Split Personality
Split Personality – Chapter 8

~~ Uncle has arrived ~~

Have you ever played football?

Chu Han has, for example….. Right now!

With no blood and no screams, Chu Han was holding the head with an indifferent, cold look in his eyes.

With an odious sneer, Chu Han unexpectedly took his foot and kicked the little boy’s head into the air!

thump! thump! thump!

The head had become a ball, as he kicked it into the air a few times before letting it fall to the ground.

The little boy that had just lost his head, took a few small steps forward and picked up his head, once more feigning that all was fine.

“Big brother, now I’m mad!”


A gleam of light streaked past, as the dagger flew precisely into the little boys angry, left eye!

The little boy then fell to the ground and disappered out of sight….

At the same moment the sound of the little boy’s utterly exasperated roar came through from all directions. “I’m so angry! So angry! So I will change the game!”

The space distorted and the passageway disappeared. In front of Chu Han appeared a hidden chamber, or perhaps the cellar.

The inside of the cellar was thick with the smell of blood. There was a crucifix ahead of him, and bound to the crucifix was a pretty girl.

The girl’s body was full of evidence of having been whipped and beaten as she was riddled with scars and covered with fresh blood.

Chu Han was able to recognise the girl at a glance ——– He Wan Zhou’s daughter He Bei.

“Save me, save me….”

Her eyes were teary. Seeing He Bei in such a weak and pitiful state would cause anyone’s heart to ache for her.

On the floor in front of them was placed all kinds of weird and strange props. The little boy was meticulously picking out one while speaking to Chu Han, “Big brother, the game has now begun!”

Without acknowledging the boy, Chu Han walked and stood before the girl, her face full of hope.

With eye’s that were red and full of a look of insanity and infatuation. Chu Han’s mouth drew back into a smile full of ridicule, “Beautiful… work of art!”


Chai Gang felt himself becoming cold. Su Mo had suddenly turned into this incredibly frightening person and the only reason he could think to explain it would be: He was possessed by a ghost.

Althought the two of them were teammates, that was all that they were. There were no further, deeper feelings of friendship. Regarding the situation of the incredible likeliness of him having been possessed by a ghost, wouldn’t a normal person’s first course of action be to get as far away from them as possible?

Chai Gang wasn’t an exception. So when Su Mo proposed that they take different routes, he wanted to agree, but also didn’t want to.

However, it wouldn’t be very long since they had seperated before he would regret it. ——– Chai Gang picked up a lollipop; after which a pretty and delicate looking little boy appeared in front of him.

“Big brother, Jia Jia disappeared. Could you help me find him?”

The little boy had a sweet smile on his face but Chai gang felt his hair stand on end. —— This little boy wasn’t a random stranger, it was Tan Le.

For the little boy to suddenly show himself, it proved that they were a step closer to the root of the scenario. Also, besides himeself, there was no other person around, so he had no other choice but to brace himself and ask, “Who is Jia Jia?”

“He is my treasured object!”

Saying that, the little boy took a photograph out of his pocket. There was a small, cute puppy visible in the photo.

“He, he, he……”

His legs began to chake, Chai Gang started fearfully edging backwards.

“Huh? Has big brother seen Jia Jia before?”

Chai Gang really wanted to deny it, but the little boy didn’t give him the chance to. “Great! I’m certain that big brother will help me find him then!”

Finished speaking, the little boy turned around and disappeared from sight…

Being struck by surprise Chai Gang, as if fleeing, ran towards the direction that he had come from yelling loudly, “Su Mo! Su Mo! Help me!”

He was unable to find Su Mo, but instead found an evil hound whose skin had been peeled causing blood to stream, waiting for him.

The fierce dog was half a person’s hight in length, with blood dripping down its body and drool dripping from its mouth. With a ferocious and terrifying appearance, it was as creepy as it gets.


The ‘fuck’ hadn’t even had the chance to be said before the evil dog bared his canines at Chai Gang and pounced towards him!

“Help me!!”

His miserable cry echoed through the passageway as he turned around and ran like a bat out of Hell….

The dog continued to bark furiously behind him, stimulating his already frazzled nerves. With the dog on his tail, he ran frantically through the passageway, going round and round.


Panting with every breath, Chai Gang had already reached the limit of his capabilities.

However, the dog that was chasing him from behind seemed to not realise that he was tiring out and continuously kept a person’s length between the two of them.
At every point where Chai Gang’s speed decreased, the ferocious dog would try and scratch at or take a bite out of his buttocks.

Chai Gang didn’t see the two lines of blood that were streaking down his bottom and that it would bring much trouble to him. Even with the severe pain, he forced himself to keep running, keep running….

When a person finds their strength exhausted, they will then try and pull from their latent potential until they reach their maximum capabilities. The thing that was even more detestable, was that the horrid dog seemed to set its sight on Chai Gang’s perfectly perky buttocks and refused to strike or bite at any other place!

To rather accept death before humiliation, Chai Gang felt he had suffered enough from the humiliation and finally exploded!

“This snake, is this old man’s buttocks so delicious?!”

The anger strengthened this terrified person’s nerve as Chai Gang, who was panting heavily, finally went beserk. He raised his machete and brought it down on the ferocious dog with all his might!

But Chai Gang suddenly stopped, and the horrid dog unexpectedly came to a stop as well.

So now there was a man and a dog just staring, facing each other in the passageway.


Chai Gang knew very well that he wasn’t this dog’s opponent[1]Meaning that he is no match for the dog. It is said that to risk one’s life only to die an unexpected death is the greatest humiliation.(Although he was desperate, he didn’t want to die like that. It was too humiliating). If he had a way out, not to mention his arse, even if he had to cut off his front he would be okay. ——– It was just losing face[2]Ie. Being humiliated. In the end, after he has left this scenario, any wound or injury will recover anyways.

As a matter of fact, Chai Gang, was about to be willing to put his life on the line in order to protect his bottom, when he caught sight of a wooden door not too far off in the distance in the passageway. Teeming with the will to live, he erupted with energy, pushing himself to his limits with all his might!

Even though he didn’t know whether there would be an even greater threat behind the door, but his life was in imminent danger, so how could he care to think about that? After his bottom was once more tagged by the ferocious dog, he charged into the room at full force and firmly braced himself against the once more closed door!

bang! bang! bang!

Every time the crazed dog ramed against the door, a piece of wood would fall down. Chai Gang who’s heart was palpitating with the feeling of being on the verge of collapse, felt he had reached the end of his rope.

However, although pieces of the door were flying all over the place, the bright side was that the planks of the door itself was standing as firmly as ever.

Just then, the untiring and ferocious dog seemed to suddenly get an inexhaustible amount of strength. Compared to Chai Gang who had exhausted all of his strength earlier and was unable to think of any solutions, he felt he was on the road to his death.

Just as Chai Gang was racking his brain, trying to think of any way to escape, the ramming against the door suddenly stopped.

Not only that, but the stench and smell of blood that had been continuously assailing his nose also vanished. It seemed as if the ferocious dog….. had left?

Feeling bewildered, Chai Gang covertly cracked the door open an inch. And he saw that aside from the puddles of blood, there was nothing else outside there.

Sure enough, the evil dog had gone!

“Ha ha! This old man’s luck really is…..”

His celebration had only been half spoken before he felt his body freeze.

step, step…. step, step…..

The clear sound of footsteps came from behind him, every step causing his disappointing heart to tremble and his hair began to stand on end, as he broke out into a cold sweat.

As the steps drew nearer, there was suddenly a horrible feeling of extreme evil.

The feeling seemed familiar, similar to….

His forehead began to prickle with a cold sweat and his spine tingled as he was building up the courage to slowly turn around.


In the corner of his eye he just managed to catch a glimpse of a clump of black before his body was immediately pushed against the door by an incredible strength!
At the same time his neck was firmly clenched by a strong hand!


Sucking air in through his teeth from the pain of the impact.
On the one hand there was the familiar, enlarged face above him and in part because of his poor buttocks being pressed against the door panels, Chai Gang’s small eyes were filled with pleasant surprise yet terror.

The person who had just completed the task and was walking over was none other than the second personality that was still occupying the body, —- Chu Han!

Upon seeing Chai Gang’s constantly changing complexion, Chu Han flashed him an odious smile.

Bending down, Chu Han whispered into his ear, “Was that fun?”

At this moment, Chai Gang felt a incomparable sense of regret that he had not been eaten up by that evil hound. —— Although the evil hound was very scary, the clearly possessed Su Mo was much more terrifying!!

Feeling the warm sound drift through his ears, Chai Gang, felt his scalp tingle with a sense of terror, “Su, Su…..”

“It’s Uncle!” [3]He says this as people older than you in your family have a higher position than you. Therefore he is telling him to refer to him in a more respectful tone to signify a more powerful position

Chai Gang readily changed his tune, “Uncle!”

Besides the feeling and appearance, Chai Gang was unable to sense even an iota of Su Mo’s trace in this person. Were it not for his face being the same, and having seen with his own eyes Su Mo suddenly changing, Chai Gang would definitely suspect that he had mistaken him for someone else.

“Good boy!”

Releasing his hold, Chu Han actually didn’t kill him.

Leaving Chai Gang in his confused state, Chu Han went and sat on the wooden chair in front of the desk.

Without knowing from where he got a hold of a glass and red wine, Chai Gang quitely watched Chu Han, as he behaved as if he was the incarnation of an aristocratic gentleman, holding up the glass as he savoured the taste —— Looking at his satisfied expression, it would seem as if he came here for his holiday.


Swallowing down his saliva, Chai Gang felt scared to death.

Because, the alcohol that was in Chu Han’s glass, suddenly started to emit the the thick, foul smell of blood!

Facing the evil hound from before, Chai Gang still had the courage to fight. But, upon seeing Chu Han that was sitting, bone straight on the wooden chair, with a satisfied expression from his “wine-tasting”, and him being the coward that he was, he didn’t even have the courage to run away. —— even if someone opened the door for him.

Finishing the glass of what seemed to be a bloody alcohol, Chu Han was finally satisfied.

Looking at Chai Gang with one eye, he spoke, half laughing, “Come sit!”

Feeling that he had gone stiff with fear, Chai Gang tottered his way until he came to the side of the chair. He was just about to sit down, when ‘teng’, he jumped right back up!


“I, I won’t sit!”

His face turned into a purplish red. Even if it hurt like hell, Chai Gang couldn’t dare to let out a cry.

Having passed two scenarios before, Chai Gang’s physical constitution was already twice as strong as a regular person’s. Lifting his bottom, although he was in terrible pain, the wound had already started to scab.

Fixing his gaze upon Chai Gang’s bleeding buttocks, the smile on Chu Han’s face seemed to deepen.

“That’s a great look!”

Great look? What’s great?

Covering his buttocks, Chai Gang slowly started backing away.

When his line of sight once more met Chu Han’s, he once more experienced a level of fear as if he was falling into an endless abyss….

When your feeling of fear reaches its limit, a person will naturally collapse under the weight of it; If the situation continued, Chai Gang would be no different!

It’s just that, the expression on his face after he broke down…

A thump was heard as Chai Gang immediately dropped to the floor and started prostrating, putting his hands together in a praying stance, pleading pathetically, “Su… No wait, Uncle! Uncle, please do me a favour, I don’t have a lot of meat on my bones, and my blood is practically foul! I’m begging you to have mercy upon mel!

Okay, Chai Gang knew that Chu Han wouldn’t kill him. But the purpose of this was to make sure that he saves his remaining blood. —— After all, fresh blood is much better to drink than old blood, isn’t it?

While Chai Gang was busy begging for his life, he realised something: Maybe the evil hound didn’t let him go, but was rather scared away by something that it found even more terrifying….

Whatever the truth was wasn’t important, and Chai Gang also didn’t dare to open his mouth and actually ask about it. The him in that moment only had one thougtht on his mind —— Please don’t kill and bleed me dry!

Although Chu Han had become abnormal, it hadn’t yet reached the extent that he would drink a living person’s blood. And this entire time, in his tyrannical state, he still hadn’t killed Chai Gang, showing that he still had his reason to him.

“Open it!”

A blue thing flew past, Chai Gang quickly caught it. ——- Surprisingly it was a blue diary.


Beside the colour being different, this diary when compared to the sister’s pink diary, was an exact replica. Even the password being an eight number lock was the same.

After trying the sister’s birth date to unlock the diary and failing, Chai Gang looked to Chu Han while trembling, “Un, Uncle! I…. I can’t get it to open!”

Chu Han once more poured himself a glass of wine and whilst drinking the wine, he languishly answered, “19590312.”

Chai Gang anxiously put in the code. The diary was unlocked; opening the diary, the first thing that fluttered out of it was a medical record.

When he looked at the contents of the perfectly preserved medical record that was inside the diary, Chai Gang felt his eyes open wide in a disbelieving stare!

“My God! So it’s actually like this!”

At that moment the sound of the system went off:

[Congratulations player Su Mo, Chai Gang, for successfully solving the scenario item —– Tan Le’s Diary.]

[Inside Tan Le’s diary is the account of the truth behind the tradegy that occured in the former residence. The bloody truth will always be worse than the fairytales! If a scar is opened, will it still be able to heal again?…. Players, please hurry up and save Tan Le.]

[Task changing….]

[Time limited task: Within three hours players must escape from the former residence! If you fail to escape, the whole team will be destroyed!]


Author has something to say:
Su Mo: Do you like it?
Chu Han: It’s not your time to come out!


1 Meaning that he is no match for the dog
2 Ie. Being humiliated
3 He says this as people older than you in your family have a higher position than you. Therefore he is telling him to refer to him in a more respectful tone to signify a more powerful position


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