Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 21.1

The winter night in Hehai city is cold, and the cold wind whistles and blows the holly trees by the roadside.

    Everything was quiet, Gu Miao seemed to hear his own heart beat faster than one, and the cold blood in his body seemed to be ignited and raged unscrupulously.

    He should have refused, but the desire in his body was surging, almost surpassing his little remaining sanity.

    In the cold night, a few holly leaves gently fell on the back of his hand with the night wind.

    The girl took a few steps, reached out to help him brush the leaves away, then raised her eyes and said to him, “Let’s go.”

    She tugged at his sleeve very naturally, “My family doesn’t live with me; don’t be afraid of embarrassment.”

    Gu Miao felt that his strength was taken away, he got off the bicycle, pushed it and followed her into the community gate.

    In the security booth at the gate of the community, a few wisps of bright light came out.

    Cheng Chu didn’t bring the touch key at the gate of the community, so he had to knock on the window of the security booth.

    After a few seconds, he stuck his head out of the window and saw Cheng Chu, the security uncle had a smile on his serious face.

    “School is over?”

    Cheng Chu nodded, “Can uncle help open the door?”

    “Okay.” Uncle security pressed the button, and the closed door slowly opened.

    The clearer his vision became, the clearer he saw the handsome young man standing behind her, he hesitated and asked, “This is?”

    Cheng Chu said, “This is my classmate who came to my house for dinner.”

    “Oh, okay, then you don’t need to register, let’s go in.” The security guard said with a smile.

    He felt that Cheng Chu looked like a good boy with excellent character and study, and he should not be able to do things like puppy love.

    The high-end community pays attention to greening, and even in the cold winter, the vegetation is still lush.

    Gu Miao silently followed behind Cheng Chu, her footsteps getting heavier.

    He suddenly regretted following in obediently like this, isn’t it a bit bad to go to a girl’s house like this?

    But the longing in the depths of the heart is quietly surging. It seems to be a rising tide of sea water, which intensifies, gradually surpassing those worries and hesitations.

    He greedily wanted to get closer to her and see where she lived.

    The elevator in the community is very spacious, and the two of them are separated by an arm-length, like strangers.

    Cheng Chu quietly moved a few steps closer to him.

    The small TV in the elevator was playing a safety video, but Gu Miao didn’t hear it at all. All his attention was given to the girl next to him.

    She got closer, and she was still carrying the slightly cold air from the winter night, which made his heart tighten for a while.

    Gu Miao felt that his body was suddenly too stiff to move, and he didn’t know if she was frozen or nervous.

    Fortunately, the elevator “ding” sounded, and the floor finally arrived.

    Cheng Chu stepped out of the elevator and opened the door with her fingerprints.

    She took off her shoes, turned her head and said to the boy who was still standing there: “Just park your bicycle beside the door, come in.”

    There is only one household on each floor of this building, so the room is spacious and you can put things at will. .

    Gu Miao parked the car at the far corner, trying not to take up any space, and then hesitantly stepped into the girl’s house.

    Her home is very large, and the furniture is simple light gray, revealing a neutral taste.

    “Here, put on your slippers.”

    Gu Miao lowered his eyes, a pair of pale pink plush rabbit slippers were placed on the brown-black wooden floor.

    It was as if a piece of softness was falling into the pile of stones, and these fluffy slippers became the only bright color in this cold home.

    Gu Miao pursed his lips.

    “I’m sorry, we only have two pairs of slippers at home, or you can wear the pair on my feet.”

    Gu Miao lowered his eyes.

    The girl’s small feet are covered with a pair of light blue bunny slippers, and the long bunny ears are sewn on both sides, which is very cute.

    What she wore on her feet was obviously a pair with the pink ones.

    Gu Miao’s ears turned red, and almost the next second, he put on the pair of light pink slippers.

    “No, it’s fine, this pair is fine.” He said hesitantly.

    The boy’s pale profile face was stern, and his body still had the chill of the winter night, but he was wearing a pair of pink bunny slippers on his feet.

    He lowered his head slightly and looked at the pair of plush slippers, revealing the roots of his red ears.

    Cheng Chu felt like fireworks had exploded in her heart, and even felt that she was about to die.

    How can he be so cute!

    The heating is at a suitable temperature in the house, which makes people feel warm in their hearts.

    Cheng Chu tried her best to suppress the smile at the corner of her mouth, pursed her lips, and said casually, “Let’s go, let’s go to dinner.”

    Aunt Zhao’s son’s condition has improved a lot, but sometimes she needs to take care of him, so she only goes to Cheng Chu’s house every day to make lunch and dinner. Then, she went home to take care of her son.

    Cheng Chu walked to the kitchen, took out the food from the steamer, and turned around to get a bowl for the rice.

    The teenager squeezed into the kitchen at some point, and took her bowl to help her.

    “No, go and sit outside, there is no reason to let guests do things.” Cheng Chu struggled to reach out to grab it, but was stopped by Gu Miao.

    He has already come to her house for dinner, how can he still watch her work?

    The steamer in the kitchen made a beeping sound, the girl’s slender white fingers were slightly cold, and brushed the back of his hand like a dragonfly.

    Gu Miao took a step back with a “swoosh”, her voice shattered and trembling, “I, I’ll come, if you want, or take out the chopsticks.”

    Cheng Chu looked at the bewildered young man in front of her, and took two pairs of chopsticks go to the dining room.

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