Small Medicine Packet
Small Medicine Packet Chapter 18.2

Bright and early on Saturday morning, Lin Yao took along a set of medical equipment that she borrowed from a college friend who was running a clinic, drove the car she expropriated from Yue Mingyuan, followed the GPS and arrived at the “Star Orphanage” in the suburbs at 9am sharp.

The dean of the orphanage, a middle-aged woman in her fifties, was already waiting at the entrance.

“Dean Qiu?” Lin Yao wore a white coat and a smile on her face.

“Are you Dr. Lin from Woodstone Institute of Chinese Medicine?” Dean Qiu greeted her.

“It’s me. My name is Lin Yao, you can just call me by my name.” Lin Yao was already fully prepared before her visit to the orphanage. Since this was a chance encounter, she absolutely couldn’t let Director Yan decipher her less-than-pure motives. So two days earlier, Lin Yao had made arrangements to visit in the capacity of a representative of her university classmate’s clinic. She then contacted Dean Qiu to explain that she would like to provide free health check-ups to the children in the orphanage.

“Are you the only one here? Will it be too much to manage for you?”

“It’s fine, if I can’t finish today then I’ll come back again tomorrow. I’ll definitely do a check-up for all the children in the orphanage.” Lin Yao replied with a smile.

“Good, good, then I’ll have to thank Dr. Lin for your help.”

“You’re too kind, Dean.” After the two finished exchanging pleasantries, Lin Yao carried the medical equipment out of the trunk and was planning to enter with the Dean. Suddenly, a familiar black Audi car slowly stopped at the entrance of the orphanage. Lin Yao also subconsciously slowed her steps.

“It’s Little Yan[1]小言 directly translates to ‘Little Yan’. The older generation tends to express intimacy by attaching 小 (Little) to the younger party’s name..” Dean Qiu grinned.

As expected, the tall, lean figure of Yan Luiji soon appeared, holding a paper box in his arms.

Before long, the medicine packet found herself utterly besotted by his approaching figure. It seems like male god appears sunny when he dons some sportswear, clean-cut when in a suit, warm and gentle when in casual clothes. As expected, no matter what he’s wearing, Yan Luji is still her ideal type.

“Dean Qiu, I brought some old books over …” Yan Luji was a little surprised to see Lin Yao, “Dr. Lin, why are you here?”

“I came … to provide health check-ups.” Lin Yao lifted the medical kit in her hand.

“You two know each other?” Dean Qiu asked curiously.

After a series of explanations, Yan Luji was not at all suspicious, and the two of them entered the orphanage together with Dean Qiu.

Yan Luji was in the house giving lessons to the children, while Lin Yao was conducting her health check-ups under the corridor. Though this was an orphanage, the children were well taken care of and except for a few who suffered from inherited diseases, the rest were in good health

For the children who had poorer physical health, Lin Yao wrote out some prescriptions, a few recipes and things teachers and caretakers might have to pay attention to. Just like this, a single morning passed by in a flurry.

“Dr. Lin, let’s grab some lunch before working again.” President Qiu came to invite Lin Yao over.

“Alright, let me finish up with this prescription.” Lin Yao smiled back.

“Then just come by the canteen later, I’ll save some food for you.”

“Okay, thank you Dean.”

The more Dean Qiu looked at Lin Yao, the more she liked her. According to the caregiver, Lin Yao only needed to take the pulse of the children who were of weaker health to determine where they were feeling discomfort, the causes of the discomfort, then dole out her professional opinion. Her medical skills were really impressive.

When Lin Yao was done with the prescriptions, she checked them over again. As she started towards the canteen when that was done, she realised that Yan Luji was heading towards her with a tray from afar.

“Director Yan?” Lin Yao yelled over to him when she snapped out of her daze.

“Dean Qiu saw that you weren’t coming over to the canteen so she asked me to bring your lunch over before it becomes cold.” Yan Luji placed the tray of food in front of Lin Yao.

“Thank you.” Lin Yao was surprised at this concern.

“How are the children’s health?” Yan Luji casually leaned against the nearby wall.

“They’re pretty healthy. At the very least, they’re doing better than your R&D department.” Lin Yao poked fun at him.

“I heard from Assistant Zhang that none of those fellows scored over 60 points.” Yan Luji immediately felt a little depressed at the thought of how the entire R&D department was like a group of sick patients working.

“Right, has Director Yan filled up the health test form?” Lin Yao suddenly realized that she did not recall seeing Yan Luji’s results when she received the tabulated data from Assistant Zhang.

“Oh…” Yan Luji had a peculiar expression on his face, “I’ve been busy with my business trip to Beijing these 2 days.”

“No worries, I can just take your pulse and check if you have any other problems besides your insomnia.” Lin Yao started to put her chopsticks down.

“No need.” Yan Lu Ji felt uneasy and discreetly moved back 2 steps, “I’m not in a hurry, you should quickly have your meal.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be quick with it …” As Lin Yao stood up and planned to use the opportunity to take advantage of him and to pull on his small hands[2]拉小手 directly translates to pull on someone’s small hands, which refes to Lin Yao’s desire to be friends or be closer to Yan Luji. Imagine how kids would pull on their friend’s … Continue reading, she was halted by a shrill cry that pierced through the room.

The both of them followed the sound to a group of 4 or 5 kids gathering at the Chinese parasol tree in the courtyard who were crying loudly. In fact, a plump little girl was caught on one of its branches.

Yan Luji’s face twisted and sprinted over, keeping his eyes on the branch that was slowly breaking under the little girl’s weight. His mind whirred; the tree branch is about 5 metres from the ground, he himself was 1.8 metres tall and would be about 2.5 metres if he raised his arms. He would still be a distance away from the little girl.

“How did she get up there? What should we do?” Lin Yao started panicking when she looked at the commotion.

“Go get a table and stool over here.” Yan Luji said as he stood unmoving under the tree.

“Okay!” Lin Yao immediately ran back. 

“What happened? Little Jelly … how did she end up there?” Dean Qiu was taken aback by what she saw.

“Dean! Could you help me move this table over?” Lin Yao was struggling.


Lin Yao turned her head at the sound, only to see Director Yan stretching his arms out to catch Little Jelly’s chubby figure, both falling to the ground from the force and momentum of Little Jelly’s drop from the tree.

Dean Qiu: “Little Jelly …” 

Lin Yao: “Director Yan …”

By the time Lin Yao ran over, Dean Qiu had already pulled the sobbing Little Jelly from Yan Luji into her arms while the frowning Yan Luji was still sitting on the ground.

Lin Yao swept her eyes over Yan Luji and his stiff arms, and the little girl and her bleeding nose in Dean Qiu’s arms. In the end, she still chose to go over to check the little girl’s injuries.

“Dean Qiu, could you let me examine Little Jelly?” Lin Yao asked.

“Oh, that’s right! Dr. Lin, could you see if Little Jelly is alright?” Dean Qiu immediately released the little girl from her embrace.

Li Yao examined the little girl from head to toe, and realised that Yan Luji had managed to break the little girl’s fall and her nose only started bleeding because it grazed the ground when they  fell down together. Otherwise, the little girl appeared to be fine. 

“Don’t cry Little Jelly, Miss Doctor[3]Dean Qiu actually said “医生姐姐”, which directly translates to Doctor Sister but I thought that it sounded weird. By attaching 姐姐 (sister) to the ‘doctor’ label, it … Continue reading will help stop your nosebleed.” Dean Qiu coaxed.

The 4 or 5 year old little girl had cried till she started hiccuping, but still obediently tried to calm down.

Lin Yao got the little girl to tilt her head downwards slightly then pinched her nose, asking her to breathe through her mouth till Lin Yao slowly let go of the girl’s nose a minute later. After ensuring that the nosebleed had stopped, she then comforted the little girl, “It’s okay now, your nose has stopped bleeding. Does it hurt anywhere else?”

Little Jelly shook her head then pointed at Yan Luji, who had already gotten up at the side, “But brother …”.

“Are you okay, Little Yan?” Dean Qiu had also started to realise that there was something wrong with Yan Luji’s arms, “Your arms … Dr. Lin, please quickly examine him!”

Lin Yao walked over to examine Yan Luji, and saw how his arms were falling unnaturally straight and stiff. She frowned and gently pressed on his arms.

“Wu![4]‘呜’ is an onomatopoeia. I couldn’t think of an english equivalent of it but you can understand it as ‘ouch’ in this case. You can also imagine ‘wu’ to … Continue reading” Yan Luji was in so much pain his arms were shaking.

“You might have a fracture, bear with it for a while.” Lin Yao’s heartache was written all over her face.

“What? A fracture? Little Yan …” Dean Qiu became nervous.

“Dean, don’t worry. Isn’t Dr. Lin here?” Yan Luji comforted her.

Lin Yao had finished her examination and was relieved to find that the situation wasn’t as bad as imagined, “Thank goodness, it’s a dislocation and not a fracture. Let me help you realign it.”

“Alright, thanks for your help.” Yan Luji was already covered in cold sweat.

Lin Yao held Yan Luji’s arm, then gently but firmly pushed it upwards till it popped back. Yan Luji instantly felt some relief. 

“Try moving your arms.” Lin Yao suggested.

Yan Luji swung his arms around and was surprised that the pain had really decreased. He looked at Lin Yao in amazement.

“You might have a sprain though. Let me help you apply some tincture before your arm swells up.” Lin Yao said.

Yan Luji nodded and followed Lin Yao to her temporary work station.

Good thing Lin Yao wanted to appear a bit more professional today so she incidentally brought all kinds of products and medical equipment, including the tincture. Lin Yao warmed up her hands by rubbing them together, then firmly kneaded the tincture into Yan Luji’s arm.

“Is this the same tincture you used when you sprained your ankle?” Yan Luji asked.

“Yup.” Lin Yao nodded.

“Then I feel assured.” Yan Luji solemnly nodded.


“I saw that you recovered pretty quickly the other time.” Yan Luji said.

“Were you paying attention to me?” Lin Yao’s eyes glistened as she stared at Yao Luji, partly bashful and partly in anticipation.

“Don’t you like coming over to the 12th floor to mooch food and drinks from us?” Yan Luji replied, “It’s hard not to notice someone who goes to our pantry more often than we do.”

“Oh.” Lin Yao was a little disappointed, and started kneading Yao Luji’s other arm. Someone here has to trek up to the 12th floor every time she wants a glass of water just to appear in front of him more often. She couldn’t believe Yao Luji actually accused her of mooching off the 12th floor. Unsurprisingly, he definitely suffers from ‘straight man syndrome’[5]‘直男思维’ directly translates to straight man thinking, and a ‘直男’ (straight man) is a man who is said to have low EQ, is inattentive to the other party, and … Continue reading. She has to quickly make her move and confess.

“But to be fair, your medical skills are unexpectedly pretty good.” Yan Luji said, “The dean kept praising you at noon.”

“My medical skills have always been excellent.” Lin Yao absolutely hated it when others called her skills into question.

“Now I know.” Yan Luji lightly grinned at her. 

The medicine packet was caught off guard by his smile and felt like she was struck by lightning. She quickly dipped her head to hide the growing flush on face. The hand that she used to knead Yan Luji’s arms also felt like it was getting hotter, and it was so much so she felt like it was scalding her. She hardened her heart and finished kneading. Withdrawing her hands, she meekly told him: “I’m done. Don’t carry any heavy things the next few days. As for the tincture, you … you should take it home and remember to apply it tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Yan Luji reached for the tincture that Lin Yao offered.

Only when Yan Luji was a distance away did Lin Yao slowly lift her head. With hands that are covered in the tincture, she cupped her flushed cheeks. Recalling when male god smiled just now, Lin Yao came to the realisation that he looks so good when he smiles. Does this mean that when she becomes his girlfriend in the future, he will smile like that at her everyday?

Also, since male god smiled at her, does this indicate that he liked her a little? Does this mean she can confess to him?

Lin Yao suddenly felt really nervous. What should she do???

Just like that, with plenty of shock and none of the danger[6]A direct translation of 有惊无险; it was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone but no one was really in critical danger and the matter was resolved., the episode at noon passed. By afternoon, Yan Luji continued teaching Mathematics to his little friends, while Lin Yao was deliberating about when the right time was to confess as she conducted health check-ups for the remaining children.

At around 3pm, having bathed, changed her clothes, and napped, it was though Little Jelly was completely revived. She held a bouquet of random wildflowers in her bosom, and scurried over from her room to Lin Yao.

“For you, Miss Doctor.” Little Jelly gifted the flowers over.

“For me?” Lin Yao was surprised.

“Mother Dean said that I must thank Miss Doctor.” Little Jelly blinked.

“Sister didn’t help much, but be careful and don’t climb trees without adult supervision next time, okay?” Lin Yao couldn’t help but exhort the little girl.

“I won’t follow Brother Huazi to climb up trees next time.” Huazi is the 10 year old resident naughty kid in the orphanage. He was the one who brought Little Jelly up the tree at noon but only had the strength to help her up, not down.

“What a good girl.” Lin Yao took the flowers Little Jelly gave her, “Thanks for your flowers, they’re very pretty.”

“I still need to go pluck some more to give Brother Yan.” Little Jelly cheerily mentioned.

“Hold on…” Lin Yao yelled to stop Little Jelly, who was already running away. A classic method of a love confession flashed in her mind.

“Little Jelly, could you help sister out?” Lin Yao leaned over to Little Jelly’s ear, pointed at Yan Luji who was resting in the classroom, and whispered for half a day.

“Did you remember what sister just told you?” Lin Yao repeated the words she wanted Little Jelly to tell Yan Luji 3 times.

“Yes, I remember.” Little Jelly nodded solemnly.

“Alright, go.” Lin Yao placed the bouquet of wildflowers back in Little Jelly’s arms.

Little Jelly hugged the wildflowers to her bosom and scuttled over to Yan Luji. Disregarding his look of astonishment, she said, “Brother, there’s a sister who asked me to send some flowers to you and she told me to tell you that you look especially handsome.”

The words ‘especially handsome’ were said particularly emphatically. 

“She said she kinda likes you.” Little Jelly’s eyes glistened brightly and purely, which made it difficult for those who were looking at her to reject her.

Yan Luji saw the wildflowers that were forcibly stuffed into his hands and subconsciously turned to look at Lin Yao.

Lin Yao enthusiastically waved at him. She’s done it, she’s done it! How will male god react? She felt terribly nervous!!!

Yan Luji lowered his head again to look at the flowers in his hands, then walked towards Lin Yao’s direction. Lin Yao’s heart was beating so fast it was like a violent wind roaring in her chest and just when it was about to hit 200 beats per minute, Yan Luji stopped less than 2 metres away.

Yan Luji played with the flowers in his hands, raised his brows at her and asked, “What are you doing? Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Yes!” Lin Yao nodded her head vigorously.

“You like me?” Yan Luji asked again.

“Yes ah.” Bashfulness was written all over the medical packet’s face, she liked him and even if the embarrassment overwhelmed her, she would still dare to admit it.

“Didn’t you say that I have kidney deficiency issues and wouldn’t be able to find a girlfriend? So why do you still like me?” 

“That doesn’t matter, I can treat it!” Lin Yao slapped her chest and assured him.

This woman …

Yan Luji’s face slowly darkened. 

The author has something to say:  The Medicine Packet: I’m a very impatient person, and when I pursue people, I must do it post-haste and very explicitly.

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1 小言 directly translates to ‘Little Yan’. The older generation tends to express intimacy by attaching 小 (Little) to the younger party’s name.
2 拉小手 directly translates to pull on someone’s small hands, which refes to Lin Yao’s desire to be friends or be closer to Yan Luji. Imagine how kids would pull on their friend’s small hands to go play etc.
3 Dean Qiu actually said “医生姐姐”, which directly translates to Doctor Sister but I thought that it sounded weird. By attaching 姐姐 (sister) to the ‘doctor’ label, it makes Lin Yao more personable to Little Jelly since Lin Yao is now also a sister (a more intimate connotation) rather than merely a professional doctor.
4 ‘呜’ is an onomatopoeia. I couldn’t think of an english equivalent of it but you can understand it as ‘ouch’ in this case. You can also imagine ‘wu’ to be the sound that escapes Yan Luji’s mouth because he didn’t anticipate how painful it would be when Lin Yao pressed onto his arms.
5 ‘直男思维’ directly translates to straight man thinking, and a ‘直男’ (straight man) is a man who is said to have low EQ, is inattentive to the other party, and usually doesn’t have the right words to say women (crass, overtly blunt, critical). Here, Lin Yao bemoans Yan Luji’s lack of understanding of her romantic intentions, but does not read Yan Luji’s actions as entirely negative (maybe she think it’s endearing?).
6 A direct translation of 有惊无险; it was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone but no one was really in critical danger and the matter was resolved.

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