Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 27.2

Cheng Chu’s home was so close to the school that Gu Miao feels like it’s only been a few seconds.

    In the early morning, the community was clean and bright. The fountain at the entrance was sprinkled with clear water, and the fine mist raised in the sun formed a beautiful halo.

    “I’m here.” Cheng Chu said.

    The boy’s pale face was hidden in the shade of the tree, and after a while, he raised his eyes to look at her.

    Those eyes that were like a silent night seemed to pass through the icy wind and gently fell into her eyes.

    Cheng Chu still couldn’t understand the emotion in his eyes that seemed to be dripping with depression.

    Is it because you can’t meet each other for a winter vacation, so you’re reluctant?

    She lowered her head slightly, took out a record from her bag, and handed it to him.

    The boy seemed a little surprised. He lowered his eyes and looked at the record in his hand, “This is?”

    “For you, a New Year’s gift.” The smile in the girl’s eyes was as bright as the rising sun in the harsh winter.

    It was a very beautifully packaged record, with a few block letters on the plastic cover—The Complete Chopin Nocturnes.

    The girl’s clear voice sounded in the air, “It contains the song I played for you last time. If you like it, you can listen to it when you go back.”

    Gu Miao’s hand holding the record trembled slightly, and his Adam’s apple rolled. After a few moments, he said solemnly, “I, I haven’t prepared a New Year’s gift for you yet.”

    “The bread you gave me yesterday should be used as a New Year’s gift.” Cheng Chu said with a smile.

    Gu Miao pursed her lips slightly, “This, how can I do it.” How can such a sloppy and worthless gift be worthy?

    “If you think it’s not enough, just bring me your own bread when school starts.”

    Her voice was clear, with a cheerful smile, and the cold wind around her seemed to bring warmth.

    But Gu Miao’s heart was filled with bitter pain.

    These three words ‘for the next semester’ were like a poisoned knife, piercing into Gu Miao’s heart, causing him to feel the shattering pain in his heart.

    Not far away, the shallow mist of the fountain seemed to ripple on his face, bringing a slight chill.

    He lowered his eyes, and it seemed like a long time before he said in a hoarse voice, “Okay, I’ll bring it to you next semester.” After a few days off, the grades came out.

    Cheng Chu actually took the second exam in the class this time, and he was fifty years old. This result was enough to enter the key class.

    Fu Rong was very happy to see the results, and with a big wave of her hand, she transferred 100,000 yuan to Cheng Chu as New Year’s money plus a bonus.

    After her brother Cheng Yue heard the news, he also transferred 100,000 yuan to her. In just one day, she had a lot of money in her account.

    Feeling like she was flying into the sky, she forwarded the text message of the results from Fu Rong’s mobile phone to her mobile phone, and read it several times.

    The number one in the class must be Gu Miao! She looked at the small number 2 at the back of the class ranking and thought excitedly.

    After the exam, the two of them also got the answers to the English exam correctly. Not surprisingly, Gu Miao was able to take over 100 English exams this time.

    So the number one must be him.

    Thinking of the scene where the two of them transfer to the key class next semester, Cheng Chu rolled on the bed excitedly.

    Fu Xun knocked on the door and said, “Auntie said that guests are coming and told you to go down.”

    The Cheng family has a big business, and there are countless business friends who come and go. They usually choose to visit their home on the eve of the Spring Festival.

    The family name here today is Dong.

    When the red-faced middle-aged man saw Cheng Chu coming, he smiled kindly: “I haven’t seen you for so long, Chu Chu has grown taller and lost a lot of weight.”

    Fu Rong, who was beside him, hurriedly connected, with a bit of smugness in her tone, “Aiya , we are so chubby, it’s just that we study too hard. Usually, we have to study in the middle of the night every day.” I usually know how to play games.”

    Fu Rong smiled so much that her face bloomed, and the crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes opened lightly, “Your child is only in junior high school, you are not in a hurry, it is not yet determined, like our eldest, his grades in junior high school were not good. As soon as you get to high school, it’s like getting enlightened, and you’ll be admitted to a top school in no time.”

    Cheng Chu pouted slightly, her brother obviously had good grades since childhood.

    Mrs. Dong, who was on the side, laughed when she heard the words, “I’m relieved when you say that, that bastard in our family has a smart mind, but he’s just impatient, like that piano, he won’t learn it for two days. , it’s not like Chu Chu, stick to it until now.”

    Fu Rong never let go of the corners of her mouth that grinned from the beginning, and now she is happier after hearing what Mrs. Dong said, she waved to Cheng Chu, “Come, come, Chu Chu. , it just so happens that the adults are here, you can play a song for Uncle Dong and Aunt Dong.”

    Cheng Chu never thought that the part of performing a program for parents would appear at her age.

    The four pairs of eyes were so straight, staring at her with nowhere to hide.

    She stiffened, sat down at the grand piano by the living room, and played the simplest piece of music.

    The crystal lamp in the living room reflected a dazzling light, the music gradually subsided, and Mrs. Dong was the first to applaud.

    “She’s really good at playing.” She praised repeatedly, then turned her head and asked Fu Rong, “I heard that Chu Chu won a lot of awards when she was a child, how about it, are you going to take the Haiyin exam, or another music academy?”

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