Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 21.2

There are only two people living in this house all year round, so the table in the dining room is not large. The two sit face to face, and the air is filled with the fragrance of warm food.

    Aunt Zhao made three dishes and one soup today; steamed prawns, sweet and sour pork ribs, mushrooms and rapeseed, and a seaweed pork ribs soup.

    All the dishes were put into the steamer to keep warm as soon as they were made, and now they are still hot, and the dense steam is slowly rising.

    Cheng Chu used the public chopsticks to hold Gu Miao’s spare ribs, “You eat more.” The young man was introverted and restrained. Cheng Chu was afraid that he would not be able to relax, so he served him dishes one by one.

    The bowl in front of him piled up a hill, and Gu Miao hurriedly stopped it, “Enough, enough.”

    Cheng Chu stopped at this point. She took a sip of soup and looked at the young man in front of her.

    He ate fast, but was not rude, and even though he was hungry, he still kept himself decent.

    There was silence in the dining room, and the spoon and the bowl made a soft sound when they touched lightly.

    Cheng Chu didn’t like peeling shrimp. She always felt that peeling shrimp during meals would get her hands dirty, and holding chopsticks and spoons afterwards would be messy. So even if she really wanted to eat shrimp, she would wait until she was done eating, and then slowly peel it off.

    Half of the rice in the bowl was eaten, and suddenly there was a peeled prawn. The white prawn was dipped in sauce, which looked very tempting.

    Cheng Chu raised his eyes.

    The young man in front of him lowered his head, Ying Ting’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and he was holding a shrimp on his cold, white, slender fingers.

    Cheng Chu hurriedly said: “Don’t peel it, wait for me to peel it myself.” “No, it’s okay.” The young man said, “I have finished eating.”

There was no rice left, as if it had just been washed.

    Cheng Chu was a little embarrassed, “Don’t peel it, I’ll go get you another bowl, you can eat more.”

    She said, picked up Gu Miao’s bowl, turned around and went into the kitchen.

    Fortunately, Aunt Zhao always cooks a lot of rice. Cheng Chu packed a bowl full of rice. When he came back, he found that the shrimp plate was neatly filled with snow-white shrimp.

    In the blink of an eye, Gu Miao peeled most of the shrimp.

    Cheng Chu was a little embarrassed and gave him another chopstick of sweet and sour pork ribs, “You eat more, don’t be too busy, these are enough.”

    Gu Miao then stopped and buried his head to eat.

    The cold wind whistled outside the window, beating against the window next to the dining room, making a muffled sound.

    Cheng Chu slowly ate the shrimp, feeling that she should say something.

    She said, “Do you like sweet and sour pork ribs?” The young man was a little stunned for a moment when faced with the sudden question. He paused and said, “Yes, I am from Pingcheng.”

    Pingcheng is a northern city from Hehai City; one south and one north, the distance is very far.

    The general taste of Pingcheng is sweet and sour, and the sweet and sour pork ribs is a famous dish there.

    Cheng Chu was stunned, she never knew that Gu Miao was originally from Pingcheng.

    “Then when did you come to the Hehai City?” she continued.

    Gu Miao pondered for a moment, “Probably, when I was in elementary school.”

    He vaguely remembered that when he was a child, his family lived in a small house in the suburbs.

    In the winter of Pingcheng, the snow is falling, and the family is snuggled together in a cramped home, which is warm and comfortable.

    But since the family moved to Hehai, the pause button on the good life seems to have been pressed.

    He lost his parents and everyone laughed at him and despised him.

    This city left him with obscure and dark memories, and in the cold night, he often thought about leaving here one day.

    Until the girl in front of him appeared in his bleak life, bringing bitter sweetness and sour throbbing.

    He suddenly felt that because of her, the city lost its icy coat and became lovely and fresh.

    The crystal chandeliers on the top of the restaurant reflected the bright light of the stars, all of which fell into the deep eyes of the young man.

    Cheng Chu’s heart jumped wildly involuntarily, she lowered her eyes, and her butterfly-like eyelashes trembled slightly.

    “Then do you like noodles? I remember that northerners prefer noodles.” She evaded the topic.

    “Alright, yes.” Does this answer end the conversation? Gu Miao pursed her lips and added, “What about you?”

    Cheng Chu poked at the rice grains in the bowl and said, “I like to eat rice noodles. It’s the one across from the school. It’s super delicious.”

 For some reason, the boy’s body seemed to stiffen.

    Cheng Chu continued: “I went to other noodle stores to eat, but they didn’t taste like that. By the way, have you ever eaten?” The boy nodded randomly.

    “What do you think?” Cheng Chu asked.

    “It’s pretty good.”

    Cheng Chu took the chopsticks and served mushrooms and rapeseed. “I think their store should have some secret recipe, otherwise why is it better than other stores?” The teenager pursed his lips, and shyness flashed in his dark eyes.

    “No, there is no secret recipe.”

    ‘If you want to eat it, I can cook it for you anytime’, he thought silently in his heart.

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