Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 23.1

  Hehai City’s winter night was star-studded.

    Dim street lights were lit outside the music building, and two figures flashed past.

    Cheng Chu originally wanted Gu Miao to go to her house, but the boy stubbornly refused.

    He has already shamelessly offended once, how can there be a second time?

    Cheng Chu had no choice but to take him to the piano room in the music building.

    Fortunately, the school did not have the habit of locking the piano room, and the two entered the piano room No. 8 very smoothly.

    The piano room was small and cramped, Cheng Chu opened the lid of the piano, only to find that Gu Miao was still standing.

    “I’ll go and get you a chair next door.” She said and was about to get up.

    “No, no need.” The boy bowed his head slightly, “Just stand.” The girl didn’t know how many afternoons he had stood like this.

    In the shade of the tree outside the door, he was like a shameful thief, eavesdropping on the beautiful music in the piano room.

    This was the first time that he stood by her side so openly.

    A strange sense of contentment rose silently in his heart, and the black eyes of the young man looked at her.

    The girl lowered her head, revealing her slender and white swan neck, and her slender eyelashes cast a small blue shadow on her eyelids.

    “Well, what do you want to hear?” The girl raised her eyes and asked seriously.

    Gu Miao was stunned for a moment. She played all the songs very nicely, but he didn’t know the name of a single one of them.

    “No, I-I don’t know.” There was a bit of frustration in his low voice, “I, don’t know, the name of the tune.”

    He remembered that the first time he passed by the piano room was in midsummer, and in the hot sun, cicadas chirped. Suddenly a breeze blew the light blue curtains of the piano room.

    Under the dazzling sun, even standing in the shade of a tree, he was sweating, his school uniform was wet with sweat, and his hair was wet against his forehead.

    Suddenly, not far away, there was the sound of the piano flowing slowly, as if a breeze blew past, wiping away the dry heat on the tip of his heart.

    He thought, that song is his favorite, but unfortunately he doesn’t know what it’s called.

    The light in the piano room was bright, and the girl lowered her head and stroked the keys, saying, “Then I’ll play one of my favorites.” As she spoke, her white fingers danced dexterously on the keys.

    The sound of the piano flowed, with compassion in the gentleness, like the bright moonlight outside the window, silently reflecting into Gu Miao’s heart.

    He unclenched his fingers and looked up in disbelief.

    Time gradually lengthened with the sound of the piano, as if returning to that midsummer, when he stood outside the piano room for the first time, listening to the touching sound of the piano not far away with trembling in his heart.

    The girl lowered her head, with a few strands of hair hanging down on the side of her smooth face. Gu Miao could only see her bright peach eyes drooping slightly, and even her dancing fingertips seemed to have no strength looking very gentle.

    “This, what’s the song called?”

    Gu Miao asked in a hoarse voice after a pause in the piano tune.

    The girl sat on the piano chair, raised her eyes slightly, and all the lights in the piano room came into her eyes, “Chopin’s Nocturne.”

    It turned out that he liked the same tune as her.

    Gu Miao felt that a spoonful of honey was poured into his mouth, and a secret happiness rose in his heart, and the sweetness of his heart was about to melt.

    The campus was silent in the winter night. When the two came out of the piano room, the lights on the third floor of the high school not far away were bright.

    Those people are fighting silently for their future.     Cheng Chu hugged the bunch of gypsophila, with half of her small face hidden in a thick scarf, raised her eyes slightly and asked, “Gu Miao, where do you want to go to university in the future?”

Looking at the beautiful girl in front of him, the various emotions in his heart surged quietly.

    He wanted to go where she was, wherever she was.

    “No, I don’t know.” But in the end, he could only answer.

    “What about you?” he asked, pursing his dry lips.

    Cheng Chu smiled, the bright moonlight seemed to fall into her eyes.

    “I want to go to Haiyin, and I want to play the piano.”

    I want to fulfill my unfulfilled dream in my previous life.

    Gu Miao lowered her eyes and looked at the girl in front of her. When she talked about her dream, it seemed as if the shining stars all fell into her eyes.

    There were only dim street lamps all around, and the cold wind whistled in the winter night.

    The girl was wearing a large and heavy school uniform with a scarf around her, revealing only half of her white face.

    Gu Miao suddenly felt that even in such an ordinary night, without the lights and costumes, without the piano, she was always dazzling, and it always made his heart involuntarily sway and he couldn’t help himself.

    The winter wind was blowing recklessly, and the two walked through the playground side by side.

    Behind the playground is a grove of trees, which is a short road through which you can reach the bike shed.

    The dim yellow street lights gradually faded away, and the surroundings were dim, leaving only a few stars in the sky, illuminating the road under their feet.


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