Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 23.2


There was a small pit under her feet, and Cheng Chu stepped into it without paying attention.

    Gu Miao quickly reached out and embraced her.

In the darkness, the girl suddenly bumped into his arms.

    She was wearing a heavy down jacket, as soft as a ball of cotton, and for a moment, Gu Miao felt that his heart was about to explode.

    He smelled the light floral fragrance on the girl’s body, with the cold smell of the winter season, and it floated into his heart unscrupulously.

    There seemed to be a firework that exploded with a bang, and countless dazzling stars illuminated his dark heart.

    The heat gradually rose, and he lowered his eyes slightly, seeking to enter the bright eyes of the girl.

    Those gleaming peach blossom eyes seemed to flash a bit of overwhelming shyness.

    The little gypsophila was still protected in her arms, which made her white porcelain-like face even brighter.

    Gu Miao’s fingertips trembled, and he let go of her hand.

    Suddenly, there was a dazzling light in the distance, and a serious and angry voice came from the light.

    “What are you doing?”

    Gu Miao’s body froze, he looked back and found a middle-aged man walking towards them with a flashlight.


    There was a warm feeling on the back of his hand, and he looked back, only to see the girl’s anxious face.

    The winter night in Hehai was long and icy, and the girl grabbed his hand and ran.

    The biting wind blew on Gu Miao’s face like a knife, but a small stove burned in his heart, and the warmth filled his heart, and then floated on his icy cheeks.

    The teacher shouted in anger behind, and the grass rubbed softly under their feet. The two held hands through the lonely and dark woods and got into the parking shed.

    “Hurry up and hide, he’s coming.” There was a huge iron plate in the corner of the parking shed. Under the iron plate was a small open space. Cheng Chu pushed Gu Miao and let him get in.

    Gu Miao obediently bent down. He was very tall, so he could only get down on his knees and get in.

    The iron plate had a pungent rust smell. After Gu Miao got in, almost the next second, the girl’s soft body came over.

    “Move in, or I’ll show outside.” Her hands were close to him, and her warm breath brushed against his ears, causing his body to tighten.

    He stiffened and moved in.

    There were a few heavy footsteps outside the bicycle shed, and Gu Miao felt a few beams of light swaying in.

    The teacher was panting and his voice was hoarse, “You, you’d better come out to me, wait, it won’t be so simple when I catch you.”

    Cheng Chu’s heart shrank, his chest still thumping from the violent running just now. She felt a dull pain, listening to the sound of the teacher’s approaching footsteps, her shrunken hands and feet couldn’t help numb.

    There seemed to be a slightly warm touch between her fingers, she lowered her eyes slightly, and found that Gu Miao accidentally touched her hand.

    Their small breaths blended with the cold air of the winter night, and the boy’s pupils were shocked, and he retracted his hand in panic.

    Cheng Chu moved her little finger and hooked the warm fingertip, she raised her eyes slightly.

    “Don’t move.”

    A few shreds of light from outside the carport shone in, Gu Miao lowered his eyes and saw the twinkling peach blossom eyes say this to him.

    His hands froze, his body like an ice sculpture cast in the snow.

    The heavy footsteps were getting closer and closer, accompanied by the heavy breathing of the teacher.

    The girl pursed her lips, and her hands tightened around his fingertips.

    Her fingertips carried the coolness of the winter night, like ice water in the hot summer, so that Gu Miao’s almost collapsed heart almost exploded.

    He suppressed his heavy breathing, only to feel that his whole heart was hanging on the small piece of skin at the tip of his finger.

    The cold wind blew up in the winter night, and there was another sound of footsteps.

    “Teacher, what’s the matter?” The voice was low, like a security guard.     The flickering light seemed to be pulled away, and Cheng Chu heard the teacher say: “It’s okay, I’m catching two students who are in puppy love. Did you see it just now?”

    “It doesn’t seem to be there.”

He went out, “Forget it, I don’t know where they’ve gone. The next time they get caught, they’ll be punished severely. They’re in the third year of high school, and haven’t studied hard.”

    It turned out that they were regarded as students who came out to date during self-study in the third year of high school.

    The footsteps of the two got farther and farther, and gradually faded away.

    There was silence in the parking shed.

    The dim yellow light outside shone in, Cheng Chu raised her eyes and bumped into those dark eyes.

    In those eyes that are always like the silent night, the turbulent emotions are like huge waves, surging and deep.

    Cheng Chu’s heart trembled involuntarily. She lowered her eyes and whispered, “They’re gone, let’s go out.”

    He lowered his eyes and struggled to get up, but his feet were weak.

    “Bang!” He fell back to the ground, and he felt as if his lips had touched something soft and delicate, with the slight coolness of the winter night.

    It seemed to be the girl’s cheek.

    On this winter night, Gu Miao’s almost broken heart was tapped into, after the last flame, it finally couldn’t help but explode.

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