Super Random System
Super Random System Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Bloody Battle

These fist shadows carried overwhelming pressure, making Ma Lian feel fearful and uneasy.

Too many.

Ma Lian didn’t even have time to defend.

Even though he had his own hidden techniques, in this situation, he couldn’t use them at all.

Ma Lian felt the threat of death.

Even though he had disdain for Wang Xiaofei in his heart.

No matter how much he looked down on Wang Xiaofei, he knew that if he didn’t surrender now, he would never have a chance again.

“Wang Xiaofei, I surrender, I’ll give you anything you want,” Ma Lian shouted loudly in panic, his voice even trembling with fear.

In the face of death, no one would not be afraid.

However, Wang Xiaofei didn’t say a word.

His attacks didn’t stop either.

When he decided to kill Ma Lian, that decision wouldn’t change.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Wang Xiaofei’s fist shadows kept colliding with Ma Lian’s fist shadows.

Ma Lian’s body kept contorting. Each collision with Wang Xiaofei’s fist shadow brought him a heavy blow.

Finally, after withstanding five or six punches.

A fist shadow pierced through his abdomen, creating a foot-wide hole, blood gushing out.

After seeing Ma Lian being knocked down as well, Wang Xiaofei flew forward, took the storage rings of both Ma Lian and Hu Ao, and then flew towards the top of Mount Baitou.

He flew forward with extreme caution, sometimes staying in one place for a long time before continuing.

While Wang Xiaofei’s strength was formidable, he also knew that Mount Baitou had withstood countless attacks and still stood strong. There must be unique traps here.

Wang Xiaofei didn’t think he could ignore all the traps on Mount Baitou.

On the path of cultivation, Wang Xiaofei always approached the unknown with a sense of awe.


In the night, Wang Xiaofei was like a ghost, hard to detect.

Step, step, step, step.

A burst of chaotic footsteps appeared ahead.

“Hurry, quick, numbers three, five, and eight scouts have all spotted enemies. There might be some here too. Move faster,” someone whispered. They were probably patrolling underlings.


A shadow flickered, and Wang Xiaofei appeared in front of these underlings.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

A series of punches were thrown, these were just five or six-star warriors, unable to withstand Wang Xiaofei’s attacks.

In an instant, more than a dozen underlings were all dead.

And Wang Xiaofei’s figure flashed, disappearing into the night again.

Under the cover of the night, Mount Baitou seemed filled with killing intent everywhere.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

When Wang Xiaofei had just stopped in the shadow of a house.

Suddenly, from the wall of the house, a dagger with a cold glint silently emerged, swiftly aiming for Wang Xiaofei’s dantian.


Wang Xiaofei threw a punch, shattering the wall.

Then, a scream came from the house, and the bandit who had been silently lying in ambush here for a while was instantly decapitated by Wang Xiaofei.

However, that dagger had already pierced Wang Xiaofei’s body. If Wang Xiaofei didn’t have the Azure Dragon Armor protecting him all the time, he might have been seriously injured by now.

And that bandit was merely a six-star warrior.

His figure flickered again.

Wang Xiaofei quickly left the area.

However, he became noticeably more cautious.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Another series of fierce attacks, and Wang Xiaofei killed dozens more bandits.

“Ah!!!” Those bandits let out a miserable cry before dying.

At this moment, a burly man with a beard was rushing towards this direction.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

Who exactly was it?

Kong Yan clenched his fists, feeling annoyed.

This attack had no warning beforehand. But from the strength of the intruder, it was extremely fierce.

“Whoever it is, I’ll make sure you have no way out,” Kong Yan gritted his teeth, thinking to himself.

He had always been a ruthless bandit.

Back in the day, when he was just an ordinary warrior in a nearby town, he got into an argument with someone. That very night, he killed all thirteen members of that person’s family and then fled to Mount Baitou.

Now, Kong Yan felt like he was surrounded by flames of anger.

He dashed forward, quickly charging towards the direction of Wang Xiaofei.


A shadow flickered, and Wang Xiaofei appeared beside him.


Kong Yan roared angrily.

No one answered.

Soon, he felt a powerful wave enveloping him from the side.


As if the surrounding space had been compressed, Kong Yan shouted loudly and swung a punch desperately.


It seemed like he clashed with someone, but before that clash had even ended, another fist shadow quietly pressed down from the side.

“Boom.” A muffled sound.

Kong Yan only had time to shout in his mind, “Damn it, sneak attack!” before he met his demise.

And the instigator of this surprise attack, Wang Xiaofei, had already moved at least dozens of meters away from the scene.

Similarly, this scene was constantly unfolding in various places on Mount Baitou.


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Lin Yue’er held a pale silver whip in her hand. With a swing of the whip, a house ten meters away collapsed in an instant. Dozens of bandits from Mount Baitou fled out of the house. Lin Yue’er’s wrist lightly flicked, and the long silver whip seemed to have eyes, easily killing the dozens of bandits.


Duan Yu wielded a long sword. With each swing, a sword aura several meters long, as unstoppable as it seemed, sliced through the bandits who were fleeing from a distance, splitting them into two. Blood soared into the sky, a spectacular sight.

In total, there were more than three thousand bandits on Mount Baitou. After Wang Xiaofei and his group’s onslaught, in less than an hour, over half of them were dead or injured. Even a few elders who were at the peak of the Nine Stars Warrior Realm had suffered injuries.

“Quick, go and get the Mountain Lord.”

An elder shouted loudly before dying.

However, when those bandits arrived in front of Liu Hong’s closed-door cultivation residence, they were blocked by an array and unable to enter.

“Mountain Lord, Mountain Lord.” Several bandits kept shouting loudly, but the doors of the residence remained unmoved.

And at this moment, the slaughter below was still ongoing.

“Ah!!! You bandits, shameless!”

A disciple of the Tianlong Academy swung his long sword frantically.

The sword aura was unparalleled, shattering everything around. However, his attacks had obviously lost their targets.

Because just now, he had been blinded by poisonous substances used by the bandits.

After a moment, an elder severely injured him, and numerous bandits swarmed him, dismembering him with chaotic blades.


The Tianlong Academy disciple struggled wildly. He was unwilling; he clearly had a promising future.

However, he never managed to stand up again.

After a bloody battle.

Among the top ten disciples of the Tianlong Academy, apart from Wang Xiaofei killing two people, five others had died. Only Duan Yu, Lin Yue’er, and Wu Zhongtian survived.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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