Split Personality
Split Personality – Chapter 3

~The red girl’s dying words~

They gaped, dumbstruck in disbelief.

Inside the station wagon, everybody was in a fear filled stupor. With a deathly still silence filling the car.


This was the sound of the saliva in Chai Gang’s mouth.

The golden car continued to creep forward. However, the person that was driving had a dull expression on his face, subconciously gripping the steering wheel as he allowed the vehicle to move forward due to inertia.[1]Newton’s First Law of motion

“I, I killed someone?”

Nobody replied.

The glare from the red colour on the windshield was offending to the eyes. Nobody had recovered from the shock yet.

“No, you saved someone. You saved six people’s lives.”

The indifferent voice attracted everyone’s attention, with a statement that seemed to confuse black with white. As far as Chai Gang was concerned, he seemed as if he was grasping at straws.

A person who was able to keep their cool during a time like this was definitely not an ordinary person. That type of person is definitely a genuine, boss level menace to society. —- Su Mo.

After a while he released the hand that was clamped around Chai Gang’s arm. Both of Su Mo’s hands came to rest in front of his chest within everyone’s view, “Gang Gang, the car was already going at a very fast speed. Even if you had tried to swerve to bring it to a stop, she wouldn’t have been able to escape her fate of being knocked into the sky… Moreover, you would have put all of our lives at risk.”

Su Mos word’s seemed reasonable enough that no one else raised any objections to it. At least he and Chai Gang, who was in the driver’s seat were neither dead nor seriously injured.

“You saved all of our lives.”

During that time of crisis, everybody’s attention was on the girl clad in red. Nobody was paying attention to Su Mo’s hidden movements. So, except for Chai Gang and himself, no one else was aware of the actual situation that occured during that moment.

“You kill, kill, killed somone!”

A shriek was heard from the back row seats, Xiao Ya covered Lu Lan Lan’s mouth with her hand, in fear that she would trigger Chai Gang who was already on edge.

Although it was like that, Xiao Ya was also looking at the expression in Chai Gang’s eyes. As he unintentionally revealed guarded and fearful emotions…

“Su, what Su said is right! This is nothing more than a game. The person that we just ran into is just a NPC, so it doesn’t count as having killed a person! Gang, what you did was perfectly fine!” Dai Xingzhang, who had just recovered from the shock hastily reassured.

“May, maybe…”

Maybe this wan’t all his doing!

In his heart he was crying out as Chai Gang looked towards Su Mo. After opening and closing his mouth a few times, he finally decided not to say anything.

The fresh blood that was on the windshield reminded everybody of what had just occured. For a moment, while everybody was quiet, the inside of the station wagon once more sank into a strange, awkward silence…


Along with the surprised noise, Chai Gang abruptly stomped down on the brake!

“Quick, quickly look! The blood is gone!”

They didn’t know when, but at some time the blood on the windshield had completely vanished and left it as clean as before, as if it was never there to begin with!

Upon seeing this, Mark said bewildered, “So… Just now, was that all just an illusion?”

If that was an illusion, then the only explanation is that this scenario is one of the most horrifying Supernatural categories to get. Although realising this, everyone couldn’t help themselves from simultaneously releasing a breath of relief.

Especially Chai Gang. He felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders and breathed out a ragged sigh of relief. He looked at Su Mo with a hopeful gaze and asked in a soft voice, “Did you figure it out beforehand?”

So is that why he grabbed hold of my hand and forced me to run into the person?

Su Mo didn’t respond, but rather revealed a bashful smile in Chai Gang’s direction.

His pair of eyes were as clear and tranquil as a lake, filled with a feeling that was pure, but also…. cold and detached.

In that moment Chai Gang reached a clear understanding. This man that was before him, seemed as if he was still an inexperienced and young person in comparison to him, but he was absolutely not as simply as merely ‘bold’.

“Huh? I think the car has broken down!”

After trying to start up the car a few times without any success, Chai Gang had no other choice, “Nobody move, I’m going to go check what’s wrong quickly.”

When he finished speaking, he took out a torch and climbed out of the car.

“I’ll come with you!”

The wise, old Dai Xingzhang was very experienced. He was keenly aware of the dangers one could face during the scenarios when they were alone, so he hastily followed him out of the car.

The two people walked to the back of the car. In the back there was the three new players as well as Xiao Ya, who was spending the time on her first task.

The sound of continuous sobbing was heard from the back of the vehicle, along with the sight of Lu Lanlan breaking down and collapsing into herself. A repressive atmosphere once more began to spread.

In comparison to Lu Lanlan, Mark was rather exceeding their expectations. Taking in how Mark was behaving previously, it would be correct to assume that he would be the first person to break down. However, how strange that at this moment he was completely composed and was only looking out of the window with a worried look on his face.

After being silent for a little while, Mark began to speak inexplicably, “That, Chai, he isn’t a willfull person. He is also good to us… so don’t resent him and especially don’t exclude him. Okay?”

Su Mo turned his head in astonishment, his clear eyes were filled with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, hey, what sort of expression is that? I am also good for the team!” He gave Su Mo a fierce stare. However soon after, unexpectedly an unnatural red colour began to emerge on Mark’s face.

Su Mo’s intelligence wasn’t for show, but when it came to the ways of the people, his experience was truely pitiful. So Su Mo who was simple to the ways of man, didn’t understand what could have caused the sudden change in Mark.

He doesn’t understand what it meant to trust someone, so the peculiarity of his actions caused Mark to be promoted to the level of a suspicious person in Su Mo’s mind.

In comparison to the simple Su Mo, Xiao Ya first looked surprised, then it became clear to her. She faintly smiled and her facial expression became much more relaxed.


Again a scream was heard, the scream came from Chai Gang who was standing outside the car.

The first person to dash out of the car was Mark with Su Mo following closely behind. Behind the car they discovered that nothing bad had happened to the the two people, only…

“She, she’s here!”

Chai Gang, with a flustered face looked at Su Mo, his eyes full of a look of earnest.

Grabbing the torch, Su Mo’s eyes followed to what Chai Gang was pointing to. There was actually a female corpse lying there!

The face and body of the female corpse was completely covered in blood and there was even traces on the body of having been run over by a tire. It was a horrible death. —— Right, this is the exact person that went flying after they hit them just earlier!

But that’s not the main point, the main point is…

“The sister, she’s the sister!” Xiao Ya who had just arrived cried out in disbelief.

The accident happened in the mere span of a few seconds. During that time period, Su Mo was unable to see the girl’s features clearly. Now that the light from the torch was shining down on her, even with only half of her face intact, you could clearly see that she looked extremely similar to the girl in the photo.

“Ah!! She… she’s that female ghost!” Lu Lanlan started shivering as she gripped firmly on Xiao Ya’s sleeve, refusing to let go.

Then out of nowhere, the corpse began to twitch. Even if they are aware that such things could occur in a Supernatural category, everyone still felt it difficult to keep the fear from spreading in their hearts… All except Su Mo that is.

Not only was Su Mo not scared, but he also pointed the torch at the corpse and took a big step towards it. He did a deep squat next to the corpse and began to enthusiastically examine the body .

Upon seeing this, Chai Gang and Dai Xingzhang glanced towards each other. They mutually understood that they had to resist the fear that was growing inside them.

It’s unnecessary to doubt whether the girl had died miserably. After sweeping his eyes over it twice, Chai Gang, who was afraid of being thought of as a timid person hastily spoke, “The car is already fixed now. Everyone stop paying attention to her, let’s quickly go!”

“Wait. Let’s bring her with us!”


Chai Gang drew back a few steps, unable to concieve the words that Su Mo had just said. “Bring her with us? Are you crazy?!”

The incident where they bumped into this thing, everyone originally felt terribly afraid. Where would they find the guts to also take this ‘mobile’ female corpse with them?

The older Dai Xingzhang was also terrified by the astonishing thing that Su Mo suggested, he hurriedly spoke, “Su, my boy Su, you can’t act recklessly!”

Seeing that he couldn’t act in this situation, Su Mo knit his brow, he had no other choice but to come up with a compromise. “There must be a clue on her body and since you don’t want to take her with us, then we will just have to carefully search her body!”

When he finished talking, Su Mo without showing any shame, immediately stretched out his hand and prepared to remove the clothing from the female corpe’s body.

However, when he was just about to touch the female corpe’s body, a hand dripping with fresh blood, suddenly reached up and firmly grabbed hold of Su Mo’s wrist!

At the same time, the dead female on the ground, who couldn’t be any more dead, unexpectedly opened her eyes!

“Fuck! The corpse has come back to life!”[2]There’s a superstitious belief that before being placed in coffins, the body of the dead may rise suddenly and dash out in pursuit of somebody.

Again a voice screamed out. Chai Gang who was scared witless fled to the direction of the car!

Although Dai Xingzhang did not scream, he ran faster than Chai Gang to the car.

At this point, the bloody hand that was gripping Su Mo’s wrist let go. The female corpse slowly stood up, trembling.

Su Mo took a few steps backwards, with his gaze fixed on the female corpse in order to guard against her. And at this time the station wagon switched on! What was unexpected was that everybody did not abandon Su Mo. Even more so was that Chai Gang came back from the car with a machete.

However, that being said, he still didn’t dare to draw too close to the female corpse. He was even standing close to the front of the car and called out in an awe-inspiring heroic manner, “Su brother, quickly get in the car! I’ll hold her off for you!”

“Pfff, krigk….”

In response to Chai Gang, the car made a noise of it dieing out. —- Nobody was getting out of there.

The female corpse didn’t move and neither did Su Mo. Don’t know whether it’s timed or what, but after the car died, everybody started to leave the car one after the other and within everybody’s hands, were weapons.

The strangest was Dai Xingzhang. In his right hand he held an iron rod and grasped in his left there was an unfamiliar talisman.

To face the ‘reanimated corpse’, Su Mo was able to keep his cool. You can’t say that there are many who are not afraid of death… But it is clear to see that he does not fear death. So he wasn’t worried about getting in the car, since he didn’t notice any trace of murderous intent from the corpse’s body.

The female corpse’s broken face was without a doubt terrifying, however Su Mo has since a long time ago gotten used to seeing things that were even more frightening. So this sort of small thing didn’t frighten him.

“Who are you?”

The female corpse didn’t answer Su Mo’s question, however she did open her mouthas if to speak.

“Don’t go, dangerous…”

His eyebrows raised, then Su Mo enquired further, “Where is it dangerous?”

The female corpse didn’t repy. She only repeated the same words. —- Don’t go. Dangerous.

Although, the female corpse doesn’t seem like she will be inclined to violence. However, in the dead of night, to be faced with this kind of face, any normal person wouldn’t be able to endure it.

When Su Mo still hadn’t returned after a short while, Chai Gang, who was absolutely terrified and holding in the urge to sob spoke, “Little bro Su, Big bro Su![3]苏兄弟,苏哥 I beg you, hurry up over here!”

Su Mo didn’t move. The female corpse was the first to move.

Wobbling, the female corpse took slow steps towards Su Mo.

She wants to touch?


Su Mo slowly moved a few steps to the left. It seemed as if the girl didn’t see his movements. Like an old person, she tottered from next to him and walked past, leaving behind fresh blood in her wake.

The other people also became aware of this and one by one gave way for the female corpse. Like this, the female corpse was able to pass through the crowd of people and shakily trudged towards a place in the distance.

“Don’t go, dangerous…”

The female corpse continued to repeat the same phrase. At this time, Mark threw Chai Gang’s arm away and discontently spoke, “You stepped on my foot.”

Chai Gang instinctively thought to apologise. After he realised it was Mark, he instantly felt angry and wanted to show his authority as the leader.

“Shut up! Stop talking!”

Xiao Ya shot him with a glare,[4]It was so difficult thinking of this cuz in my country we say “Skeefed him out.” Which is an accepted slang word and I didn’t know how else to say it. Lol(*/∇\*; ) Chai Gang whose dignity was at an all time low, dejectedly kept shut his mouth.

“Yesterday was my birthday, my younger brother gave me a special present, to celebrate my getting into university…”

Before the female disappeared, she left behind an indestinguishable phrase of words.

“Is she Tan Le’s older sister?”

Xiao Ya spoke with uncertainty, “Right! Since we saw her in the photo, the brother and sister haven’t aged more than three years. Tan Le is only around ten years old, yet this girl seems to already be an adult!”

They all weren’t idiots, they could all suspect that for the girl to have appeared here at this exact moment, it must have been intentional. And the fact that she kept repeating the same phrases without stop, Dai Xingzhang couldn’t help himself, ” ‘Don’t go, dangerous.’ What does she mean by that? She doesn’t want us to go and save Tan Le?”


Everyone was dumbfounded. Chai Gang inquired, “Young man, what did you say?”

“The code for the diary.”

“Su Mo looked towards Xiao Ya, “19560516, 19610516. Give it a try.”

Xiao Ya hastily took out the diary and after moving her hands back and forth a bit, a look of happiness appeared on her face, “It opened!”



Su Mo nodded his head, seemingly lost in thought, “First, the time and place we appeared in is disordered. The attic and the outside are in two different time zones. Secondly, the female ghost, the calender as well as the dressing mirror and vanity case are from a few years later.”

“I’ve deviated from the second point.” Su Mo guessed, “This year should actually be 1969 or 1968!”


Chai Gang was stupefied, “What do you mean, what does that mean? How is it the more I hear, the more confused I get!”

Chai Gang didn’t understand, but everyone else did.

Lu Lanlan who had yet to make a noise, immediately got back into the car and after a short while came out with a newspaper, looking pleasantly surprised. “I found it! Su was right, this year is 1969!”

“Why is it five years before?” Xiao Ya couldn’t understand.

“Because in five years, she would already be dead.”

Su Mo’s scrunched up brow smoothened as he smiled, “Get in the car, I’ll explain on the road.”


Author has something to say:

Su Mo: I have seen much more terrifying things.

Chu Han: …. Why are you looking at me when you say that?

PS: Tomorrow there will be two more updates at 12:00 and 21:00 (#^.^#)


T/N: I set a goal for myself of one update a week, so I’m sorry I missed last week, but my family and I got Covid and then there was also the preparations for Christmas etc. Anyway, thank you for the support! (*^3^)/~♡


1 Newton’s First Law of motion
2 There’s a superstitious belief that before being placed in coffins, the body of the dead may rise suddenly and dash out in pursuit of somebody.
3 苏兄弟,苏哥
4 It was so difficult thinking of this cuz in my country we say “Skeefed him out.” Which is an accepted slang word and I didn’t know how else to say it. Lol(*/∇\*; )


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