Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 34.1

There are no boundaries between winter and spring in the city.

It seemed that overnight, the cold wind ceased, and the branches had budded.

In early March, the students took off their bulky winter uniforms and put on the light and bright spring uniforms.

The gossip of Yu Xinlu was true. At this week’s class meeting, the head teacher announced the sports meeting.

However, the enthusiasm of the students in the key classes is not high. The boys are okay. They can fill up the project quotas, but the girls have relatively few people. After a few days, there are still many places left.

The head teacher looked at the empty list and was worried, and finally had to announce that every girl must sign up for an exercise.

Cheng Chu came late, leaving only 1,200 meters to run.

The sports committee member is a guy from the same high school. He glanced at Cheng Chu who was embarrassed and said kindly: “Or you can look for someone else who wants to change with you.”

The spring sun was shining, and the girl in front of him stood in warm yellow light. The palm-sized face was as white as snow, and the thin spring school uniform outlined the waist curve with a firm grip.

This delicate and weak girl might faint after running a few steps, the sports committee member secretly thought.

Cheng Chu sighed, “Forget it.”

Since this one was left after picking, it must be the one that everyone is unwilling to choose. Who told her to be late? She will accept her fate.

But she had to make mental preparations a week in advance for running the 800-meter test. This 1,200 meters was enough for her to suffer for a month and a half.

The slightly warm spring breeze blows, and the shadows of the trees on the playground stretched out in the evening glow.

“Well, how many minutes was it this time?” Cheng Chu held her knees, several strands of hair wet with sweat stuck to the side of her face.

Gu Miao looked at the timer in his hand, “Six minutes and 45 seconds.”

A few drops of sweat slid down the girl’s smooth forehead, she raised her hand casually and wiped it, her voice dull: “It’s too bad, I must be the last if I run like this.”

“No.” Gu Miao said softly and comforted: “You have already improved a lot.”

In the beginning, the whole track could not be completed, then seven and a half minutes in half a month, she slowly improved step by step.

Cheng Chu does not have a weak temperament. She is from a superior family and her family loves her and has developed her tough character. She never escapes when encountering difficulties, but chooses to face them.

But running is not something that can be done quickly in three or two days.

She pursed her lips, her heart ached after the run, and her voice was frustrated: “If you didn’t take me to run, I wouldn’t be able to run the whole process.”

In the beginning, she couldn’t even run the whole process. Gu Miao said that he would lead her by running in front of her during the next practice. This is indeed a good method. With his help, Cheng Chu will be able to complete it soon.

But this is not a long-term solution after all.

Gu Miao’s dark eyes drooped slightly, but his tone was as gentle as a spring breeze in March: “You have made a lot of progress recently. During the game, you will definitely be able to do it.”

His encouragement made Cheng Chu feel timid out of thin air. She raised her eyes to look at Gu Miao and said earnestly: “But I will be the only one in the race in a few days.”

After taking a few breaths, she sat casually on the grass of the playground.

Cheng Chu raised her eyes, and the boy in front of her stood straight. She patted the grass beside her, and said softly, “Sit down.”

Gu Miao hesitated for a few seconds, shuffled his feet, and sat a little further away with restraint.

His drooping eyelashes trembled, and he hesitated for a while, his voice was dumb: “During the race, I will be at the finish line, waiting for you.”

“But except for the cheerleaders in each class, other people are not allowed to enter the track?”

In order to avoid riots during the game, the school set this rule.

Gu Miao was silent for a while, and finally said in a deep voice, “I will find a way.”

The sports committee leader has been very busy recently because of the sports meeting, but he did not expect to encounter something that caused him a headache in the afternoon.

He frowned, looking at the thin and tall boy in front of him.

The gentle spring light reflected on his face, but it seemed that it couldn’t melt the cold frost between his brows.

The boy pressed his lips tightly, struggle flashed across his face, and then he spoke a moment later: “I want to join cheerleading.”

“Are you kidding me?” Yang Kai almost fell from his seat in shock, “Are you crazy?”

But the young man in front of him looked at him with a persistent and serious eye.

Yang Kai choked, hesitated and said, “Did you not wake up well or what?”

Although there are three cheerleaders in each class, not only girls, but boys in other classes who participate in cheerleading, either have a loud voice, or are sports committee members like him, who come to those classes in the name of cheerleaders. The players bet a strong shot.

Yang Kai is not familiar with him. Not long after Gu Miao came to the class, he was cold-tempered and not talkative. Today was their first exchange.

Who thought the first time they spoke, it would be such a bomb?

It was in the evening when the sunset glow from the horizon came into the classroom like a dream.

The young boy’s eyes were full of frost reflected in the crimson clouds, which revealed a bit of tenderness.

He looked at Yang Kai with a serious expression: “Not kidding, I really want to participate.”

Yang Kai said, “But our class is full, me, Yu Xinlu, and Luo Ranran. I am a sports committee member, and the class teacher asked me to go.”

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