Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 24.1

Gu Miao lay on his back on the bed, his eyes closed tightly, and his frowning brows revealed a self-indulgent intoxication.
Outside the window was a cold and silent night, and this was the second night in a row he dreamed of a girl.
The hazy and beautiful dream was like a fluttering cloud, and he lay in it, his blood throbbing almost comfortably.

The first ray of sunlight in the morning entered the room, Gu Miao opened his eyes, felt the wetness under his body, and closed his eyes in disgust.

The one-touch kiss that night seemed to be etched into his soul.
He almost forgot how he got home that day, he only remembered that in his dream that night, he had done something even more extreme.
The water in the sink was rushing, and his hands were numb because of the forceful scrubbing.
Looking at the sheet in his hand, a sense of self-loathing shame crept into his heart.
Blue veins appeared on the back of his cold white hand, trembling slightly, and he just wanted to slap himself hard.
Every movement in the dream, and every breath seemed to be a blasphemy to the girl.
He hated such uncontrollable dreams and even more despised the indulgent and shameless self in the dream.
The door of the bathroom was smashed twice, “Hey, you stayed inside for so long, don’t others have to use it?”
“Okay, okay.” Gu Miao packed up and hurriedly walked out.

On the second day of the New Year’s Day holiday, Cheng Chu slept until noon.
The servants in the family were all on vacation, and the parents and brother were also busy. They were not at home for several days. Cheng Chu poured a glass of honey water, turned on her mobile phone, and prepared to order takeout.
She found it a little difficult to choose, and she turned over for a long time and still couldn’t make a decision.

Sitting on the small balcony on the second floor, bathed in the warm afternoon sun, Cheng Chu stretched comfortably.
“Woof woof.” A loud dog bark sounded.
Cheng Chu lowered his eyes and saw that in the garden on the first floor next door, three puppies were fighting for something, chasing and biting each other, making a mess.
After a few seconds, Lin Qifeng rushed out in his pyjamas, grabbed the back of the necks of two of the puppies, and shouted loudly: “No matter how noisy you want to be, give me peace.” The two puppies were held on the back of their necks, limbs fluttering, and the puppy on the ground stuck out his front feet, kept pulling at his trousers, and barked “woof woof”, extremely aggrieved.
Fortunately, they all quieted down.

Cheng Chu stuck his head out and shouted at him, “Didn’t only your dog give birth, why are there so many?”
Lin Qifeng raised his head, the noon sun was dazzling, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and said loudly: ” Yes, she gave birth to three little bastards, and they can’t wait to tear down the house every day.” The two yellow little golden retrievers were still wriggling in the air.
Cheng Chu said, “Is the golden retriever so lively too?”
“Who knows, maybe it’s mutated.” Lin Qifeng put down the two golden retrievers gently, perhaps they learnt a lesson, but the three little golden retrievers didn’t make any noise anymore, and ran away like chickens.
The three puppies are still small, not even knee-high, and they run unstably with their short legs, looking very cute.

I don’t know what flowers were planted in the garden of Lin Qifeng’s house, and the fragrance was bursting. Cheng Chu looked at his hair like a bird’s nest and said, “You just got up?”
He scratched his head, showing sleepy eyes, “How do you know?
Anybody would have been woken up by these three puppies.” Cheng Chu raised the phone in his hand, “Can you order takeout? Let’s make the order.”
Half an hour later, the two sat in the small garden of Cheng Chu’s house and ate spicy hot pot.
Lin Qifeng ate a mouthful of oil, his mouth was hot and swollen, and he held a chopstick and full belly, as if thinking of something, his hand suddenly stagnates.
“That, I’m sorry.” He put the hairy belly into the bowl, his tone was a little low.
“What?” Cheng Chu was still chewing beef, and his words were vague.
Lin Qifeng scratched his head, “It’s about Song Xinyu, I’m really sorry, I guess she troubled you like this because of me.”

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s not all because of you, we both have some problems.” Cheng Chu didn’t care.
“It seems that another boy in your class has been implicated. Next time I find a chance, I will apologize to him, but what happened to you and him? He actually fought for you.” He teased.
The strong aroma of the hot pot overwhelmed the fragrance of the flowers in the garden. Cheng Chu looked at the bubbling little pot and couldn’t help thinking of the unexpected kiss that day.
In the middle of the winter night, his lips were as hot as fire, imprinting on her slightly cold cheek, causing her heart to beat wildly.
She looked at the face of the young man, tried her best to hide her panic, clenched her fists and trembled slightly, and she managed to calm down.
She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her face turned red.
“What’s the situation, you two don’t really have anything, right?” Lin Qifeng looked at Cheng Chu’s flushed cheeks and exclaimed exaggeratedly.

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