Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 24.2

“No, no, don’t ask.” Cheng Chu lowered his head, his face almost buried in the pot.

    It’s just a cheek kiss, why panic? At the wedding in the previous life, they even kissed, although it was forced.

    “Okay, I won’t ask.” Lin Qifeng drank a coke, lay on his back on the seat, looked at the three mad dogs roaring in the garden, and sighed.

    “If there is a situation, you must tell me.” He rubbed his temples, and suddenly asked, “By the way, do you want a dog?”

The classmates seem to have not recovered from the aftertaste of the holiday, either lying on their seats to catch up on sleep or burying their heads in copying their homework.

    The classroom was full of sunshine in the early morning. When Cheng Chu came in with his schoolbag on his back, the classroom was already full of people.

    “Good morning, Chu Chu.” Luo Qianqian poked her head from the pile of homework.

    Cheng Chu smiled, “Good morning, Qian Qian.”

    She turned around and said to the young man with his head lowered, “Gu Miao, good morning.” The early morning wind blew a corner of the curtain, and the young man’s pen in his hands froze, and the roots of his ears turned red.

    He didn’t even dare to look up, his voice trembled, “Morning, good morning.” The girl put down her schoolbag and sat down slowly, the light fragrance on her body still smelled of coldness in the middle of winter.

    Gu Miao’s heart shrank, his face sank even lower.

    He remembered that charming and youthful kiss, and the tossing and turning of several nights.

    He didn’t dare to look up at her, for fear that he would show clues if he didn’t pay attention.

    The classroom was noisy, and he heard the girl move the chair and slowly approach.

    The air around him seemed to be thinning, and Gu Miao clenched his hands, only to feel that his whole heart was trembling.

    What is she going to say?

    Gu Miao’s dark eyes showed some shy hope, bright, like a mouse that stole a grain of rice.

    He felt the aroma floating in the air getting closer and closer, so close that it almost touched his heart.

    Maybe it was only a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes, when he felt that he could hardly breathe, he heard the girl’s voice say –

    “Gu Miao, can you lend me a look at your chemistry homework?”

The wind in the classroom was still and cold, and Gu Miao’s clenched hands suddenly loosened. He lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembled and silently pulled out the chemistry paper from the drawer of the table.

    “Thank you.”

The girl lowered her head, with a few strands of broken hair on her small white face, watching the chemistry homework in her hands intently.

    Gu Miao felt like his heart had collapsed, and those shaky hopes gradually disappeared along with the small hole in his heart.

    He closed his eyes mockingly, and his heart was bitter.  ‘I know what I shouldn’t expect, so why can’t I stop thinking about it?’

    There was a lot of noise in the classroom, and the cold winter wind beat against the window, and it seemed to hit his heart again and again.

    He remembered that night when the girl covered her face and looked up at him, her peach blossom eyes were amazed.

    There seemed to be a soft touch on his lips that shattered his heart, and his whole body was stiff, and all the words were choked in his throat.

    For a long time, the girl looked at him who was at a loss, smiled nonchalantly, and said, “Oh, it’s alright, it’s an accident, let’s go quickly.”

    She understated it as if this was a very ordinary thing. It’s like a cool breeze blowing in winter, or yellow leaves falling in autumn.

    But she didn’t know what that meant to himself.

    Gu Miao pursed her dry lips, lowered his head unconsciously, looked at the English book lying flat on the table, and said nothing.

    “After reading it, thank you.” Cheng Chu held the test paper between her slender knuckles and handed it to him.

    Gu Miao covered his dark eyes, lowered his shoulders, and silently took the paper.

    “What’s the matter with you; unhappy?” Cheng Chu asked while holding his head.

    Gu Miao shook his head.

    Someone opened the window a little, and the cold wind with the fresh smell of dust blew in slightly.

    Cheng Chu smiled, put her head on his arm, lay on the table, and looked up at him.

    The girl’s eyes are clear and lingering, like the sweet mountain spring water in summer, shining brightly.

    “Don’t be unhappy.” Her butterfly-like long eyelashes trembled slightly, and her tone was charming.

    Gu Miao looked down at her eyes, only to feel that a piece of candy was stuffed in his mouth, so sweet that his heart melted.

    Loving her is his own business, all the sweetness and bitterness can only be hidden in his heart silently.

    He didn’t expect any response at all, so why is he angry now? Gu Miao thought a little bit self-deprecatingly.

    He twitched the corners of his mouth, showing a far-fetched smile, “No, I’m happy.”

    Cheng Chu looked at him, only feeling that the forced smile was uglier than crying. She pursed her lips, turned around and took out a plastic box from her schoolbag and handed it over, “Here it is.” The plastic box seemed to be overflowing with cold air.

A mango pancake.

    “I made this, how about you try it?”

‘Did she?’ Gu Miao looked at the plastic box in her hand, and it seemed like countless fireworks had exploded in his heart.

So I was curious what mango pancake was.

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