Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 28.3

    Gu Miao, who was on the side, looked at the girl who was gradually becoming discouraged, and then said tentatively: “Otherwise, I will come and try.”

    “Hey, okay.” Cheng Chu handed him a small basket of game coins.

    “Want the one in the middle, that one?”

    Cheng Chu nodded, pointed again, and exhorted, “It’s the one holding the dorayaki.”

    “Okay.” Gu Miao replied.

    He first moved the clip above the target, then swung the clip slightly, staring at it, and when he saw an opportunity, he clicked the confirmation button.

    In an instant, the boneless clip seemed to be endowed with vitality. Not only did it pick up the doll, but it also threw it to the exit with great force.

    “It’s amazing.” Cheng Chu held the doll in her grasp and looked up at him, her eyes seemed to be filled with stars.

    The naked admiration in her eyes reflected in Gu Miao’s eyes without concealment.

    Those fiery eyes burned to the bottom of his heart, Gu Miao lowered his eyes in embarrassment, and the crow-coloured eyelashes kept shaking.

    “Also, which other one do you want?” The red that finally faded resurfaced on the back of his ears, and he stuttered nervously.

    “The one with the bamboo dragonfly on his head.” Cheng Chu blinked, looking up at him eagerly.

    Gu Miao’s heart seems to have collapsed, and he couldn’t wait to empty the whole doll machine for her now.

    He stabilized his trembling heart, lowered his eyes and focused on analyzing the manipulation of each doll.

    It didn’t take long for the doll machine to be more than half empty.

    Cheng Chu could barely hold the dolls in her hand. She asked the staff for a bag and placed the dolls in it carefully.

    “Which one do you want?” A smile spread from the corner of Gu Miao’s eyes. He looked at the girl with a contented face, only to feel that the humiliation he had just received from the dancing machine was instantly swept away.

    Gu Miao pointed to the distance and said, “How about that?”

    Cheng Chu looked along and saw a giant doll machine in the distance.

    Several fluffy and rounded bears were lying peacefully, and the clips hanging from the top were shining silver under the light.

    “That’s too big, I don’t feel like I can take it home.”

    The staff member who had just brought Cheng Chu’s bag had not walked away, and he explained kindly: “That is the top doll machine in our game hall. If you get it, we can ship it home for you for free.” That’s great! Cheng Chu’s eyes lit up again, “Then let’s go.”

    “But you need 20 game coins to play each time.” The staff said.

    Cheng Chu looked down at the small box with more than half of the game coins missing, and counted it, just enough to play once.

    “Go?” She raised her eyes and asked Gu Miao.

    The young man’s eyes seemed to be lit with flames, and the dazzling flames instantly filled the air, “Go.” The two of them strode towards the holding doll machine.

    People in the game hall gradually gathered and looked curiously at this warrior who was heading for the top doll machine.

    Cheng Chu squatted down slightly, threw 20 game coins into the doll machine in a row, and looked up at Gu Miao.

    The incandescent lamp in the doll machine fell into the boy’s eyes, and his condensed brows were slightly wrinkled as if he was overcoming an extremely difficult math problem.

    It seems that every inch was under control. He was like a king inspecting his territory as if with a big wave of his hand, thousands of troops would rush forward in an instant.

    Cheng Chu’s hands were clenched into fists, and her eyes were fixed on the silver hook that seemed to hold the lifeline of life and death.

    Under the bright incandescent light, it slowly slid down and tightened, as if it had always been boneless, it seemed to be injected with vitality, grabbed the big plush bear in the middle, and slowly moved back to its original position.

    “Bang”, the huge stuffed bear slid down from the exit like sitting on a slide,

    “Ah ah ah.” Cheng Chu bent over and picked up the stuffed bear half her height, like a child who got candy, jumping happily in place.

    “Gu Miao, you are amazing.” The girl’s face was blocked by the giant teddy bear, but the cheerful voice penetrated Gu Miao’s heart.

    The staff on the side were stunned. He had been working here for so long, and he had not seen anyone who could successfully pick up the doll.

    Under the shining lights of the arcade, the girl struggled to hold the teddy bear on her shoulders, revealing her delicate little face.

    Her eyes were bright and shining.

    The almost overflowing joy instantly infected Gu Miao, the corners of his lips curled slightly, and he smiled unconsciously.

    “I’ll help you, hold it, wait a minute, let them send it to you.”

    Before he could finish speaking, the staff took the teddy bear over, “Come with me and fill in the address.

    ” Everyone else looked at the two of them with admiration.

    Cheng Chu raised his chin proudly and followed Gu Miao to the workbench, even the steps under his feet showed pride.

    The staff moved quickly. After registering the address, they politely asked them if they wanted to exchange some more game coins and then play.

    Cheng Chu looked at the time, it was almost nine o’clock in the evening, she looked at Gu Miao, who was a little embarrassed: “Let’s go back early, let’s play another day.”

    Gu Miao nodded: “Well.

    ” Next time, he looked at the girl’s bright side face, and his heart quietly filled with joy.

    “I’ll take you back?” he asked.

    Cheng Chu originally wanted the driver to pick him up, but she looked at the young man with a look of anticipation, and his tone was cautious and fearful of being rejected. No matter how hard she was, her heart softened.

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