Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 28.4

    “Okay.” She nodded.

    When walking out of the mall, the dim lights on the side of the road were quietly sprinkled, like a beautiful canvas.

    Cheng Chu sat behind the boy, and the cold wind at night blew her loose hair. She looked at the boy’s back, and warmth gradually rose in her heart.

    “Thank you, Gu Miao.” The bicycle just came out of the bend, and an old grandmother across the road was slowly crossing the road with a cane.

    Gu Miao stopped the car and asked, “Why are you thanking me?”

    “I’m in a bad mood today.” Cheng Chu lightly grabbed the corner of the boy’s clothes, and her tone was a little light, “I quarrelled with my mother, she didn’t let me go to Haiyin, so I ran out angrily.” She didn’t want to say anything but she said it all to him.

    Cheng Chu’s tone gradually brought a bit of guilt: “You are so tired from work, and you are willing to play with me, thank you.”

    “Not tired.” The boy’s slightly hoarse voice brought some warmth, “I, too, am very happy.”

    Staying with you, I’m not tired at all.

    The grandmother had already walked across the road, and Gu Miao stepped on his pedals and drove the girl into the vast night.

    The howling night wind seemed to blow into his heart, and the pores of his body opened as if infinite power had been injected into his body. He stepped on the pedals and rode faster and faster.

    “Gu Miao, stop.” Suddenly, the girl tugged at the corner of his clothes with a panicked tone.

    Gu Miao thought she was frightened by the fast speed, so he quickly slowed down and parked the car on the side of the road.

    “Yes, I’m sorry.” His face was a little stiff from the night wind, and even his speech became less agile, “I’ll ride slower.”

    “It’s not because of this.” Cheng Chu squatted on the seat, she whispered, “I seem to have seen my brother’s car just now.”

    Gu Miao’s hand froze while holding the handlebar, “Then, what should I do, where is he now?”

    “I don’t know, I dare not look. Cheng Chu said in an air voice: “He seems to have passed us just now, and he should stop at the traffic light in front of him now.”

    Gu Miao’s Adam’s apple rolled, his feet were on the ground, and he stretched forward. The traffic lights did stop two cars, one was a taxi and the other was a black commercial vehicle.

    “Is it a black Mercedes-Benz commercial car?”

    “Yes, yes, is it still there?”

    “Yes.” Gu Miao felt her hands shaking.

    Cheng Chu’s hand was clenched even tighter, her restless heart was beating, and she just felt that it was neither easy to enter nor retreat.

    “Why don’t you turn around now and turn to the side road.” Cheng Chu whispered.

    Gu Miao obediently stepped on the pedals, turned a corner, and quickly turned into the side alley.

    In the dark, only a few dim yellow street lights were left reflecting into the narrow alley.

    After a while, Cheng Chu said, “I’ll call a car to go back now.”

    Gu Miao stiffened and nodded.

    He didn’t expect that he would bring her so much trouble, and he felt ashamed and regretful in his heart.

    This area is a commercial area, and it is very convenient to call a car. It was arranged as soon as the order was placed.

    The car was not far away and showed that it would arrive in three minutes.

    Cheng Chu was still holding the whole bag of dolls just now, and when she looked up, the bright moonlight slowly fell on the horizon.

    “You also go back early, and pay attention to safety on the road.” She urged softly.

    Gu Miao pursed his lips, and his dark eyes lit up slightly, “Okay, so should you.”

    After he finished speaking, he frowned uneasily, “The license plate number, write it down for me.”

    After writing down the license plate number, the car just arrived, Cheng Chu got into the car, her little face sticking out of the car window, showing a serious look: “Go home early, drive slowly.” The smile gradually filled Gu Miao’s eyes, he listened With the girl’s tireless exhortation, I just felt very relieved.

    “Okay.” He waved to the taxi that went away.

    The place where he parked just now is not far from Cheng Chu’s house, and it takes 20 minutes to arrive.

    Fu Rong just sent a text message to ask where she was. Although Cheng Chu was still angry with her, she still replied and was on her way home.

    The other side didn’t reply, so she guessed her mother went to sleep at ease.

    When she got home, the lights in the garden were still on, and a few plum blossoms were blooming just right under the bright lights.

    Cheng Chu entered the house with a bag of dolls, and the living room was dark.

    She breathed a sigh of relief, turned on the flashlight of her mobile phone, groped for her slippers in the light, and then went upstairs cautiously.

    The wooden floor made a slight, almost negligible noise.

    Walking up to the second floor, the eyes are dim, and the light outside the window seems to come in.

    In the haze, Cheng Chu saw that there seemed to be a figure on the chair, the bright orange light seemed to float in the darkness, and the air gradually filled with a faint smell of tobacco.

    The light snapped on, Cheng Yue was lying on the chair, a half-lit cigarette still tucked between his fingertips.

    He straightened up, put out the cigarette in the crystal ashtray, raised his eyes to look at her, and said lightly: “The bike was quite fast.”

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