Start by Spending One Billion [Entertainment Industry]
Start by Spending One Billion [entertainment industry] Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Well, this fits the character description perfectly.

Yu Xiangwan’s flaws are quite obvious. In the book, he’s a controversial character. His first appearance was to apologize to his boss’s son, and he ended up chugging a whole bottle of liquor on the spot, fainting and being sent to the hospital after resolving the mess caused by the boss’s son.

He’s ruthless to others, but even more so to himself.

Undoubtedly, he’s very capable. However, as a character who climbed up from the bottom of the entertainment industry, many of his methods are too extreme.

To put it bluntly, he’s like a double-edged sword.

In his mind, there’s no right or wrong.

The person wielding this sword can make him do anything, and unfortunately, in the book, his boss is an antagonist. So, every time he appears, it’s basically like opening the floodgates for a heated debate in the comments section.

And now, Sheng Quan is his boss.

Sheng Quan dares to say that if she were to mention whoever she wants, Yu Xiangwan would go to great lengths to bring them to her. After all, the first time she met him, he was trying to “sell himself” to raise money for his adopted mother’s medical treatment. When he had no other options, his only thought was to sell himself.

If it weren’t for Sheng Quan’s timely intervention, he would have almost sold himself.

In the book, he always dressed very conservatively to hide the horrific scars covering his body. This is also why readers still have controversial opinions about him despite his ruthless actions. Although the book doesn’t describe it in detail, any reader can tell that Yu Xiangwan has experienced many unimaginable tragedies.

Sheng Quan looked at Yu Xiangwan’s wrist as he rolled up his sleeves, his skin fair and flawless. He doesn’t have those horrific scars yet, so those scars that caused him to wrap himself in long sleeves and pants for life should be from after he “sold himself.”

She saw that Yu Xiangwan was still looking at her earnestly, as if he were ready to immediately bring her the most beautiful and handsome men at her command. Sheng Quan couldn’t help but laugh and cry.

“No need, just looking at them is pleasing enough. They are actors, not escorts.”

After a moment of thought, she looked at Yu Xiangwan again and felt that although it’s probably unlikely to change this loyal subordinate’s worldview, she still earnestly added, “And you, you’re my producer, not a pimp. I didn’t hire you for that. Just focus on your job.”

“Just focus on your job”—

This sentence was very unfamiliar to Yu Xiangwan. He started working at a young age, coming to the entertainment industry at eighteen. In this fiercely competitive and unconventional industry, there’s no concept of doing a good job and being satisfied.

But now, there’s someone saying this to him.

For Yu Xiangwan, who has struggled at the bottom for a long time, this is something very new.

Just like when he first met Sheng Quan, he deliberately wore his most expensive clothes, fixed his hair, and took a shower before being brought to the hotel. At that time, he was even prepared to be abused.

But when he arrived, he only saw a young girl handing him a contract.

“I heard you’re very capable at your job. I need a manager who is very familiar with the entertainment industry.”

Before that, Yu Xiangwan had never heard anyone praise his work ability. Instead, people often looked at him with lecherous eyes, subtly or directly implying that he should use his body to climb up the ladder.

Yu Xiangwan had never accepted those people’s words, but deep down, he seemed to be influenced by those words, gradually believing that his body was his only valuable asset.

So when his adopted mother needed money for her illness, he finally walked down that path.

But now, Sheng Quan, who bought him, just wants him to do his job well.

There was a hint of bewilderment in Yu Xiangwan’s dark eyes because all the information he had received from others was that he was only valuable for his looks and body. He believed in his ability, but this was the first time someone else believed in his ability.

Although he felt an indescribable feeling in his heart, he still obediently nodded. “Okay, I will follow your words.”

It inexplicably gave people the feeling of being very obedient.

Sheng Quan felt a bit itchy when she saw the earnest and serious look in Yu Xiangwan’s eyes. She felt like she wanted to pat Yu Xiangwan’s head.

After silently repeating “he’s a person, not a cute little animal” several times in her mind, she finally suppressed this impulse.

The words in the book and the living person in reality are different, and Sheng Quan has always been deeply aware of this since coming to this world.

In the book, Director Wan seemed very stubborn, willing to go bankrupt to finish this drama. But upon actual contact, she realized that it was his confidence in his own talent and his determination to have no other way out.

This is a high-stakes gamble, but at this moment, he can’t see the outcome and doesn’t know if he’ll leave due to illness.

In the book, Yan Hui is a graceful gentleman, and what people see more is his gentleness and tolerance. When Sheng Quan sees him, besides seeing his gentle demeanor, she also sees his plight and powerlessness in life.

Even if he’s gentle to others, when he’s powerless, he’s truly powerless.

The Yu Xiangwan in the book is both righteous and evil, resorting to any means to achieve his goals. But after Sheng Quan helps him through a difficult time, she immediately feels his stubborn loyalty and complete obedience.

It’s like a loyal little wolf.

Sheng Quan had a little to drink today, and her mind started wandering. But outwardly, she only had a slight flush on her face.

Even so, Yu Xiangwan still insisted on escorting her to her room and poured warm water for her. After watching Sheng Quan sit on the bed, he took something out of his bag and began to search the room.

Sheng Quan was puzzled. “What’s that?”

“A detector,” Yu Xiangwan said as he walked around the room, smiling and turning to her. “Some extreme fans install hidden cameras in celebrities’ homes or hotels. This detector, borrowed from a friend, can detect whether there are any cameras.”

Sheng Quan also remembered. She had seen news reports before about hidden cameras in some small hotels. When she traveled for work in her previous life and stayed in hotels, she would use a detector for peace of mind.

Of course, there wouldn’t be such issues in her luxurious suite worth nearly two hundred thousand yuan per night. But in this new hotel, she hadn’t thought about it.

In her previous life, people usually used apps or devices like KingDetector to check, but it was the first time Sheng Quan had seen someone use professional tools for inspection.

She curiously went to look at the detector in Yu Xiangwan’s hand. “You can borrow such a professional detector?”

Seeing Sheng Quan’s curiosity, Yu Xiangwan brought it over for her to examine carefully. He explained, “Some extreme fans install cameras in celebrities’ homes or hotels for secret recordings. So, this kind of detector is very common in the industry.”

But Sheng Quan isn’t a celebrity. His bringing this shows that he prioritizes all aspects of Sheng Quan’s privacy.

Just for this, Sheng Quan feels the money spent on Yu Xiangwan is worth it.

She even speculates whether Yu Xiangwan’s goodwill toward her has already reached its peak. Instantly reaching maximum goodwill toward someone is almost impossible, but it seems reasonable for Yu Xiangwan.

If not for Yu Xiangwan’s mysterious character, she would definitely choose him as the first beneficiary. After all, both his goodwill and ability are outstanding.

She praised Yu Xiangwan with a smile, “You’re so thoughtful. I’ll give you a bonus for this.”

Yu Xiangwan shook his head. “No need for a bonus. This is just part of my job.”

“No, with your abilities, you definitely deserve a bonus. I’ll give it to you next month.”

Why next month? Because most of this month’s money was spent on shaping her wealthy image.

The entertainment industry in this world is similar to the one in her previous life, where money talks.

As long as you have money, directors, writers, and actors can get any resources they want.

She’s not just here for a one-time deal; she plans to stay here for a long time. Although it’s only her first task now, there will be many more tasks to come. So, shaping her wealthy image is important.

Real billionaires don’t need to be deliberate because they already have various connections and resources. But Sheng Quan doesn’t have that.

She needs to show her wealth and power to pave the way for her future endeavors.

Most importantly, it’s mentioned in the book that Yan Hui offended people during this period. If her ‘backer’ Yan Hui doesn’t show strength and wealth, how can she control those people?

As she thinks about this, Sheng Quan closes her eyes and falls asleep in a daze. She’s very tired, but fortunately, she didn’t wear makeup today, so she doesn’t have to get up to remove it. And with her first reliable subordinate by her side, she can sleep peacefully.

Before falling asleep, Sheng Quan even remembers to remind Yu Xiangwan, who is still thinking about how to make money, “Study and gain experience diligently. I’m relying on you to oversee ‘Life’s Journey.’ And remember to wake me up for Yan Hui’s audition tomorrow…”

She doesn’t finish her sentence before falling asleep.

Yu Xiangwan, as an adult male, is surprised that Sheng Quan, a young girl, can fall asleep while he’s still in the room. It’s definitely a sign of trust.

This is the first time in Yu Xiangwan’s life that he has received such trust.

He steps forward and gently covers Sheng Quan with the blanket. Without realizing it himself, his usually gloomy eyes soften.

He can’t put into words how grateful he feels towards Sheng Quan. Before deciding to sell himself, he was prepared to face anything.

But in the end, Sheng Quan only wanted him to work normally.

She even said she trusted his abilities.

Yu Xiangwan’s heart is filled with emotions he can’t express. He wants to say some grateful words, but he feels actions speak louder than words.

In the end, this young man, who was once described in the book as “ruthless and heartless,” softly promises the sleeping girl:

“Okay, I’ll follow your instructions.”

The next day, Sheng Quan is awakened by Yu Xiangwan’s gentle knock on the door.

She yawns and gets up to open the door. “What time is it?”

“Ten thirty. The audition is at one in the afternoon.”

Yu Xiangwan lowers his head to check his watch. “Breakfast will be delivered in half an hour.”

Sheng Quan nods. “Okay, I’ll take a shower first.”

Sheng Quan glances at the time and discovers another advantage of Yu Xiangwan.

He’s very good at managing time. If she finishes showering, skincare, and eats a meal before setting off, she’ll arrive around twelve fifty.

Sheng Quan bet that Yu Xiangwan definitely anticipated she would take a shower before coming to call her. As for how he figured it out, she doesn’t know.

Once in the car, Sheng Quan smells a faint scent of grass, similar to her shampoo scent. It’s clear that Yu Xiangwan noticed she didn’t quite like the original scent in the car yesterday.

One has to admit, being so meticulously cared for is really comfortable. Sheng Quan is very satisfied, so she quietly raises Yu Xiangwan’s wage level in her mind.

She’s actually quite curious about the salary of the driver in front of the car because she’s already itching to poach him in the future.

Yes, it’s the driver assigned to her by the hotel.

The service awareness of this hotel is really advanced. Even when Sheng Quan is “on a business trip,” this driver can accompany her, and the hotel reimburses the plane tickets.

The reason Sheng Quan wants to poach him is that he’s truly a super dedicated driver. He never talks much but always lends a hand when she needs help, whether it’s her eating pancakes in the car or the astonishing statement from Yu Xiangwan yesterday about “sending someone to warm her bed.” He had no reaction, silently driving his car.

Most importantly, Sheng Quan only found out in the morning that the driver opposite her had left his door wide open all night.

In other words, as soon as someone wanted to approach her door, he would know immediately.

No one asked him; he took on the role of a bodyguard himself.

After spending these days together, Sheng Quan, who was initially not used to having a driver, completely changed her mind.

And she also realized that she still needs some manpower around her. After all, it’s not her previous life now. Even if she doesn’t consider her inner feelings, at least outwardly, she looks like a wealthy person. Even if she doesn’t talk about handling matters, personal safety still needs assurance.

Of course, she’s just thinking about it in her mind for now. After all, she can still freeload at the moment, fleece a bit from the system’s wool.

Sheng Quan makes a mental note of this matter.

Now the most important thing is Yan Hui.

He is the beneficiary of this task, and whether she continues to fleece the system’s wool or becomes financially comfortable depends on Yan Hui.

Yan Hui showed up.

He didn’t hesitate for long, simply brought two pieces of clothing, and bought the cheapest hard seat. Because he had to transfer halfway, he ended up taking twenty-three hours to get here.

In the end, it all comes down to saving money.

When he arrived at the crew, visible fatigue was evident on his face, but he tried hard to force himself to perk up.

The long journey didn’t make Yan Hui impatient; instead, it made him cherish this opportunity even more. He knew early on that giving may not necessarily lead to rewards, but since he had already given, he naturally had to try his best to give all the effort he could.

On the train, he finished reading the original novel of “The Road of Life.” The first time was to understand the whole text, and after the second time, he began to ponder Qin Heng’s character in his heart and how other characters perceived Qin Heng. When there were few people going to the restroom at night, he hid inside, practicing expressions in front of the mirror repeatedly.

Why did he come? Yan Hui himself wasn’t very clear. Perhaps it was for that tiny sliver of hope.

If he could get this role, there would be a paycheck.

And, there’s always a lingering hope in his heart.

Although he never seems to achieve the life he wants.

But just in case, what if…

The crew was easy to talk to, and they even sent him the script in advance, so his hopes increased slightly.

To be honest, Yan Hui hardly slept a few hours on this journey. Even those few hours were him forcing himself to sleep because he knew he needed rest. His state of exhaustion is visible to the naked eye, but when he was led into the studio by the crew, Yan Hui’s posture straightened instantly.

This is Yan Hui. Once he makes up his mind, no matter how difficult, he will present his best state.

Yan Hui carries an uneasy feeling as he looks ahead, planning to introduce himself to the casting director. As he raises his eyes, he sees Sheng Quan sitting in the center, propping up her chin with a smile, looking at him.

A moment of astonishment flashes through his gentle eyes… Is it her?

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