Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight
Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight Chapter 34.2
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Gu Miao lowered his eyes in disappointment. He was as tall as Yang Kai but much thinner. When he lowered his head slightly, his eyelashes trembled, looking a little pitiful like a big dog that had lost food.

Yang Kai’s voice was thick, but his tone lowered subconsciously, “If you really want to cheer, you can ask Yu Xinlu and Luo Ranran, if one of them is willing to give up a seat, you can go.”

The boy in front of him raised his head, his dark eyes seemed to explode like fireworks, “Really? Thank you.”

His faint voice was mixed with excitement and gratitude, which moved Yang Kai for a while.

Unexpectedly, Gu Miao had just come to their class for more than a month, and he had such a deep affection for the class.

Yang Kai stretched out his big palm, patted him on the shoulder, and said loudly, “No thanks, we all want this class to be better. Finally, I will remind you quietly that those two girls are not easy to mess with. Yes, you have to be careful when you speak.”

“Okay.” Gu Miao nodded his head and looked at him with more gratitude: “Thank you.”

“No need.” Yang Kai became more familiar; with a big hand he wrapped Gu Miao’s shoulder, “We are brothers, no need for thank you.”

In the early spring, new green has grown on the playground, with birds singing, and the campus is full of vitality.

Standing on the edge of the track, Yu Xinlu was handing water to Cheng Chu, “Don’t be nervous, Chuchu, the teacher said, you only need to finish the run. Our class is already good in grades, no need for sports.”

“Yeah.” Cheng Chu felt that her hands were shaking with the bottle, but she looked at Yu Xinlu next to her with a nervous expression and couldn’t help but comfort: “I’m fine, I have been practising for more than half a month.”

The classmate with the red armband came to remind her: “You are Cheng Chu, hurry up and get ready to start.”

“Chu Chu, come on!” Yu Xinlu held Cheng Chu’s hand tightly, and solemnly said: “I will wait for you at the end.”

“it is good.”

The grass was full of voices and there were cheerleaders from all classes. Cheng Chu looked there before leaving, but there was still no thin and tall figure.

Cheng Chu looked at the dividing line on the runway, feeling a little empty.

The referee had already shouted for preparation; she retracted her mind and made preparations.

The spring on the playground was sunny, and with a gunshot, the girls rushed out of the track like swords.

The warm wind blew on Cheng Chu’s cheeks, and those nervous and hesitant emotions were like sand at this moment, all blown away by the wind.

One round, two rounds, she felt her heart beat rapidly, her chest seemed to be blocked by a sharp and large stone, a trace of muffled pain appeared, and even her breathing was blocked.

The people next to her passed one by one, and she quickly speeded up the already sore and tired steps, gritted her teeth, and ran faster.

But the front area was empty, and the holly trees in the distance were still lush; she seemed to see his figure. He turned his head, and gently said to her: “Hold on, just one moment, we will be here soon.”

The gentle wind seemed to be sandwiched with gravel, and she felt a pain in her throat leading to her lungs during her breaths.

Half the track away from the end, Cheng Chu felt that her consciousness was unclear.

From the distant bleachers, she heard a distant cheering sound, but the sound was dim as if there was a layer of cloud.

Suddenly, following a spring breeze, a clear cheering sound passed through half of the playground and entered Cheng Chu’s ears.

“Cheng Chu, come on.”

The voice was still trembling.

Cheng Chu held up her spirit and looked up.

Across the playground, she saw the tall pine-like figure of the young man.

He was standing with the cheerleading team at the finish line. He looked remarkably abrupt among a group of girls, with a big horn in his hand.

But soon, the cheering voices of other classes gradually overwhelmed him, but he held the horn straight like that, ignoring the surprised eyes of the people next to him, gritting his teeth, and shouting again and again without flinching—

Come on Cheng Chu, come on Cheng Chu.

He has always restrained and kept everything in his heart.

Cheng Chu never expected that one day, he would hold the horn so frankly, cheering for her like an announcement to the world.

In the arduous and painful heart, a force of strength rose in vain, flowing down the blood like a trickle and flowing into every corner of her body.

Cheng Chu raised her feet and sprinted.

The sound of the wind whistled past her ears, and her fast-beating heart seemed to be on fire, chasing her desperately forward.

Someone was waiting for her there.

Gradually, she flew past one person, two people, then four people…

Finally, she crossed the finish line.

The last whistle sound was like a basin of water, extinguishing the blazing fire in her body, and her tired body was instantly drained of all strength.

“Bang”, she collapsed on the runway. As her vision gradually blurred, her last memory was Gu Miao’s voice which changed to a tone of panic.

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