Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 27.1

Today is the last day of the semester. Haishi No. 1 Middle School has always been generous with holidays. Xu Shi felt that the students were eager to have a holiday.

    The grades have not been corrected yet. According to the teacher, they will be sent to parents’ mobile phones in the form of text messages during the holiday.

    The classmates complained one by one, calling out that it would be better to die sooner rather than later.

    But all in all, the Spring Festival is coming.

    The closing ceremony was held in the small auditorium. After the end, everyone returned to the class. The teacher handed out the winter vacation homework and said a few symbolic words to announce the end of the semester.

    The classroom exploded like a pot, and the noise was endless.

    Cheng Chu slowly packed the things in the locker, because the classroom was going to be renovated during the holidays, and everything had to be cleaned up.

    She likes to stuff things into the cabinet on weekdays, so she wasted a lot of time tidying up.

    More than half of the people in the class gradually left. The cold winter wind blew into the empty classroom. Cheng Chu squatted on the ground, shivering with cold.

    Suddenly, Gu Miao walked to her side.

    He pursed his lips slightly, squatted down, and silently helped her sort out the useless test papers.

    The winter uniforms of No. 1 Middle School are actually not warm. In the cold winter, it is as thin as paper. Many people will wear a down jacket on the school uniform jacket, or wear a thick sweater under the school uniform.

    But Gu Miao didn’t. The wide and thin winter school uniform was put on him like this. He was tall and long, but now he looked a little thinner.

    He squatted on Cheng Chu’s left side, facing the air vent of the corridor, blocking most of the cold wind for her.

    “I’ll do it myself.” Cheng Chu looked at his pale lips and reached out to grab the paper in his hand.

    But Gu Miao was agile and quickly avoided it.

    He lowered his eyes, looked at her messy locker, and said, “It’s all right, let’s organize, hurry up.”

    Cheng Chu knew that pushing and refusing was just a waste of time. He was always stubborn and wanted to do things unless he took the initiative. Give up, others can’t help him at all.

    She pursed her lips and lowered her head silently to speed up the movements in her hands.

    The speed of sorting out the two together was indeed much faster. After a while, the stacked waste papers were sorted out.

    “I’ll take it, you can go back.” Gu Miao said.

    This is probably the last time I will send her. When she returns to the key class next semester, she will have no chance.

    It rarely snows in the sea, and the January wind is clammy and cold, and the cold seems to seep into one’s bones.

    The two walked side by side.

    The holly trees beside the trail were still lush and lush. Gu Miao didn’t ride a bike today, so he thought that he might be able to walk with her for a longer time.

    The winter sun shone through the gaps in the holly trees, and it was reflected around the two of them.

    Cheng Chu felt his body warmer.

    She raised her head and said to Gu Miao, “Did you work in the milk tea shop yesterday?”

    A few rays of sunshine appeared on the face of the young Qingjun, he lowered his eyes and nodded slightly.

    Because it is located next to the school, the milk tea shop is usually not open during the winter and summer vacations, so he can only find a new job.

    Cheng Chu smiled: “Yesterday’s bread was delicious, thank you.”

    When she got home yesterday, she discovered that there were several pieces of bread stuffed in the bag containing the records.

    “Did you do it?” she asked curiously.

    Gu Miao shook his head. He was just admitted to the milk tea shop yesterday, but he can cook, mix flour, and make bread.

    In the winter, his eyes were slightly turbulent, like a few breezes blowing across the calm lake.

    “Wait next time, I’ll do it and bring it to you.” He hoarsely said, with a slight look of hope in his eyes.

    Will she be willing to eat it?

    The holly tree by the roadside dropped a few green leaves, swirled, and landed on the girl’s shoulder.

    A shallow smile spread from her bright peach blossom eyes, “Okay, remember to bring it to me.”

    Gu Miao lowered her head and curled his fingers unconsciously.

    School starts…

    The hope in his eyes gradually dimmed.

    Is there any chance to see her again after school starts?

    For the stolen time, he was immersed in joy, as a drug addict addicted to drugs. The happiness that gradually rose in his body burned his little remaining rationality.

    He gradually forgot what a horrible person he was.

    Like a mouse in a gutter, living humbly in the shadows, never seeing the sun for a lifetime.

    The knuckles of Gu Miao’s hand hanging on his side were already white, and the pain was like a rising tide, gradually rushing to the tip of his icy heart.

    He lowered his eyes and looked at the girl.

    The morning light fell through the gaps in the holly trees, and the girl was looking up at him, her peach blossom eyes shining like clear water, reflecting his appearance brightly.

    Gu Miao’s heart trembled.

    He spoke, his voice repressed and hoarse, “Well, when school starts, I’ll bring it to you.”

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