.

Can her eyes not be so bright …

Xiao Dong silently sent the address to Lin Yao’s phone.

“Alright, there’s nothing else, you can go now.” Lin Yao was already using Baidu Maps to look up the address.

“I’m going …,” Xiao Dong walked to the door in a daze, then turned back dispiritedly, “I almost forgot what I came over for.”

“Anything else?” Lin Yao asked.

“Of course there’s something else, did you really think I came over so early in the morning to gossip about the trivial matter between him and you?” 

“You mean you didn’t?” Lin Yao blinked innocently.

“At the very least, I’m still the HR director of the Teng Feng Group.” Xiao Dong rolled his eyes, fished out a red packet from his pocket and placed it in front of Lin Yao, “Here, this is for you.”

“A red packet?” Lin Yao immediately reached for the red packet in his hand, then sheepishly smiled, “Wow, you’ve sent over the congratulatory money[7]Lin Yao refers to the congratulatory money that people customarily give to the bride and groom for their wedding. this early!”

“You wish.” Xiao Dong finally understood how Yue Mingyuan that kid, and the medicine packet became friends — both their skins are equally thick. “Didn’t you treat Liu Bing from the International Trade department a while ago?”

“Liu Bing?” The medicine packet jogged through her own memory, “Oh yeah, he couldn’t lift his arm that day but was in a hurry to meet a client, so I used acupuncture to treat him.”

“He met with the client that day to discuss a fifty million dollar project, and the discussions went well.” Xiao Dong said, “He told his leader that the deal would not have been closed if not for your treatment.”

“So … this is the cash bonus from the International Trade department.” Xiao Dong said.

“My bonus?” Lin Yao opened the red packet and counted the bills. There are fifty bills in this thick red wad of notes ah. “Five thousand? I earned five thousand dollars just from one acupuncture session!”

“The welfare here is better than the hospital, right?” Xiao Dong couldn’t help but tease Lin Yao when he saw her cash-hungry face.

“Is it enough to treat Director Yan to a few meals?” Lin Yao suddenly asked.

The fuck, it’s not like Lin Yao has successfully lured Yan Luji in, why did he feel like he was suddenly force fed a bite of dog food?

Director Xiao huffed and puffed as he left the clinic. Regret pulsed through his veins; why wasn’t there a silly woman that liked him this much? Was it because he’s too approachable?

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1 In chapter 16, after someone in the department fainted, Director Yan berated his subordinates for not taking care of their health with his ‘poisonous tongue’.
2 Refers to how Director Yan made his bed (he didn’t take care of his body) and now, he has to lie in it (suffer the consequences).
3 梦见周公 or to meet the Duke of Zhou in your dreams means to go to sleep. In this case, Lin Yao was sleeping and met the Duke of Zhou in her dreams (who then figuratively helped her with her regrets).
4 旺旺 is the chat platform on Taobao.
5 Yan Luji’s Taobao username is 严于律己, which crudely translates to self-discipline.
6 楼主 directly translates to landowner, but refers the original poster or topic creator.
7 Lin Yao refers to the congratulatory money that people customarily give to the bride and groom for their wedding.
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