Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 20.3

But one afternoon, she finished her practice and passed the piano room.

    There is no air conditioning in the piano room in summer. Every strand of hair reveals a delicate girl bowing her head.

    Her smooth forehead was covered with sweat, and strands of fine hair stuck to her cheeks. In the hot and narrow piano room, she was like a clockwork toy, head bowed, practising repeatedly and tirelessly.

    At that moment, she knew what kind of hard work made the bright and beautiful girl she admired.

    Some girls deserve everything good.

    On winter nights, the holly trees planted at the entrance of the music building were rustled by the wind.

    Saying goodbye to Zhou Qiqi, Cheng Chu walked into the dark teaching building alone.

    The surroundings were quiet, and the footsteps stepped on the tiled floor, making a soft sound. Cheng Chu felt the darkness and walked up the stairs.

    Not far from the second floor, the bright light passed through the dark aisle and fell into Cheng Chu’s eyes.

    There was silence in the corridor, Cheng Chu slowed down and approached the classroom.

    The bitter winter wind of the night roared in the classroom.

    Cheng Chu saw the boy sitting in the corner of the classroom with his head down and turning over a book.

    “Gu Miao.” She called softly.

    A clear voice suddenly sounded, Gu Miao raised his eyes suddenly, and when he saw it was her, she quickly stood up.

    He moved in a hurry, and even tipped the chair over.

    There was a loud bang, like thunder in a silent night.

    Cheng Chu was startled and hurried over to help him pick up the chair.

    “Why haven’t you gone back yet, didn’t I say it’s too late, so you shouldn’t wait?” The boy took the chair, lowered his head, his eyelashes trembling, “It’s too dark, the way you go home is too dark.”

    He was afraid she would be afraid.

    The winter night in Haishi is filled with cold fog, and the window is hazy.

    Cheng Chu only felt that a part of her heart fell into the misty fog, hesitating and confused, and she was a little overwhelmed.

    She couldn’t help but quietly raise her eyes and look at Gu Miao’s face.

    Under the light, his dark eyes seemed to be sprinkled with sparks of fireworks, with shimmering light.

    The fireworks in his eyes seemed to be hot, so hot that Cheng Chu’s ears reddened unconsciously.

    “Then let’s go quickly.” She turned around, took out her schoolbag from her seat in disguise, and stopped looking at him.

    The bicycles were rolling leisurely on the trails, the holly leaves fell all over the ground, and the wheels made a crisp noise.

    Cheng Chu grabbed the corner of his clothes and sniffed the clean soap smell on his body.

    She couldn’t help but get closer.

    From a distance of a millimeter, she let her cheeks touch his broad back.

    The night wind blew slightly, and the clean smell of soap seemed to be closer. Cheng Chu pursed her lips and tightened her hand on the corner of his clothes. She couldn’t help but stick forward to sniff him again.

    The bike stopped suddenly, and Gu Miao’s voice was extremely low.


    Cheng Chu stopped abruptly, she suddenly released the hand clutching the corner of his clothes, and jumped off the bike.

    The heart that was beating disorderly gradually calmed down. Cheng Chu touched her schoolbag strap, raised her eyes and said to Gu Miao, “Then I’m leaving, thank you for sending me back.”

    Gu Miao lowered his eyes and nodded silently.

    The air was stagnant for a moment, and Cheng Chu was about to turn around when he heard a strange “grunt” sound.

    She looked back, and saw the tall boy sitting on the bicycle in front of her, with his head lowered, his ears were already red.

    “Are you hungry?” Cheng Chu asked softly.

    She guessed that the boy must not have eaten anything, but he stayed up until now in order to wait for her.

    “N-no.” Gu Miao quickly denied it.

    She just wished she hadn’t left earlier so that she could hear his funny stomach growl. Listening to him, Cheng Chu knew that he must be trying to be brave again.

    “How long will it take you to go home?” Cheng Chu couldn’t hold back and asked.

    Gu Miao pondered for a few seconds before telling the truth, “An hour. “

    So long? How hungry would he be when he got home?

    Cheng Chu felt a little pain in his heart, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Would you like to go to my house for a meal first?” In the whistling cold wind, Gu Miao froze and almost fell off the seat.

TL’s Note: Sorry, for the extremely late update, I had an exam. As an apology, I will aim to upload at least ten chapters. After I finish this project, I’m gonna do an apocalypse one, cause that’s the best genre ever. Once again, sorry.

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