Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 20.2

At the gate of the community, Cheng Chu got out of the car and said softly to the young man, “Then I’ll go first.”

    Gu Miao lowered her eyes and nodded.

    The gate of the community was brightly lit. Cheng Chu walked a few steps, then stopped.

    “Cheng Chu.” The boy’s voice fluttered in the night wind of the sea market.

    Cheng Chu looked back.

    Under the moonlight, the boy straddled the bicycle and looked up at her slightly.

    His dark eyes were as deep as night, as if a gentle and bright moonlight had been cast into them.

    Those sharp-boned hands were gripping the handlebars, and the backs of the hands were bruised with blue veins.

    “What’s wrong?” Cheng Chu asked.

    The boy’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he stammered: “For example, if you are still afraid tomorrow, I can send you.”

    If you are still afraid in the future, I am willing to send you all the time.

    Several cars whizzed by on the side of the road. Taking advantage of the flickering taillights, Gu Miao finally summoned up the courage to raise her eyes slightly.

    He looked at the slim girl not far away.

    She was wearing a large winter school uniform, her small white face was as pure as white porcelain under the moonlight, and a smile gradually flowed from her gleaming peach blossom eyes.

    “Okay, I’m afraid tomorrow too.”

    There was joy in her voice, and the end of her voice rose slightly: “I should be afraid the day after tomorrow, and I will be afraid the day after that.”

    “Can you send me?” She walked up to Gu Miao, her beautiful peach blossom eyes curved into two crescent moons.

    The light fragrance of her body floated in the air, and Gu Miao felt his fingertips trembling involuntarily.

    “Ye-yes.” It was just a simple word, but he stuttered again.

    “Then, we’ll see you tomorrow?” Cheng Chu smiled and said softly, “Good night.”

    “Night, good night.” Gu Miao looked at the girl’s retreating back and said in a husky voice.

    That night, Gu Miao wiped his bicycle inside and out again, and even found a soft pad to put on the back seat of the bicycle.

    He called the owner of the powder shop and prayed that the evening shifts would be moved to noon and weekends.

    The night was quiet, Gu Miao hung up the phone and began to silently look forward to the arrival of tomorrow.

    The last class on Wednesday was an interest class. During Cheng Chu’s piano practice time, she was often detained in the classroom recently, so before class, she told Gu Miao not to wait for her after school.

    Sure enough, when it was time for school, the music teacher knocked on the door of the piano room and asked her to go to the music classroom.

    When she got there, only a few people were standing in the small classroom.

    Cheng Chu saw that Ji Mingyue was among them, so she leaned over and asked, “What’s the matter, this is?”

    The few people standing around were special music students and knew each other. When they saw Cheng Chu coming, they all turned around to say hello.

    “It seems that there will be a New Year’s Day party next week. Let’s choose someone to perform.” One of them said.

    Before Cheng Chu could answer, the music teacher rushed in.

    She looked around a few times and said, “Everything is here, then I’ll say it. Next week, the school will hold a party. We will have two programs, one for chorus and one for piano and violin ensemble.”

    “Chorus group, for those of you, I will send you the sheet music, you can go back and practice it, and then to play the violin and piano ensemble, Ji Mingyue, go back and practice quickly.” The teacher said a lot like a burst of cannons, and just sent the sheet music, urging everyone to go back, leaving only Cheng Chu and Zhou Qiqi.

    There was a piano in the corner of the music classroom, a few chairs were scattered randomly, the cold winter wind blew the light blue curtains, and the classroom was messy and desolate.

    There are two special students for piano this year, Zhou Qiqi and Cheng Chu, and Ji Mingyue is the only special student for violin.

    The reason why the teacher kept them here is self-evident.

    Zhou Qiqi clenched the corner of her clothes and quietly raised her eyes to look at Cheng Chu.

    It was getting dark quickly in winter, and the street lamps were already lit outside, and a few strands of warm yellow light shone into the house.

    She was never better than her, Zhou Qiqi lowered his head sadly.

    The classroom was silent, and the music teacher cleared his throat and said, “I want Zhou Qiqi to play the piano part this time.”

    Zhou Qiqi raised her eyes suddenly and looked at the teacher in disbelief.

    “If you think something is unfair, Cheng Chu, you can also choose to compete with the two tomorrow and let Ji Mingyue and the others vote.”

    “No need, teacher.” Cheng Chu’s voice was calm, “I think it’s good to go with Qiqi.”

    “Okay, then well, our chorus just happens to lack a piano accompaniment, so you can play when the time comes. “The teacher said.

    Cheng Chu nodded.

    By the time the two walked out of the music building, it was already dark, and the warm yellow lights on the side of the road were pouring out, as if covering the icy road with a veil.

    “My schoolbag is still in the classroom. I want to go back and get it, you go first. “Cheng Chu waved to Zhou Qiqi: “Goodbye.”

    “Wait, Cheng Chu.” “Zhou Qiqi stopped her: “For the performance, we can compare again tomorrow, it will be fairer.” “

    “No need. Cheng Chu smiled, “I’ve been in a bad state recently, and it’s embarrassing to go on stage. The light work of accompaniment is more suitable for me. 

Under the warm light, the petite girl lowered her head, showing only the top of her hair. Her thin shoulders drooped slightly, like a lost kitten.

    Cheng Chu walked a few steps and patted her on the shoulder. , “Be confident, you play very well, no worse than me. “

    The cold wind was howling, but Zhou Qiqi felt a sense of warmth from the bottom of her heart. She looked up at the bright girl in front of her and said, “Thank you, Cheng Chu.” “

    She has never been confident.

    She is not as good-looking as Cheng Chu, her piano is not as good as her, and she is not as popular as she is.

    In all the piano performances and competitions in the past, as long as there is Cheng Chu, she can only be like a green leaf, bleak and dull.

    She was not willing to be jealous of Cheng Chu.

TL’s Note: As promised, this is the next chapter. This is my first time translating alone, so if I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me. Danke.

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